GOP Congressman: Obama 'Can't Break 50 Percent in Michigan'

Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., discusses President Obama's chances securing voters in nation's Rust Belt
3:00 | 10/22/12

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Transcript for GOP Congressman: Obama 'Can't Break 50 Percent in Michigan'
We've got a congressman Mike brought -- from Michigan's Republican. Congressman thanks for joining us we appreciate it. Thanks for have an average year. So let me let me just go through some some of the things in Romney's knocks over distant past that. May give him a little bit of heart -- tonight he has. Called Russia the biggest threat to the United States as opposed -- al-Qaeda. He was criticized for criticizing the administration's handling of the -- the attack. In ways that was widely and as clumsy he alienated people in the UK when he criticized Olympic security on a trip there. Isn't all of that when taken together it's huge opening for his opponent tonight. Well I mean it. -- -- I obviously have my favorite I hope that the present -- United States goes there he does not have a great track record here think about what just happened in Russia. It throughout the USA ID right before the UN general assembly. -- he doesn't do anything without a reason. They have nuclear weapons pointed at the United States they just announced that they would not extend. Nunn Lugar which is the US -- participation in dismantling nuclear weapons. You know. Go ahead goal there I I don't I just don't think that would be in the best interest of this president that reset button has really not. Performer while -- is actually collapsing in on itself when you talk about. Ben -- he came out and said this is a terrible thing. How early do you wait to condemn a terrorist attack on on a facility I don't see that as a big deal the big deal and Ben Ghazi. Is that constantly changing. Finger pointing and the administration trying to find fault somewhere. And -- still neglecting to say what it is. And why that's important is they made a whole bunch a series really bad decisions including using taxpayer money to buy television ads in Pakistan. Violating a video that nobody had seen. And it escalated the violence and the protests. In Pakistan -- mean. These are really not good success stories for the president at all on the British thing if you recall the first -- in office. This president sent back on ceremony -- the bust of Winston Churchill that offended the British greatly. In so you know that's -- is gonna happen if he wants to get down into the details about those little things. The big policy is gonna I think favor Mitt Romney in this particular debate. Congressman I'm Nina actually switched to politics here for our -- minutes -- you sit in. What was once a battleground state of Michigan hasn't got as much attention as it once did that. Talking -- everybody in this campaign looking at all the polls. It seems as it. The midwest has turned into. Something of a firewall for the Obama campaign is doing much better in the midwest and he is in places like Florida our North Carolina even Virginia -- Colorado. So based on what you're seeing what is his or something different happening in the midwest and some of these other states. Well Michigan hasn't gone to war Republicans since 1988. And here's what's interesting about all the polls in Michigan I don't think it's accounted for. The president -- it hit 50% in Michigan if you're an incumbent two weeks out and you're not at 50% something wrong. And so we've seen the numbers narrow in Michigan that will it go. Four. Mitt Romney over Barack Obama not sure quite yet. But I will tell you -- those internal campaign strategy meetings I bet they're pulling their hair out because he can't break that 48% mark. In a state like Michigan which should have been put the bad. From the very beginning in Ohio you see the numbers tightening. You see people worried about and I think this is what it's gonna come down to him and remember there's 23 million Americans who are unemployed. There gas prices have doubled their food prices are up they've lost median income. People at the end of the day are gonna -- their wallets when they walk in and the president hasn't laid out any case for another four years other than what it was hard. You know there was always somebody else's fault so let me have another four years. I just don't think that's selling well and that's why he hasn't put -- -- a state like Michigan Pennsylvania looks a little interest -- Wisconsin should be theirs doesn't look like it's they're mean. It's a firewall I don't know there. In a lot of marvels are going to be put into this Ohio race. And then he got Michigan Pennsylvania and Wisconsin kinda hang -- out there and states that should have been put away early and just haven't been able to do. Though comes when you would you. Agree that it is the auto issue the auto bailout that may be ultimately insulating the president -- -- not at fifty. But he's not losing those states right now how how important -- -- That auto deal to those matters. Well. An anti from a guy from Michigan it is a deep blue state when it comes to presidential politics so I think -- the premise is wrong. Why isn't the president putting away a state like Michigan with what was the auto bailout. Why doesn't he have that 51525455%. Already two weeks out from the election that's the real question so I would. Be really curious to hear what their comments are why they can't break that 48% 49% in one poll I saw with a three point gap. That that really is unheard of for us two weeks out and inane and elections remember John McCain that played -- for -- -- no way. Ended up pulling out a month and a half out there's that you know the number that many of president Obama's numbers at that time well over 50%. They're not now. Why is that that's the trend and I'll tell you what it is that four dollar a gallon gasoline we've been absolutely crushed in the housing market in Michigan our food prices are up. Take a 41000. Dollar median income for a district like mine. You lower the value of their of their dollars an increase their food costs there healthcare costs their gasoline costs its crushing. It's crushing to those people that's why I think he can't get over 50% -- yet Michigan tonight. -- put it down and go out on the limb here. I wouldn't take that out of our category yet I'll tell you we think we've got a real opportunity here. Actually sneak up and get one in the state of Michigan since first time since 1988. Mr. chairman let me ask you put your intelligence committee had -- -- second going back to two big -- -- you you know warnings administrations will. Will remind us up tonight with a federal Midas is of course that that he gave the order to kill -- -- -- -- That he's carried out -- budget throwing strikes at a depleted al-Qaeda we don't know yet who carried out detective got here -- I don't maybe you do. Is al-Qaeda back do we need to worry about that what's what's happening now. Well and here's the problem I think. All of this got political interpretation -- I think is an awful idea tried to take politics out of the national -- -- when it comes the intelligence community and we -- -- been here a little bit from the administration's very concerning. Al-Qaeda was on the rise in Tunisia we saw cells out of Tunisia. Libya we saw lots of threat streams long before the 9/11 event filled our ambassador. -- they're looking for western targets getting stronger we saw al-Qaeda being very successful in Yemen. Holding ground in Yemen. We've seen that the Taliban put al-Qaeda elements starting early surge in the eastern part of Afghanistan so some notion that a tactic it's killing one guy eliminated al-Qaeda threat. It's a dangerous premise and I argue -- allowed them to pull back when they shouldn't have that would have been the time to step on the gas. And try to really put the hurt on them. Unfortunately -- It just didn't happen that way because -- narrative was we killed Osama bin Laden al-Qaeda is gone don't worry about it. Well I think that's part of the problem on this 9/11 cases that they wanted to -- their political narrative. And I've done a review of the least partial. Of the security cables that semen prior to an -- earth and it's inconsistent with their story that was absolutely a video that nobody had seen an absolutely. A spontaneous event which we now find out there was no. Protest. Before the event he ambassador met with the Turkish ambassador at the -- -- thirty minutes. Before the attack and there was no demonstrations so. Something is just not right here in the problem -- that is they made a series of really bad decisions. Internationally including elevating this this video that clearly didn't have any news that's been the problem. Congressman -- Managing to give -- forceful articulate case despite the fact and loudspeakers blaring overhead and in room at the University of Arizona Florida. Congressman we appreciate it well done thank you -- good times here.

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{"id":17538748,"title":"GOP Congressman: Obama 'Can't Break 50 Percent in Michigan'","duration":"3:00","description":"Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., discusses President Obama's chances securing voters in nation's Rust Belt","url":"/Politics/video/final-presidential-debate-2012-gop-congressman-obama-break-17538748","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}