Final Presidential Debate 2012 Analysis: Veterans on Foreign Policy

Bob Woodruff talks about the debate with war veterans.
3:00 | 10/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Final Presidential Debate 2012 Analysis: Veterans on Foreign Policy
We have let us now my -- -- ABC's Bob -- one of the things we've been doing tonight aids and to give them perspective outside of just the usual spin room responses to hang out people these so called Google hangouts. Where it's kind of chat room where one face pops up at a time -- speaking -- -- Bob moderated a room hang out. Roomful of -- -- what was the sense of the room. Yeah you know they at sentencing there were the other veterans of the ones -- -- much of the world this is about foreign policy -- -- -- -- that they like to talk about. They really didn't see a big difference really between these two running for president they -- they -- -- -- pretty much -- -- -- pretty -- agreed. About the kind of tactics that would have over there are certainly no invasions that there and look for different way to fight these wars. You know it's we talked a lot about a -- war you know in the old days and our -- -- early 1960 doing a lot of horses and and that's you know we really fought very much in the same level you know big jets against jets and tanks against tanks and we've seen in wars over time. But honestly changed very different balance of them -- they want to look exactly how to approach. More fighting now differently than they did because -- -- -- this these guys have been. You know hit and then and it tax and blown out by tiny little bombs in the ground as opposed -- big powerful ones that exist out there. The ones that really that I did see a slight differences the way they looked at the budget cuts and the military in the future this is there. This is there work almost these guys are now out in the military ones still. Having a possible appointment but they did have some discussions. About the -- this -- person has their own thoughts. So I -- Obviously there's economic that -- -- -- -- -- big differences between the two candidate to run for president but I imagine veterans. Strong feelings about us. You know there's a difference between. Universal. Uniform policy as far as. Ensuring. You shouldn't you can make everything happen without regard to to the budget but then -- brought up a good point about. Smart -- getting haircuts. You know on a Smart cut. And perhaps you don't necessarily want to cut the personnel budget but maybe acquisitions and procurement. I personally believe that. There. There is room for discussion of defense -- should be able -- Fiscal responsibility. That's what -- we should have to dances that we discuss. Table but they do need these are cuts. New -- and it's no more. -- I guess that's that's kind of a tie with -- wanted to win you know they did they thought that's pretty funny -- anybody have a sense of who seemed much more -- keep. Well you have any really. I don't think they really know yet. Ellis also what they said they are very quite impressed with the with the bomb of the -- As that as with what he has mattered she. And they can see a very solid man. That he could be but they also that this is not something that people don't know much about and our country you know really care that much they really thought this was not gonna have much of an influence -- And -- -- -- something that they wished they'd heard more about. I think -- -- an ice I think some that are watching me like to have seen a good argument I think we know that that is that is. That that's that's makes it more -- things he'd be disagreements they would like to see some different ideas and different difference. Not well. Tucker a spiritual warfare to part of it they respond at all to the drones. Non disagreement. They they looked at the drones fairly. Not similar in the sense that people know this has been made. Tool that's going to be going future. But they but again I think they -- We look at them. As the future for the wars that that there going to be involved they know that wrong is extremely. Important in one year's one. What other countries. That's -- more frightening thing we have a monopoly on drones relatively right now. And now we know that China's moving towards an -- that talk about that as well. Public your thank you again we appreciate it thanks to the veterans to that there are great to see him thank -- that's the case.

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{"id":17540807,"title":"Final Presidential Debate 2012 Analysis: Veterans on Foreign Policy","duration":"3:00","description":"Bob Woodruff talks about the debate with war veterans.","url":"/Politics/video/final-presidential-debate-2012-analysis-veterans-foreign-policy-17540807","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}