President Obama, Mitt Romney's Closing Statements

Presidential candidates offer their final messages to voters before the 2012 election.
3:00 | 10/23/12

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Transcript for President Obama, Mitt Romney's Closing Statements
Thank you very much Bob governor Romney and to Lynn University. Now you've now heard three debates. Months of campaigning and wait too many TV commercials. And now you've got -- shorts. -- the last four years we made real progress digging our way out of policies that. Gave us -- prolonged wars record deficits and the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Governor Romney wants to take us back to those policies. Foreign policy that's wrong and reckless. Economic policies that won't create jobs won't reduce our deficit. But will make sure that folks in the very top -- at play by the same rules that you do. I've got a different vision for America. Our build on our restricts there are put forward a plan to make sure the will bring in manufacturing jobs back to -- shores. By rewarding companies and small businesses that are investing here not overseas. I want to make sure we've got the best education system in the world that we were retaining our workers. For the jobs of tomorrow. A lot of control our own energy. By developing oil and natural gas but also the energy sources the future. Yes I want to reduce our deficit by cutting spending that we don't need but also by asking the -- do a little bit more. So that we can invest in things like research and technology that are the key to a 20% -- -- -- As commander in chief -- maintain the strongest military in the world keep faith with our troops and go after those -- would do us harm. After a decade of war I think we all recognize we got to this nation building here at home rebuilding our roads our bridges. Especially caring for our veterans who sacrificed so much for our -- And we've been through tough times but we always bounce back because -- care because we pull together. I have the privilege of being your president for another four years I promise you I will always listen your voices I won't fight for your families. And I won't work every single day to make sure that America continues to be the greatest nation on. Thank you. -- thank you Bob mister president. Folks at Lynn University good to be with you. I'm optimistic about the future. I'm excited about our prospects as a nation I want to see peace I wanna see growing peace in this country it's our objective. We have an opportunity to have real leadership. America's gonna have that kind of leadership and continue to promote principles of peace but make a world a safer place and make people in this country more confident. That their future is secure. I also want to make sure that we get this economy going. And they're two very different has the country can take one is a path represented by the president which at the end of four years of mean we have twenty trillion dollars in debt. Heading towards Greece. I'll get a soundtrack to a balanced budget. The president's path will mean continuing declining in take home pay. I want to make sure of typical patrons around stressed or grow. The president's path means twenty million people -- -- work struggling for a good job I'll get people back to work with twelve million new jobs. I gonna make sure that we get people off of food stamps not by cutting the program but by getting -- good jobs. America's gonna come back and for that to happen we're gonna have to have a president who could work across the -- I was in a state where my legislature was 87% Democrat. I learned how to get along on the other side of the -- -- we've got to do that in Washington. Washington is broken I know what it takes to get this country back and we'll work with good Democrats and good Republicans to do that. This nation is the hope of the earth. We've been blessed by having a nation that's free and prosperous thanks to the contributions of the greatest generation that held a torch. For the world to see the torch of freedom and hope and opportunity. Now it's our turn to take that torch. I'm convinced we'll do it. We -- strong leadership. I'd like to be that leader with your support. A work which you. Collegial and are open and honest way and I ask for your vote. I'd like to be the next president United States to support and help this great nation and to make sure that we altogether. Maintain America as the hope of the earth thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Presidential candidates offer their final messages to voters before the 2012 election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"17540194","title":"President Obama, Mitt Romney's Closing Statements","url":"/Politics/video/final-presidential-debate-2012-mitt-romney-barack-obama-closing-statement-17540194"}