Female Democratic Senators Sign Secret Letter to Hillary Clinton Urging Her to Run in 2016

The letter was intended as a private show of support from 16 high-profile former colleagues.
3:00 | 10/30/13

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Transcript for Female Democratic Senators Sign Secret Letter to Hillary Clinton Urging Her to Run in 2016
This is a special group. I'm tired and is in New York this is an ABC news digital special report are -- ready for Hillary. We have some breaking news today ABC news can confirm that every democratic woman in the US senate has signed onto a letter. Delivered earlier this year encouraging Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016. And -- with what that means that -- will -- will -- with the news let's. Talked to ABC news political director Rick client. Rick tell us about the letter. -- -- this is actually a secret letter the senators involved never thought they would be made public. It was sort of a senator boxer earlier this year who knew that in conversations -- -- fellow repulse a democratic this female senators. They don't want -- Hillary Clinton's run she decided to make that formal so she started circulating a letter. Dress of her mostly as a -- -- a friend it was never meant to be made public saying unanimously all sixteen democratic senators were women. Saying we want you to run Hillary Clinton please -- This is notable for a couple of reasons in -- level it's no surprise that these these these female democratic senators are supporters of Hillary Clinton. But there's one name in particular that's got some buzz and that senator Elizabeth Warren she's from Massachusetts a freshman senator. And liberals have talked about her as a potential challenger to Hillary Clinton her signature on this letter though is significant it would it would suggest very strongly. That she would not engage in a primary campaign against Hillary. To think -- maybe she didn't want to be the only one not to sign. Peer pressure in the senate -- I I I guess that can be a factor. And I think people continue to call for Elizabeth Warren to run but she has said publicly before that she's not interest in running. Which he hasn't said it was -- support for Hillary Clinton now it's possible that this this letter which which was circulated earlier this year February march range. Doesn't reflect her current views but we've reached after office she's not this is yourself anyway maybe she wouldn't sign a letter again today but it is out there name is there and she supports Hillary Clinton for running for president. Hillary camp react to this this is -- sadness for for that. I think anything that adds to the sense of moments and inevitability around Hillary Clinton is good -- so long as she decides to run. I think that indeed clearly there's a huge number of people out there inside the democratic establishment and outside that one Hillary Clinton to be candidate for president. The fact you have sixteen of the most powerful. Women in politics in the country coming together like this can only be seen as a good thing for locking up support. If even one of the female democratic senators were to jump ship on Hillary in support Joseph Biden or another candidate it would be a big story -- more than one. Female candidate were running and I think that would be a big story Hillary Clinton once -- -- much as possible lock this thing -- before it starts if she decides to run. And -- want to have just about everyone who's in a position of power the Democratic Party male female or what ever to be on board. All right so as we're looking at the names of the rundown of the women in the senate Democrats. Any other names -- that you as as possible contenders for primary may be before this letter. There are few Amy Klobuchar senator from Minnesota is one -- and Gillibrand -- like Hillary Clinton from New York actually took Hillary Clinton's senate seat. They're both talked about as possible presidential contenders although both of them have said in the past that they would be unlikely to run if Hillary Clinton runs and they wish Hillary the best so I think that didn't mean -- names attached all three of those names and -- -- you lump in Warren to that group. -- make this could make its new Z meet this interest thing and be quiet calls for another candidate to get in the race against are certainly another female candidate. This is speak at all and and and probably not but it does speak it all and to President Obama that people are. Looking so far ahead -- 2016 now and. Maybe a little bit I think in the sense that people that do this widespread sense that that President Obama hasn't delivered on everything that he promised. And there's always going to be folks -- who supported Hillary the first time around and say things would have been better had she -- He's sixteen -- there's almost all of them -- are very strong supporters of President Obama they know though that he's not gonna run again. I think this is just a couple things one it did on interest that in is. Is that the fellowship of being a -- -- and the fact that these women. Communicate with each other in private means like this I find fascinating the fact that it sent a letter that they didn't intend to ever be made public. Fascinating and I think also that it -- the camaraderie of being a woman in politics is important here and that the the sense that. Folks like Barbara Boxer been elected office for decades feel the need to gather signatures among fellow of women who -- in the arena. And remind Hillary Clinton of this support is is really really interest and to be of course Hillary Clinton is in -- are not run. Based on what's good for her what she thinks she can accomplish not about the fellow senators but that the that the momentum or that the message that -- and from the senate there's -- say that we've got your back on this I think is important. Does that give Republicans a little bit more -- way to. Attack Hillary I mean that she's just kind of stayed out of the spotlight for now but this is this -- -- The reason you don't want a letter like this to the public is that it looks presumption it's it's very early to be talking about these things to be start drafting presidential candidacies in 2013. When -- three years away from the election that's of this week actually three years away from Election Day 2016. He is too early start having those conversations and I think that that only one source of criticism -- -- also some red state Democrats who we get -- addicted. Dean supporter of Hillary Clinton is is what you'd expect from a Democrat but you wanna be. Tarred with all of the the Clinton baggage going into an election saying 2014 so I think there's some reasons that you wouldn't want to be publicly acknowledged as part of this but for most of the women on this list it -- conforms exactly what they're saying publicly just happens to be private. But just such an interesting method. Collaboration -- -- secret sister -- have been US senate. Anything is political director Rick Klein thank you so much for joining us thank you. You've been watching an ABC news digital special report on time and is in New York once again breaking news. Every democratic woman in the US senate has signed a letter delivered earlier this year encouraging. Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016 -- has been confirmed by ABC news good news.com politics page for all the details. -- --

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{"id":20729861,"title":"Female Democratic Senators Sign Secret Letter to Hillary Clinton Urging Her to Run in 2016","duration":"3:00","description":"The letter was intended as a private show of support from 16 high-profile former colleagues.","url":"/Politics/video/female-democratic-senators-sign-secret-letter-hillary-clinton-20729861","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}