What To Expect From The Trump Inauguration

ABC News' Katherine Faulders and Alex Mallin talk with the communications director and press secretary of the presidential inauguration committee.
4:02 | 01/13/17

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Transcript for What To Expect From The Trump Inauguration
But I think of doesn't like us anything about the speech that he gave during the campaign what is it going to be like I mean just in the differences between Thursday event. Respect him steps of the Lincoln Memorial the Lincoln and his back. And then we have been on the steps of the capitol right after he takes the oath of office. It's going to be adding similar to the atmosphere and yet I imagine a lot of supporters that would you know taking trips you'd go to his rallies. And beyond while looking for a show it's gonna be as much of that where it's going to be. More elegant as Tom bear abstract yet. While I would think this is just. There. We lost the war. Those are going to be was home talking to. We've been through thank goodness this is called the case what shall know what's the trouble. Actually me from ever written on the slow movements. If she was cute pictures that you were sold between the remarks. Who sold them messages from. The inaugural addresses it will work in progress or is it sends delegates headed are written numbers and it's still. Working on it through and through the late nights a lot of other it is just going to be. Because. Two it was the worst people and that's why he's. New. In more than my asking the thing I'm creeping ever. And a lot of reports out there not your numbers are anything you can share on how much you hundreds point. It's. Resources. All of us so we put into the mission or. But there's. We are gold vegetables from the beginning its officers and just think you mentioned earlier you know. It doesn't know that she will pop up as it's sort of a wee hours from the government run all. So. As recently began horrible it was Elizabeth what we're excited. One what outpouring of support a lot of. More importantly are now close signal. They are rallying Alley at the end. Are not and I. I was here in six days and we have sent is now it we measured it by sleep. Its not. Like yeah. Yeah. Anyway through the Dow briefly or law what you're saying how much time he'd been standing in this building. He's not alone and sitting here facing as they. But our teammate in our team coverage while across the country. Fourth. Whether he's not been media outlets as he reached believing that any future that people feel like we are bringing inauguration to. And up. About an. The economic picture that we currently reads everything that's my team and I also worked with every sale and these accidents national public that vacation that aspect of the president be there and getting their message out it is believed that rating you know homes. News. So I'm. That's when my biggest. Hero has been. Of course it is actions. Ago. The team and comes is so it so. A couple days we will work through it I could was we'll.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"ABC News' Katherine Faulders and Alex Mallin talk with the communications director and press secretary of the presidential inauguration committee. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44761178","title":"What To Expect From The Trump Inauguration ","url":"/Politics/video/expect-trump-inauguration-44761178"}