In His Final Days in the White House, President Obama Opens Up to George Stephanopoulos

ABC News' George Stephanopoulos reacts to his final interview with President Obama, to air in full on Sunday on This Week.
8:32 | 01/06/17

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Transcript for In His Final Days in the White House, President Obama Opens Up to George Stephanopoulos
All right we're here on the White House north lawn with a doorstep proposal argue. Heather coffin or slow you know it's so you just got out of interview President Obama yeah exit interview in the Oval Office and say in in the. Special for me is my first time in the Oval Office and and twenty years while. And. It always does. It give you this feeling kind of reference at all for the office. Itself even though they've been pretty strip down on these until it's the. He had no that's all I want to ask about the specifics they agree but first phone that you you've interviewed him twelve times different venues sometimes in the White House sometimes out of the White House. What's. What was the significance of what what was the different fuel doing interviews you. You feel the weight of that office and you know especially when you're sitting right next to the desk the resolute that John F Kennedy's Bill Clinton held policies used it. For the last two years so did brings back that flood of memories but also that. The real weight. The office and you get this and I thought it was appropriate for an exit interview the last time. We'll talk to him as president because I really wanted to do. Get some field where his current thinking and how they often shaped him the disappointments the highlights. The changes. Over over the years he's now been there. Days days what happens. So all right you obviously actually news game as well it's let's hear a lot of news today you know just as we were coming in that horror of horrible shooting. And in Fort Lauderdale didn't have too much to say about that just yet. Not enough to know whether it was an act of terror he's already been briefed on a release Monaco's in his homeland advisor of course also the big news. And I was able to read the declassified version of the that the report on Russia he was right before right before brilliant night and Rita evacuation in reading page yes. And but you know it you know to go very far these that the first few sentences. Of that report pretty start this was ordered by Vladimir Putin clear preference to elect electronic and that's clearly what I question. The president about. And as well and you know to see it there are black and white is really something. So what. What's his reaction to that I mean how how far did he go to that the report doesn't say that that's why trump long obviously. It says clearly go hand and Russians had a preference went up and trump. Himself the president elect said that there that the services you know outcome and can affect the outcome in any way I said. Yeah she wishes I didn't I get asked the president do you what do you think. He didn't say it I know. I mean I think he's been trying to be very careful turn local more forward and backward. But you know an election this close. Everything. Right. Letting you know that intelligence community very very clear they're saying we can't judge it. If you ask me to read between the lines and and asked do I believe the President Obama believes. It had an impact yet believe that two people concise. Well I mean I think that's he's trying to walk away from the good news in the know singling anyone appointed any one single decisive. Moment but I think he tried to tie this. Two job we've done over the over the campaign and then the difficulties we now have in this is part of he argued this intelligence Porter argued. Russia's intentions to do you know propaganda and. Cast doubt. The coverage of the campaign and he says you know I think he he feels that acutely I think he clearly feels that the way. These issues were covered. In the election helps front and hurt Hillary now. On the report and we need to read through the actual evidence it is as much as class classified notes to mom does come with call movements now we talked about that a little -- talk created the presence could reveal sources and ended in an interview like that. But he did talk about how this is an area. Where they do have high confidence in the peace in the one of things we talked about in the is that we need when you knew the intelligence issues you learn. That how to question them and they and he says they tell you. When they believe something when they don't believe something and I think. We also talked about this is one of the things. He's trying to impress upon the president lacked. In the course of their phone conversations are of course this transition and we'll keep you get from him on. I'm not relationship today they talked several times. I believe they've talked a lot it and of course that long meeting ninety minute meeting in new office. And I actually sesame place that you adopt it. I. That. The answer was. They use that engaging was were one of the words he used. He's talked about Donald Trump's high confidence in his has some peoples and thinking that you. That no one thing that I think would give you some indication about. What he thinks is ended at one point he talked about how. How starkly opposite. The two people are. Valuable conclusions from that. Like the pot and we have had a transition that is wrong didn't it. An incoming president more starkly different than these two. Well you know you could argue this want things we talked about is that you know in some ways voters always picks someone. We're just laying off yet. That is that the previous president evenly Jimmy Carter library and even when did when George H. W. Bush succeeded Ronald Reagan did find some way to differentiate. Himself but I think of. I think it's a pretty wide yet why difference in temperament and how they're going to approach. The job and yet here she talked about the ability talked about. Sort of conceding that they wouldn't necessarily. Do the job. In the same way but he also said that one of the things he's impressed upon. The president elect is. In places where you don't. We know all the details are known expert in south and conceded that there are a lot of groceries on an expert that are a lot of people around you. Who wore and he trusts so this interview with Stewart and they're like 45 minutes on this from my longest one. Probably ever with yeah actually they take that back and I would -- didn't agree with him the attorney percent. And probably a little more yet it. Jack let's when he was running percent and running target. All time of the world for him it. So how. How Purcell that there's a challenge to interview President Obama which is his answers tend to be ten degree while a little longer when we're tired unconvincing moment tired or not these. In some ways energized by these final. Two weeks and you know what I really appreciated about this is that. I don't he'd eat a community seriousness of whom you ask being televised interview. He's gonna do. An end and from the Oval Office and he knows that this is you know for a lot of people will be a first draft. History for them if they add is his initial reflections if he's leaving. The office and I and he was. I think thoughtful and Bennett Summers also fraction you know as an area if you feel the same thing you love any any any question that. So guess the stop and think yes he or she can seem technical sense that was thinking about his legacy clearly this is that. Yes and at a time when you know. And that's when things ass and go he said during the campaign. Everything is his his words everything we've accomplished and lasting years goes out the window if we don't win. Consistently and yanks. And and and and does he. Find out Sunday. Incredible. Well we have some questions we look at that we also this will agree things of this case but let me direct order our regular viewers when he got. Tell all our friends to one half century when it and he. My best tees on the spot John that is that is tough that regulators gave natural. Like finally snapped. What is the one sentence. That President Obama will use to describe. Himself in his presidency. You'll find balance and you can submit suggestions to give. Excellent excellent we'll George thank you hammer take some time to Susan Monday morning again axle and kept watch Sunday to get.

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{"duration":"8:32","description":"ABC News' George Stephanopoulos reacts to his final interview with President Obama, to air in full on Sunday on This Week.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44610704","title":"In His Final Days in the White House, President Obama Opens Up to George Stephanopoulos","url":"/Politics/video/final-days-white-house-president-obama-opens-george-44610704"}