FBI director defends Kavanaugh background investigation

Chris Wray defended his agency's supplemental background investigation of Brett Kavanaugh as decades-old allegations of sexual assault threatened to derail his nomination to the Supreme Court.
4:06 | 10/10/18

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Transcript for FBI director defends Kavanaugh background investigation
I think I'm the only member of this committee was also a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and I'd like to talk with you about the the Kavanagh. Hearings. So. I wanted to add I just wanna be clear how the system marks. When the FBI it was given the direction to do the background investigation as it related to doctor Ford's allegations. That's an instruction then goes to the FBI from the White House is that correct not for the senate. That's correct and when the FBI was directed them to do that that investigation. As a relates to those specific allegations. Was the FBI given full discretion. Or was the scope of the investigation. Limited by the direction you receive from lighthouse. Well senator I won't be living careful what I can can talk about in this setting an encephalitis and finally there I'm not asking for the content of an of the investing understood understood there are MO using other things to go back ways to govern this but I think it's important. I would say this it's important to understand that the unlike most investigations like the sort that you and I and senator Jones all been formally with traditional criminal investigations national security investigations. It back an investigation is very different and that is done that are only authority is as requested by the adjudicating. Eight a White House in this case it's the White House. And I'll have a lot to cover and so if we can be as distinct as passed and I appreciated and I and others alone there are a lot of details I appreciate your point. So in this situation was the yours the direction. Limited in scope or were you given full direct. Discretion. To investigate whatever at your agency. Thought was appropriate to figure out what happened. I think I would say that our. Investigation here are supplemental update to the previous background investigation was limited in scope and that that is consistent with the standard process for such investigations going back quite a long ways. And was did you receive this directive and writing. There's been lots of communication between as is standard between the FBI security division and they White House's office resident Ernie and I would expect that there would be written communications but I can't speak here. Can you find direction and can provided to this committee. The dot the document I would have to see what would be appropriate. I. And who from the White House communicated directive. Was a said the communication between the FBI and the White House for nominations including judicial nominations is news the FBI's security division which has background investigation specialists and the white house office of security and that's where the communication always is and I've spoken with are. Background investigation specialists and they have assured me that this was handled in the way that is consistent with their experience in the standard process. Did they did anyone in your agency received any direction about the scope of the investigation directly from on again. There well I can't speak to what anybody. Throughout the organization might have received instructions on my understanding is that communications occurred between the White House's office of security and the FBI security to this. Do you know who determine that the FBI would not interviewed test captain or doctor for it or the list of forty plus witnesses. Again I would say what I said beginning which is as is standard the investigation was very specific in scope limited in scope and that that is the usual process. And that my folks have assured me that the usual process was. Well. And did the FBI look into allegations as to whether judge Caplan on lied to congress during his testimony. That's that's up that I could discuss your.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"Chris Wray defended his agency's supplemental background investigation of Brett Kavanaugh as decades-old allegations of sexual assault threatened to derail his nomination to the Supreme Court.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"58406779","title":"FBI director defends Kavanaugh background investigation","url":"/Politics/video/fbi-director-defends-kavanaugh-background-investigation-58406779"}