Final analysis of Robert Mueller's testimony before Congress

The former special counsel answered questions for more than six hours on Wednesday.
3:00 | 07/25/19

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Transcript for Final analysis of Robert Mueller's testimony before Congress
Cecilia Vega we're here for Nancy Pelosi later the second we're gonna hear from president trump as well in addition to mysteries he'll come out it ends and speak. Question is how far now held moved to change the subject or his dig in on what he's been saying up to this point. I mean I think if what we're hearing from the president all afternoon of what we're hearing from his campaign just now from Republican National Committee. They're they're not gonna move on they're gonna dig in and they're gonna take a victory lap at least for the foreseeable future on this that's the way they're painting this right now the Republican national committee response. That blockbuster backfire this is a disaster for Democrats. We eat out of Mary just said it many Democrats said before the start of this hearing that they came in. Wanting to hear Robert Mueller speak today before they would make a decision on impeachment I don't know that anybody got their hearing what they heard today and if the Democrats wanted America to see this as a movie I think here we are at the end of this the conclusion of this. Wondering how many people actually stuck around to watch the finale of it. Read it up into. In a wait and the Democrats might have might have regrets about looking back over the past couple of years there's a difference and we as we've been jointly between what's legal. And what's wrong and Democrats got hung up on proving a legal case. Hoping that that Mueller would do it and then when he didn't fixing on part two which was closed north sending that Republicans as well you read that yes that's yes down to. Whereas I think if you did a super cut of this second hearing on Russia. You wish you would have a very damning series. Confirmations from Robert Mueller that his investigation found. A lot of disloyal. And wrong conduct that deserves the attention of the American people whether or not it's impeachable or not would depend on the public but. I think most Americans would have a bad feeling about just how deeply into the. Winds are finally seeing what was it with Adams if he wouldn't go and he wouldn't take the next step but it basically had just as leading down the road of saying that the -- United States is subject. The Russian black man. Right and that is alive possibility according. To what he found in his investigation. Kate charger irony perhaps the last thing we just got from the present truth is a force of nature given one of those last exchanges where this could be disc would qualify as one of them. Minor surprises in the hearings Robert Morris basically agree when he said when he was asked if the president's answers just questions we're generally not truthful. He's had generally not truthful I mean that was a really dramatic moment so you have. This depiction of conduct that is you know it's unclear I think we're all falls legally but it's unethical and immoral and un patriotic and then at the suggestion that there in lies upon lies. By campaign officials and by the president himself. So it doesn't paint a flattering picture of the president of the operation around him. And whether or not the Democrats decide to try to push forward with something like impeachment. If they want to connect this up to other teens about the president's on fitness for office you know in between twenty approaches its teams like they did get a lot to work with out of this afternoon. Again we're talking about this earlier he heard these two phrases and again and again and in the brain a Democrat saying. No one is above the law the Republicans continuing trying to use throughout the hearing trying to prove the yes but it previously treated fairly under the law suggesting the president. Was not. Right and look I think if you look at this drilled a legal person you think about the impeachment. The Democrats of the burden of proof here. The Democrats had to be the ones to prove. More than what was already in the report what's new. How do you move the ball forward and that's the challenge I think that they had today that they may not have overcome it doesn't mean that there wasn't a lot of damning information that came out. But it was damning information that we knew about from the report. Those who would rather of those who read the report of those have been reading the coverage evident setter they needed to either the storytelling from Robert Mueller. The emotional impact. They needed something to take them over that hump to get people who were reluctant. On impeachment to say you don't want. It's time. It I don't think that they had that I don't think they've got that today and and if you wanna viewed from from the macro perspective impeachment. That's a failure. But it doesn't mean Robert Mueller it was a terrible witnesses is a disaster for the Democrats are they wanting the Moehler didn't show was that the president's characterizations. A witch hunt conflict did angry trump paid eight all are true. I mean in the end he saw a lot of deference to him from the Republican members of congress who were in essence saying that port were not gonna buy that stuff. Thumb and I think that that's important as well in terms of looking at the credibility of the report. It is looking incredibly hard but ultimately impeachment is a political process in the politics didn't change today no politics and change at all in fact the pro got worse from Democrats that George because. First off and they were they weren't prepared. For as long as they prepared they were un prepared. There were many times Bob Mueller left them openings in his answers and they didn't follow up how many times and a group of us sit around frustrated by the fact that just. He not be partisan one review every sick and let him answer the question or they give me a chance to answer question we're Republican column offer vice Versa. They want prepared. This second thing in the and we need to be honest about this I've told job for the defender Bob mowers are more remain a defender Bob Morris the service he's given this country. And all the rest but other new Democrats needed today. Was they needed a bravura performance from Bob Mueller. They needed Bob Mueller someone the American people see as a completely objective person in any city in ex wife with partisanship. BC Bob Muller is a guy's gonna played down the middle and then he needed him to make the case. And ended difficult thing to watch today was that there were times of Bob Moehler. Just was unable to do that he was halting and and then somewhat slowing his responses are not able. To really be assertive except for some feel moments it that second part. In the intelligence hearing Bruce remember washing her fears. The Democrats couldn't we are prepared to make their case and Bob Muller couldn't make their case for them. Any any concern though I'm in the Republican Party at all that there is. Very few if any human need to express his concerns by Republicans are currently over the day about Russian interference. No no concerns expressed about the dishonesty that Mueller talked about enough. As concern among this Republican I can tell you that we're not talking about those things and I think you know other than Radcliffe and heard. You didn't really is your whole lot about that and and as I said earlier towards that's a long term problem for Republicans. Because we have been known since Ronald Reagan as the national security party the party that was good to the basket keeping America safe from foreign threats. And when you're at any members on either of those committees with the exception of radical for the herd making that case and expressing that concern at least. That's not good for the Republican party's future reputation with the voters is somebody who's different than Democrats on issues like this and I wouldn't want to give that away is a Republican. That debate will continue to see the follow within hours that house speaker Nancy plus the president coming up speak this afternoon we'll continue that coverage. On our live chat the chant.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The former special counsel answered questions for more than six hours on Wednesday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64571250","title":"Final analysis of Robert Mueller's testimony before Congress","url":"/Politics/video/final-analysis-robert-muellers-testimony-congress-64571250"}