The Fashion of Politics

Fashion insiders critique the 2012 presidential candidates.
3:00 | 09/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Fashion of Politics
In a battle of reds vs blues there's one group that's paying fierce attention to the important issues this election. The trend setting fashion -- -- us. Everyone is buzzing about the big issue and they want to know the political ramifications of raising the death. I -- -- This season's must have presidential advice that struck this -- success of the -- It's all -- candidate I can. I don't that we think everything. It's -- new face of of these pacemakers were chock full of political insight we decided to double check with the man. Designed to -- stop for President Bill Clinton. First off who's more stylish Democrats -- Republicans always without questions Republicans are less stylish than the Democrats -- but you know again -- -- Padilla or. Everything news. I -- his fifth democratic and Republican. Really. -- -- -- -- We want to have a fit looking president. Think overall. Democrats Republicans. -- -- -- Under the suit but not so distant by the -- may Wear -- blue shirt and there you have that he made where they check. As for their -- to choice Obama trusts his look to the man dubbed the -- of president George -- every. He's dressed every president Lyndon Johnson. For Romney he's been spotted -- Brooks Brothers the American classic that suited Abraham Lincoln and JFK. -- -- We have a -- -- didn't. Here. That advantage that -- -- -- Warren city. Oh look right no more off Iraq -- there one. -- -- -- it's rough couple of public wardrobe suggestions there are skinny -- That's skinny ties think that lets see Barack Obama's can sign up around like -- Obama's that are in the states work. Any time. If anyone can edit would open it in print and and skinny jeans. And neither death and -- Romney and -- I've heard mom jeans being thrown around -- that we'll. Where. Your. -- That means. Here's the truth the truth that politicians really are -- -- style. With the word about it. We'll uniform with his policy. Shirt and hit the brakes and losing the tie loosened -- is -- -- -- that you just relate to -- But in this race every vote has a high thread -- And the voters that both candidates want to try on for size of the -- decide neither of you arts swing voters. -- -- -- I think swing voters -- back. Dan -- ABC news.

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{"id":17261834,"title":"The Fashion of Politics","duration":"3:00","description":"Fashion insiders critique the 2012 presidential candidates.","url":"/Politics/video/fashion-politics-fashion-insiders-critique-presidential-candidates-17261834","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}