Final Presidential Debate 2012 Analysis: Romney Wanted to Come off as 'Presidential'

Yahoo News' Holly Baily offers her take on the final presidential debate.
3:00 | 10/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Final Presidential Debate 2012 Analysis: Romney Wanted to Come off as 'Presidential'
Holly Bailey is correspondent for Yahoo! News. -- I know they that's of course the people for team Romney years to come out and say we won this thing. Do you sense that they actually believe it when they make that argument now. I think he would do you think that they didn't very well they thought it again they came -- obviously -- -- and 71 the debate but. You know it's interesting going into this -- and I think what you saw tonight is Romney really just wanted to. Trying to protect this image of being capable of being president. I have to say so himself as being presidential they didn't want him to come office to address and Paris trip for Yahoo! today talking about how some of the internal focus groups that they look fat in during last week's debate really did not like. -- -- -- -- -- And so. And that's notably you saw -- not being so aggressive tonight in part that obviously -- the forum but you know there are -- times and he seemed to get a little bit snippy but he seemed to sort of -- it back. And did it really -- how to go after Rodney. And score any points on -- and and so you know they're here in the debate rumor that's been -- Really time to say that he came -- with presidents only came in here with a lot of strength and exiting with a lot of us. Holly we've been seeing a little shatter time. Twitter from conservatives who feel frustrated about the fact that even think Romney was muscular enough. What are you hearing -- illness than ever set of questions that the folks are getting in and around the world and his surrogates are getting asked about what's the response to that. I'm not really accelerate and you know there are some people that asked why Romney -- and you know bring up -- -- -- more aggressive on that and they basically -- parents and said. You talked about that before people -- -- position and then really kind of -- about down and so but again I think that's just you know Romney did not want to make. You know big waves tonight he just wanted to come up -- presidential and did Eminem really Rock the -- And they seem to think he succeeded in doing that. Holly the other mission -- -- looking presidential that Iran had tonight was to work things back. Two the economy. They feel that they can -- with with a win on that were they satisfied with his performance -- they were they happy. When he closed foreign policy debate with a -- declining take -- -- Well they've always -- the economy -- farm policy they view -- -- hand -- -- and partly that's. A little bit self serving as the economy is really of this -- that they feel that they have going into the final weeks of the campaign. -- so you know a lot of the spin room mr. Stevens was and of course we were going to bring that up -- came up. And so you know they learn again claiming that Romney won that -- By planning to the fact that you know. The people of -- would view America as we can't we have this news budget deficit and and so on. You gotta look at the campaign left before they leave you behind him over towns and we'll let you go yet he's very much if anything you have the.

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{"id":17540888,"title":"Final Presidential Debate 2012 Analysis: Romney Wanted to Come off as 'Presidential'","duration":"3:00","description":"Yahoo News' Holly Baily offers her take on the final presidential debate.","url":"/Politics/video/final-presidential-debate-2012-analysis-romney-wanted-off-17540888","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}