See the Farm Growing Right Behind the RNC

ABC News' Olivia Smith tours the urban farm that is supplying fresh produce for the Republican National Convention Center all week long.
28:36 | 07/18/16

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Transcript for See the Farm Growing Right Behind the RNC
I'm looking if mitnick eat anything you read the Republican National Convention in Cleveland Ohio. I think they're just starting to gear up on dateline here and get filming of politics forget it starts here I can pension better. Think they called the real fire and introduced you to to my new friend over here I need on. I'm not sure but she is actually just not that but they're neat and in their. Here and they're part of the eat restaurant. Which is the sole provider of student advocate here at the convention better. And it is they're. And it looked heated right outside the center that they've been here three years when the convention center but actually they'll. They have they have eat at all about it keen ability we're gonna get keen ability and overall picture of why this farm that has been built in theory and and intriguing to sack that here acting the next graduating they recovered one that. Just jump right and anger about odd my regular. Guy and I'm ready I'm ready. This right here is Heidi we'll with the state prison here. Why didn't quite confident. So these are regularly so that back in the early nineties they realize that neatly so there's less than 200 of of the planet. Part of white what we do here. Yes it makes you. Treats are involved that there is no hold fire roll out. If you flooding accidentally aired. About and that there may we can't make at least as yet so they're a very brief and they have a lot Allard. They and their slow growing and the Catholic clergy field. So. Had fell out of favor lessons of the nineties he realized less Harvard honorees of the lesson plans com. Part of our our initiative here is just to raise awareness for Daschle sustainable. Sorry the there is worth it can trying to raising awareness of of these big cuts he hugs her is one of self. We have we've got these through their sisters their board September of last year. And they're probably somewhere which is about is hotels the end. With the chief. If you can't forget step outside what you crouched down they think you've got tree. Not good I keep doing and let it become a not to me so we've got plenty of stage and then we get Edison over there are so Edison visible work. He was kind of a runt of the litter. The he was born right here my own Ohio. Are we do business just starts. That takes your world through your. Today they came teens that they ask for best. Resource all of our report from Ohio fires it's all responsibly raised the end. Even even a subset providers like all of the sausages and things like that company for chuck capitalistic market with Ohio force so it's strictly for us communicate what we do you know we've we've taken initiative. Making it shouldn't resource responsible porch making sure it is Ohio based agriculture. We use all cage free eggs. And again that's that's part of why we please step into the chicken as well. So. One thing you can tell people that we take those steps we do those things this is a great way to say that conversation people step up to the leaders of the ballroom looked out. It's a great way for our steps field trip explain. What we do and it starts at food conversation responsible sourcing hooted and meetings about a plague that the. The work that according to clients that even the kick in the gut than it did give people another. I yield the V. This support become that is so youth oriented. Replace them Thomason is actually be Kennedy David Eddy. We're gonna do competitions today that lately to the ladies that. Edison sort of sucked in and everybody here is the first in the city. It's ready to alert him. And man and then the TC. Mr. Honda for here many candidates aren't I've been reading all your ranking had been telling me even when he noticed here in Ohio it still have been reading they kid I in the yeah. It's amazing they're Hungarian hugs and used to the weather there at their targets thicker in the wintertime and they've got a solid three to five inches Allard underneath their skin cells. Sometimes he'll be stolen no lay out here he covered they'll stand up and shake off just head for their inclusion. And that. Annie get entertaining and that's just now where in Cleveland Ohio the Republican National Convention. And we're outside the convention and at a peak called the real farm bill. Where meaty restaurant had with him and they social provider as expected apathetic. Though it's critical that they not only child that they have all the animals here as well and connect going to the B. And comes just not and I hear have been talking before about how local T help people and their courage is the goodness. Again let mullah. It's actually one of the things when we. But please start harvesting are many we are talking here and we haven't actually had a spring harvest judgment kinda gets them because my allergies are acting up a little bit. It's amazing what is tablespoon honey everything you do your body gets used the pollen that are in the Aries you it's introduced in. It's actually surprisingly helpful I was surprised myself. Cool lets guess around in the. Just to show people get instant egos and well you're here yeah absolutely. You know part what do you get into these woods. Talking about the high. That Cody collapsed homes and there's a thousand. Presentations and killed fifty something pesticides. Here's the play sculptures to. This soulful mobile waves out there. Well play differently and into the country. You know that dad worked native here that are he's earned it can't sell there's all sorts of things that are killing of these that was. Kinda houses originated. You know we. It's probably tell they get tied introduced likely he'd you know mark desired general manager here at the senator's life and local news. Get out here so Barclays at general manager of the building. Good morning it's it's one of those things that. We sort of sit down Lisa reminders of the different mind. Champion responsible sourcing get something you know draws attention to. That message. And everybody was doing a fine everybody's got little planting beds Hillary's got that some outside what we do is different so we stepped back and I. Well these are all dying it's a big thing now. There's there's forty vegetables and fruits out there that disappeared when he's. Actually sell. We want it to the resurgent effort to appease regulating that they were. We withdrew sit down got his big ticket together all this information and it does it have to go into his office and make this big kitchen you know bags for bank herbalist who it. And we wanted and as we said. I want to get some bee hives united view. Nations that great but let's do it still. An instrument on the different heights she well he's the bee keeper now he can't walk you through all I know we had through different species. Sam we've got we got for millions of Italians and it's great for us to. It's interesting to see the difference in. Thai new year nectar while home collection have a different bees react. We're actually. The Italian side so we've got six detailing televisa news that is occurred only incite. They'll perform really well. But you hang with the over here the Italian food are outperforming our cardinal musicians required in. Yeah. Watching that may be wondering if I'd see him. Not yet done at that let you know aren't easily implement our. They're not. But the most likely they're not aggressive they'll come after they don't want this to you because they go wants to get their life and done so Hillary's anything is because they think their eyes isn't. Almost he could help us smoke inside and it is solely the opinions and smell the smell on us. We're there and we'll say it as gatekeepers you know it's. A virtually each each colony here. And somewhere between forty and 80000 bees. So we give any piece of hearing you're bound to switch them to figure accident where. You know pulp limited seasons he gets night night. Probably didn't hear I'd probably take somewhere between when he did he's. I'm happy to bring you cannot pretty careful than what he particularly you're keeps the thermometer in an athlete and yet somebody asked me if I'm did you know. I eat eat anything that can't catch you on the and I'd like it when he heard that connection there. So you know he's he's he's spent all summer long after collecting nectar saying they work really it's not easy to actually right at me out. Com each time. Hopefully this year it's good place. 6220 pounds I think Ruth group tracked easily easily into the net amount. Com and again our staff here is the ones that we take. Because it and I asked about your four guys and take an interest in and it involved behind inspections. Checked her role played checked for different illnesses like the today. Make sure that they look healthy at the end of it when these. Let's get full. They'll actually. Go ahead we shape the topped total lack stuff we've got to Spinner missiles are confused they cranked by hand and has been honey out so we run it through filtration and last year we we surpass our usage. It's our usage here at the convention center but a lot of that went to. It's a great gift we could clearly hear you mentioned senator there's nothing better than them in the jar honey years. And any may slip we'll be big little silly doesn't let me what I psyched up so we you know we felt that it down. Our guys actually. But it tubes in. All that's another it's an old Italy on the Natalie tolerate al-Qaeda again pressed the spread the message about what and it's to. Held court views are held court it is make sure you're here and being responsible thing. We do resource we did have a group in. And in the in the ball room. Woman's group about 12100 of them they took a look at it next thing you know that's equipment up 12100 live bombs that went on. On the table so it it's quite. It's growing all three northeast Ohio. I think inning apiece if you if you look at if you look at how did you keep he's now compared to did ten years ago. And also that there responsiveness hours. You know the response will be keeping where people are controlling this warms things like that shoot it. They're not a nuisance to people don't feel the need to fill up its activities. Like next on the tiller. And had that we can actually help. As we want to. Still if you're just tuning in now at the convention and Eric in Cleveland Ohio. B toys the hot right back there and we just called the heat than either all the bee hives the grounding me right now. And this is where that's at the convention center part of it comes from this part right here. Three years old just like the convention and Eric and again and Tinny eat eat eat throughout the day for continuing coverage on not only think that the tenor but politic. The election in the first day of the and again I'm that shaft and act and mark late Eden the convention center and I Ebert coming up tubing go straight now. Here which sell. These guys are actually you're joking earlier that these guys are alone we actually rented our our little friends. They they don't live here year round but as you see. Naturally. Sustainable agriculture perspective. We. Didn't lot of regard herbicides he didn't want to do straight it is like anything else that might be a detriment to. The animals of the keys so be. We thought this would be a great way to go ahead here. Clear out a secular weeks and we're gonna go ahead again. Com we've got we have built we growing throughout we're we're certified or registered. Monarch police station again nope we thought he responsible agriculture still fleet is. The only place that a monarch butterfly can actually access to sell it food source but really food source for them but it's the only place that they'll actually. Eating an absolutely right it's sadly it's hot they are. He's a couple of that the eight feet this this little lady over here is the sweetest thing that advance past. Along with the one teeth I mean yeah yeah. I immediately. And that is yup that'll go yeah. That isn't in here have been pretty friendly. Fired in anger on the Gingrich talking more about McCain ability and no preservatives that that's how they have cattle. Again we've got places for food sources for my eyes I save they're probably the most spoiled animals in this. The state Ohio application is a fifty they did did that that the pigs would take the better than. That anybody else they get all the kitchen trimmings Elvis grabbed. That arm gotta get this is it. That the goats are great way to go ahead in its. They're catch in the we're gonna still more he's helped me here. The fifty dollars. Brady looks. Says thirty of courtesy also motivating in the treatment of his life. Yeah. But I know very angry annoyance we actually our. Last this past week we. Identity cult I able get up at 6 AM. On Sunday morning last Sunday somebody was reporting things your chickens are out of west third street. And I of course did jolted out of jump up late jump and a Thai flight out here and look at it grants and its. At about altering article is chickens a public square Clinton's I took one of my guys you lucked out there and they were not my chickens but they were roosters so. We have roosters and it obnoxious noises of male Guinea. So we have a farm that there were temporarily pose an immediate and safe place to be easily they didn't get injured downtown euthanized or anything we're innocent until another farm. OK so much as cement chancellor as much as elegant had to do you in the morning. Little overbearing Altidore. Oh yeah he cast a pretty if you time and I've been here. Self Eddie meadows Cleveland this is a because Iraq health coop this is replica of the rival claims that will abuse you get from our ballroom is the actual battle. Right over there and then you can see our our review we were. Their tacit courtesy Chris. Builder through for us. And this. Thelma. How it's still just like rock girl it is great holiday Heatley Lindell I am not make and the and say thank all who held the rock capital. And world in this room. And he's he's residents. I I. Movie nights he. Cardoso roosters are great for taking a flock there's a lot of cutters are committed that you get boxes. Redd who to particulate anything we'll try to get in there wrath. Roosters do exist and these omens. And obviously didn't realize things mobile like things on the exact thing. They've been coming of the package coming up scared yeah and eat the veils and it really is in the hills to build I don't need chicks. But if you get enough chickens. Are all the deep and it's not just here there's a lot of planes like this that we you know we worked with. We were for the local sustainable. In the farm. Just guard apparently Jones with partner with them and they actually grow all of our greens course here round. And then also. Oliver plated pensions. And here for a place you actually have receivables. Farm vegetable that isn't having played in the Olympic. So. We partner with down they sprouted in started a bunch of that the plants flowers departments and don't hear. And anything that they denounce and we started herself and seats it's great degree that tragedy because the real farm bill because. You take a step back in a recent at their computers playing farm bill we exit about. Shovel a great game plan digs it's a good. Did distraction after a long day it's nice about him. It's integrating PH and her staff as well. Three let's. Settle again here at the convention center inked the window high gearing up for the Republican National Convention later today. We're outside the convention and air act the real farm bill where the provider inside actually makes a lot of their own produced great here in their back yard. We have chef now here and leading the way though says. That there deserted house we stuff. If it continued to grow and bloom grows and until a few ripples from from high food. Carter loses this on his stuff on his tremendous and then reached out the end he had we had three head of big addition we've really wanted to thing that stood out. Kind of blew away. He's now he's tired he's carved chicken in in the front of the case of this in every language. Heritage isn't. Eaton. Eaton chicken into an immigration everything. People and you know. Clinched you can bangs and. That's who you know mr. Miller's. Yeah. Yeah. And. So this will hopefully just tell the delineation. Besides her picking up these these ladies were here first sincerely. Eight. The end. They really really gotten there Cleveland students have been we actually ordered chicks. McCain and I need January 2 it was their birthday yeah. We anxiously for months and we got an important. Crew and understand. Sickly. I was raised to sixteen weeks in the name pages own community and so we just got our first kegs from these tales to sort of laying in the hands. To them. Actually market. City police believe everything you correctly three makes me. So it's not played every day some of them laying. Others. That lovely lady right there please a beautiful. Swedish yeah. When these days here is blazes. Dark. Things that are currently. Coffee grounds. Yet you got a little did everything. Rick Newman and I we can sentence and you didn't do my luck and no I'm ready I'm ready for. Unless amount. So you can only entity beautiful message about. Honestly it's. OK coming up at night. Coming out and political means is we don't let the yeah. The U there's that beautiful blue. You've been inside center. Yet so it now we are our goal was about 25% sources stated shelling so I think we might actually. We might actually. This past field. They get food is always a great motivated they. We see a little. Flu this gradually going wild. If it's not. Either. Of these elements of the roosters are over their addresses are chickens with their veils that we don't nearly. You. That convention planners aren't here. And you can see some of these six acute over the legitimate and longer in love our that that there's actually. Yeah they'll say the added they'll come from Canadian feed all the ambulances little skittish and don't they don't know much. Yes indeed see these guys and seizure of its rulings rate of the consumer. Half favored me in his eighties at the Freeney intricate aren't you know it most notably thing. I jump I jump in apples electric misstep was to connect it up this and I agonized and it's one of those things that I know. You know we're not you know we're we're never going to be emissions or restaurant here you know it and it's it's tough for talent and has yet. Young innovative creative people who haven't services. You know this is a great way to get somebody who is looking for something different you know it's different engagements every day to get them out. You know hang out with that you can throw a little bit to eat the cookie days. Go down and shoveled the shovel out. Missouri with a big pad you know sort of stuff that's happened. For the most part. We all there are entire coroner's staff is engaged in Elgin. Great. Again this time is three years all of its old at the convention center right there rare literally in the backyard. I'm for the Republican National Convention. People that eating in this building some of their candidates coming round this time. Very fortunate this. I was I was lucky enough to finally find some news crews is Meehan Barkley so. You haven't really great partner community gets. It's one of those things that. You can't you can't take. Media victories got a great relationship and recently finished development you know enough. This doesn't happen and I every ice dance food taster ever be explicitly state to pick up every east village it's our staff we don't have aren't. You do it all evening leaving. Are your kitchen actually inside the entrance it's actually right they do this look out here. That's that's a question you know that. Wow. This kind of animals that's it that's the most thank god I don't know total political trail. I think I'm not a lot. Battle. Crude CL the motor vehicle. Governor of the bank and pay rate. At least not cheap in the week off hot dog eat dog eat X. And now to bring you though rare and cuts mark Leahy is the general manager of the convention center. So here we have. Here we go I think he's not much brat that thinks it's ill and yes good morning good. Yeah yeah yeah. Of the tree undergo the late trade that I. And and about the sustainability and why something like that what they'll act here and. V we have a major undertaking with sustainability and green practices throughout the facility. And really what this does is it kids at a personality. It's something people can look out the windows will come down like yet and really Hewitt it's all about okay as it is about the environment. And reducing and you know waste and things and so what better way with a lovely ladies over here giving the states and he's getting it done. That you give years sustainable practices a personalities so. And down because what you don't see infield in touch in the conventions and it is really what's built into the building and term sustainability. We are gold leed certified facility going back to 24 team. So we talk about indoor air quality. Which is the fact that you go into the center in you don't smell things. So all the mavericks all the saints. All the adhesives all the cleaning supplies that we use. Do not have any BO see them all organic compounds in the so you smell nothing. And we may take that for granted but in duly equality is a key component today. Quality of life indoors and certainly in the conventions and I. We're we are all about adult education. And people need to experience the very best that they can't hand and learning environment you don't want to be distracted by many many things. Such as indoor air law. We also. Haven't really major maintenance systems. Hand. Energy savings programs again that you just don't see. But it's all behind the scenes. And what we do day in day out. Even the little. Usage in the in the restroom facilities local rural water usage. And if you go around you'll see today that I waterfront is also have a Phillips station floor. Bottled water and bottled. And we know we track that until metered so we know we've saved thousands of bottles from landfills or recycling. Already just by using some of these opponents so. Is a great deal behind the dimensions and a the end of what we do when that day to day basis but again having this real found out it really just gives that person. I'm completely and still in now scrapped the idea. Apple that you thought okay we can do that unexpected letter was built three years ago you thought we're gonna at this aren't running your grounds the year helping provide feet to the people in the senate. Well that's that's the benefit to. People that come from all across the country and in our case here with the RNC international and when I know when it food's coming. And how safe is how reliably. In the quality is overdue owed him. And who is sensitive to a lot of people are very concerned about how were these animals treated. In the end roots lie in in that. And you can see a chickens run around crazy. The hogs are left ago that not all stuck in the cage and force fed steroids and antibiotics. And forced through just. Reducing get back now they have a there in the cage but the quality of life we believe that. For good health and produces tremendous product refresh or that. It is refreshes your movie and edge after work. Again here at the Republican National Convention here in Cleveland Ohio I'm my. And better and hit limit where and their ilk aren't they the much relax and remember good evening that evening I'm great I'm feel like.

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