After: Final Presidential Debate 2012

Recap of the Final Debate
3:00 | 10/23/12

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Transcript for After: Final Presidential Debate 2012
It was a final face off the last time over the Canucks are gonna meet face to face making their -- make their story to the voters. For fourteen days from now when the country will go. The polls. And decide between President Obama or governor Romney in last night ninety minutes of back and forth the subject was foreign policy but clearly -- of these men came with an agenda to -- domestic issues. And at -- -- to this campaign. That's right and though this was a victory different debate -- the one that we solve of course. A week ago where the candidates were almost stalking each other prowling around there -- its -- a lot and that debate. Of fireworks this debate much more subdued and as he pointed out they had different goals in this debate the goal of Mitt Romney. Was to talk to those last few swing voters. Many of them women who voted for Obama in 2008 trying to convince them that it's OK. To switch courses -- -- -- come at sag and acted out of -- But. And and and -- go with and go with him he had a much. Gentler softer approach last night not trying to to really in gauge the moderator in -- -- -- Exactly and some of the points we made and that ninety minutes that we -- down -- 21218. Take a look at some of the highlights from last night's debate this is -- -- -- -- debate of the twentieth twelve campaign. This one's own farm policy we welcome president -- -- -- And governor -- I congratulate him on and taking out of some of that Latin. And going after leadership and al-Qaeda. But we can't kill our way out of this mess governor -- am glad that you recognize that al-Qaeda -- Because a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America you so much. In the 1980s are now. Calling asked for their foreign policy that attacking me is not a -- I think governor Romney maybe hasn't spent enough time looking at our military -- and you mentioned the navy for example. The we have -- ships that we did in 1960. Well governor we also -- your horses and bay and that's. Mr. President America has not dictated other nations we have freed of the -- from dictate we are gonna insist that China. Plays by the same rules as everybody else from -- one album label 18 currency manipulator. Can take a look at property you do get out of it did not say god who has provided governor help got got the wrong way to go -- -- speaking Republicans and Democrats came together a bipartisan basis to put in place. Education principles that focused and having great teachers in the classroom. But that was to have this for -- -- progress and we are abstinent let's get coverage -- -- -- -- -- affairs office practically all -- teachers I've got a different vision for America. I have the privilege of being a present for another four years I promise you I will always listen your voices I will fight for your families. And I will work every single day to make sure that America continues to be the greatest nation on. I'd like to be the next president United States to support and help this great nation and to make sure that we altogether. Maintain America -- hope that you think so. Gentlemen thank you model so much -- with the words of my mom said but -- Thank you feel very. The from the occupant for that I don't lets you know the community that -- all. Forces bayonet a lot of buzz words last night. Obviously Mitt Romney took down first debate clearly the president took on the second debate who was the big winner coming up last night. Well if you look at what the immediate reaction was why the -- dot Chrissie and by the instant polls it was Barack Obama because he was. Much more aggressive as I said earlier. The the Romney. Agenda really was to come in there do no harm make sure that he -- wasn't coming across. Two over the top again appealing to many those women voters who said they were turned off by what they saw at the town hall debate. But. When you get past sort of would be -- the polls say and again we are gone back to the -- -- due for a little bit I think that what Romney did it was too. Prove that he could sit on the same stage as the president he took the commander in chief test which is. And really again the goal was not just show that he was smarter than the president. On foreign policy because in fact as a challenger you're always going to look like -- a couple steps behind the guy who gets the daily intelligence briefing and has been doing this for four years. But it really was to say look I am not the extremist. That. President Obama has made me out to be I am not George W. Bush I'm not beating the drums of war in -- Says arguing with LS not because that was certainly something that the Republican. Based wanted to see that there was going to be a clear delineation between between. George W. Bush and between what Mitt Romney has for his foreign policy out. There are a lot of Republican conservatives were not happy -- what -- the Mitt Romney -- -- they wanted to much more muscular. Foreign policy defense and wanted to see him. Agree -- with the president and have a little more there what's the Renaissance and and there are a lot Kessler and during that caught a few people off -- -- and both parties. And you know his -- the other goal for around the as -- on their Worcester trying to bring it back to the economy right to say. This is very important. There are places that I would disagree in terms of the style and some of the substance of -- president bumps -- but let's face it. It's our problems here at home that are affecting what we can do overseas and until we get this cleaned up. We can't do as much as we -- -- do. In foreign policy so bringing it back to that bread and butter issue which he knows he can be a -- the the debate is going to be won and lost on the debate on November 6 that is is about the economy. You were both. Candidates the successful and being able to read in those domestic issues -- talking about the economy. Whether talking about in retirement we're talking about health care. You saw in it which we -- than -- 122. Clip there what we saw the debate on. The auto bail out once again -- and if you think about where this race is going to be fought for the next two weeks he is in the midwest especially places like Wisconsin. And Ohio that benefited from much of what is the so called auto bailout. The job for president Romney right -- east side in that clip right there is to say listen. I also want it the car companies in America to succeed its not right President Obama -- say that I wanted them to fail. The problem that Romney has always had it's it's a very complicated argument that he's. Trying to make and he put an op Ed in the newspaper did not write the headline but the headline. Of that that about the bankruptcy. Of the auto industry said let Detroit go bankrupt that's -- headline is still haunting him today. And some of the headlines in the coming up in the debate last night making few fifteen -- -- the Atlanta journal constitution saint Ronnie Obama takes swings and final debate. Chicago Tribune Obama Romney trade jabs -- final showdown. Delivering final blows from the morning journal and that's. Really shots jabs the lows. Yeah out -- at what ever adjective you could use to try to describe the debate that there was not. An obvious. Clear winner that was not a knock out punch -- was nothing there was no. Defining moment. And in that case you could argue that -- both candidates really. Succeeded in what they wanted to -- which is not fall behind right that it had to walk out of -- -- and two weeks ago and now I'm on my heels. This really is I think for so many of the campaign. Folks on those on the two -- this was really something to get through. -- -- to focus now on the next two weeks which is. Turning out motivating. They're vendors and the number twos on the take its vice president Joseph Biden and congressman Paul Ryan they had some comments -- -- and -- last night debate. They shared with Good Morning America let's take -- listen. It's clear he is not. He is not ready to be the commander in chief of the United States -- military. -- he he he demonstrated a lack of sophistication about what's going on in the world. His rapid change in this position -- Philippine president requires a clear vision and a steady hand. That's exactly would President Obama demonstrated tonight and it's exactly what. George rocks he's me I beg your pardon governor Romney. -- street it was lacking. But I think the President Obama basically spent half his time attacking Mitt Romney not offering a new vision and what Mitt Romney said here's how we can do -- better job -- Iran policy. Here's here's what we should have done in all these other areas here's what we should do to have a strong military these defense cuts are gonna call on our military and more importantly. I think he gave a great job of articulating a vision for America's role in the world. Heading a strong economy -- strong American home a strong military. And being very resolute in certain in defense of our values overseas. That is a strong role for America in the world. And that's what I think people got from -- -- tonight. Both -- loosening their. -- -- Talking about adding I not surprised by now and if that although it was it was notable that. Joseph Biden are tripping over the word George now and again what they've been trying to do it's not to attach. Mitt Romney to George Romney his father but Ryan Moore to George Bush and in that sense you can say that. Mitt Romney was successful he did not allow. The the Obama campaign or Obama himself to really put that yoke around them saying you're just gonna be another George Bush in fact. I thought it was notable that one of the first things that Mitt Romney said right out of the box was we can't make the same mistakes we made in Iraq. He said you know we we don't want to spend a lot of time just killing -- right regularly -- -- -- -- exactly. We need to have a different policies and that's -- so really. Pushing back on this idea that this is going to be a foreign policy that looks very much like George W. Bush but. I think and I think we're gonna go to this clip the they return message. From -- -- -- after this debate is one addressing exactly what Paul Ryan was saying which was. What is this -- second term what does he stand for. He's going right now the president addressing that head on in this closing act yet yeah. There's just no quit in America and you're seeing that right now. Over five million new jobs and exports 41%. Home values rising and our auto industry back. Our heroes coming home. We're not there yet and we've made real progress and the last thing we should do this turn back now. Here's my plan for the next four years making education and training a national priority. Building on manufacturing. Boosting American made energy and reducing the deficits responsibly by cutting where we can and asking the -- available. And ending the war in Afghanistan so we can do some nation building here -- That's the right path. So read my -- and compare -- to governor Romney's and decide which is better for you. It's an honor to be your plus I'm asking for your -- So together we can keep moving America -- I'm Barack Obama and I approved this message. Of course we were inundated with the ad blitz up until this point the final two weeks and only get more intense and also the Obama campaign is coming up with this twenty page pamphlet that outlining a lot of the details that's mentioned in that -- -- immediately dropping -- off in swing states. In two weeks time is that really gonna make that much of an impact. Really what. This -- and that pamphlet. Are designed to do is to give those Obama voters some of whom are not particularly enthusiastic about turning out right -- -- reason to vote. For president while -- they have all the reasons why they should vote against Mitt Romney but most folks wanna go to the polls to vote for a person. And this is the way that he's saying to them look. You can do that yes they're all these bad things about Mitt Romney but here's why he voted for me in the first place and here's -- should vote for me again. That's the kind of message that I think a lot of those wavering voters were waiting to hear. Stevie Conley senior editor from Yahoo! News you were busy last night as you've got all the debates to find out how social -- he's been reacting to. Now the buzzwords that have been brought up during the -- but just the overall sentiment so what was the big drivers last night. So the big -- an adolescent that -- did not break any records so it last night was that the least treated all the presidential debates -- only -- -- -- -- volume was six point five million over the course of the evening however. Positive news did check with the folks -- Twitter. It definitely be dominant at the ball which actually -- A lower Twitter volume -- and in a couple of usually have. Just -- tonight that we have some priorities in this country right -- -- about where things are going just if you Monday Night Football and not to diminish any significant amount. People can now have a screen expect -- right -- it's not going to Gary every three screener and screen naturally infamous. A walk away -- and Phoebe and the end of the day you've been following. This new social media especially Twitter and its impact. On the campaigns we've been looking specifically at the debate that. All the way through and say look back on November -- and what about the world Twitter and other social media played its. I think looking at -- what the campaigns are using it for so last night -- -- -- on this. Courses and they and that night the big momentum with you know with the search spikes on -- -- But also right after the debate both campaigns purchased promoted tweets on Twitter around -- the Romney campaign purchased hash -- courses and -- and it. You Obama campaign -- purchased that -- -- for searches around and that's to push their own message so it's really -- a look for in the last -- What terms are they buying up what message is are they pain to promote. In the U -- you know whether it's on FaceBook on Twitter in its final moments I think we're also gonna look and see what great graphics they put together you know whether it's you know -- -- -- little you know. In -- you can share saying that you voted or who you voted for the -- upon Tumblr on your FaceBook at Saturn and looking to see what what voter share on election night. Talk but the fact -- the first debate was big -- the second was binders and last night was payments. All means is -- common theme -- it's possible I mean think it -- should do it and -- and analytic and hesitancy about any good it's any good means that came out last night. Not know all the ones I really loved life and the -- -- have an -- we saw a Twitter account that got created. Last week about Romney's -- They just changed the handle on it two courses and they and so they kept all of followers and they switched up their means that it could be talking about. They and that's not binders. And -- Interest think it's very Smart this is again it goes to show -- to you that you get what you can do with social media in terms of your ability to be flexible. Go with what ever -- mean is at the moment. That's what people are looking for -- I mean they're not they are not caught up in the last may in fact I doubt that they're going to be caught up in this one whatever the new term is. Frightening out of what's happening on the trail is what organs is -- Shannon jump on and and people are still looking meet my folks at Yahoo! this signal blog which is argument stats blog etc. -- looked at sentiment on Twitter last night. And it was overwhelmingly negative during the debate and then after the debate sponsored he has positive feelings pumped up and it will this -- -- And yet to go to this question of -- -- and we did see more positive Obama in the debate and we. And so we shall see how voters feel about everything in the next two weeks as it will only get more intense -- up. To the big day BB -- and you want to thank you both so much and of course ABC news and -- we'll have all of your election coverage that you need going right up to November 6 and tell them. Have a great day everyone.

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