George Will: Debate Shows 'Remarkable Reversal' Between Parties

Conservative analyst says GOP, Democrats have reversed roles since days of George McGovern.
3:00 | 10/22/12

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Transcript for George Will: Debate Shows 'Remarkable Reversal' Between Parties
Said George -- do you agree with had to -- governor running of the wrong strategy tonight. I don't think so the fact George that this debate occurred in the immediate aftermath of the death of George McGovern underscores a remarkable reversal. In presidential politics for both parties. That is forty years ago tonight George McGovern was running on the slogan come home America. He then lost 49 states. Forty years on come home America is probably pretty much the foreign policy. An American morality and perhaps an American majority. Has the presidency -- understand. As he repeatedly three times by my count. Said we have to get back -- nation building here at home and when Mitt Romney was challenged. To take a more assertive and engaged and interventionist foreign policy risked their -- say to Syria. In providing heavy weapons for the Syrian resistance he did not indicate. That he would have that done by American troops and when it was she was challenged about having a no fly zone -- seemed to pull back from -- So it does seem to me that in this debate. Where 35 minutes -- they were talking about Medicaid reforms -- in Arizona and Rhode Island and class sizes all over America. They understood and both of the foreign policy is fairly peripheral to American's interest today at what foreign policy they want. Means a lot less American involvement overseas. George will do you agree it's not gonna change that polling numbers much. Do tonight we saw two -- who don't really disagree all that much. Talking about subjects concerning which the voters don't care all that much. Why would sum this up -- -- nursery -- the cow kicked -- in the belly in the barn. Didn't do any good didn't do any harm both men tonight were not always.

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{"id":17540471,"title":"George Will: Debate Shows 'Remarkable Reversal' Between Parties","duration":"3:00","description":"Conservative analyst says GOP, Democrats have reversed roles since days of George McGovern.","url":"/Politics/video/final-presidential-debate-2012-george-analysis-debate-shows-17540471","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}