Final Thoughts on American Values

Panelists discuss their final thoughts on shared values and the budget.
5:10 | 10/19/11

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Transcript for Final Thoughts on American Values
Why it's really interesting opportunity. -- To find common ground. I actually think. -- -- yeah we weren't so yeah. -- yeah. I think when He stands for. -- -- -- -- know what's this. Sounds like. Clarified some of the biggest issues in American politics -- good. -- discussion about. Rise above politics. And I think the question of how Americans in the middle Americans -- and every -- now. Can you live musicians and begins -- -- -- always -- I was having me tired of being hijacked backed -- once I there is absolutely essential. Patient comes from them. -- -- -- -- So this leads to. More products you. -- -- very much being a part of the but -- learned so much the other parent. But I also think that's how important this state to encourage the compensation. To people in the it's. -- -- So if -- no other reason. This conversation gets out she didn't think rock -- things I was very much and thank George Stephanopoulos we'll -- Also. Little -- myself. Because I think some issues that we're not brought on -- issues that brought up in the window directly. Maybe it opens the door look six look. We'll witnessing war. Thank you very. -- -- -- we have a little bit of information that you've never exactly know what two what to expect very enjoyable conversation. There were -- some important issues. Just the start that discussion this earlier this president needs to continue. Whether it's in this farm or some other form they'll a lot of things that really need to discuss -- -- fashion -- American TV not to come up immediately. Well I think -- -- really and government about witches. Number -- -- in the country right now is about jobs and economic opportunity and attack -- here. In this country. -- maybe that's tough. -- that in many ways the deficit. When we started -- It's not really. -- was about what. I don't create a society and as the -- says about. The present. Thompson's absence of jobs the absence of -- yeah. Therefore I don't think you go about it body talking about what kinds of clubs and -- -- -- -- really do need to get the more basic. Conversation was it's. Tough to let your racing races I think she's got to talk about. Because it's all very much on the minds of the people who were victimized and to these things -- talked about what most -- -- And again. I thought it was fascinating -- on the telephone little short of I'm getting into the meat of what might have been very interesting for next -- news it's because we just really getting it. Helping each other enough confidence in me in an environment that is another run for another thirty minutes. -- -- cameras on its tightening some of the things. -- party and can act as a result of getting to know each. Colleagues. And that level of trust that we had a mother herself than to open it up to everything else. It was all of us because we didn't have that advertisement cockpit cameras and let us continue to take -- another inevitable that I think at. Thank god it's very very -- Angeles and patients report. It was. Terrific I have to -- actually. Jack president George Town. Making sure that we calling it completely. Interesting important questions. And -- to listen to each other without attacking. Which is what news. In Washington -- And wouldn't universities ruling isn't really kind of passion and. To have this event here in the national constitutions and remind ourselves of the deepest values. That we shares. Think universities have been around for what we're repositories. Those most -- -- values that we share. Vincent Price to try to find ways to enemy those values. Bring them alive in -- conversation like we had tonight that's one of the responsibilities and.

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{"id":14771431,"title":"Final Thoughts on American Values","duration":"5:10","description":"Panelists discuss their final thoughts on shared values and the budget.","url":"/Politics/video/final-thoughts-american-values-14771431","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}