Finding Humor at the Republican National Convention

Comedy Central's Mary Phillips-Sandy dishes on protesters' creative signs and Ron Paul supporters.
3:00 | 08/28/12

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Transcript for Finding Humor at the Republican National Convention
We now turn to Mary Phillips sandy of Comedy Central. So much for joining us thank you for having me here what. -- -- here at the convention will we're having a great time despite the heat and and some of the weather that we've been having we've been. Hanging out outside the convention center talking U summit the protestors you've been here. It's looking instrument they're really. Elaborate and Larry as signs that people have made to bring here to exercise their first amendment rights. City can exercise our first amendment rights you write jokes about a month -- OK so your favorite moment thus far. And you know to joke about sports -- well on a personal I was reading while locking and I walked into -- couple had a really friendly wry often make sure I was OK that's organized differently about it but I actually really -- into the hip -- about it outside and -- just today there's been a lot of it's not -- Ron Paul support -- demonstrations. At an assertive. People start running there's clearly some people in a park and that that lets go these rats -- started running -- at the convention center. Which is you know certain things you really only see here at that national convention like this are -- -- We were chatting with you on Super Tuesday and about how US refining -- humor. -- the nomination season. All those debates about those candidates it's a little easier to find humor. Is it is easy to find humor here. Convention is as you know huge that just acknowledge that right there's so much going on -- so much ground to cover we don't have a -- team. Luckily they can really keep track of things his national lab later we can really stand pageant find out what's funny where even if we aren't there ourselves and that's helped us out a lot. Ari getting invitations from any these delegates have come to their party's soared to join in the sky box no not yet but I put out. I think anybody here who has had ticket wants funny people to tell us -- but. That you risk of course getting made fun well the thing is that yes I -- -- about it. That is what we do but we are really great party asked not -- -- to act and -- not to do any of the sort of fundraising gatherings out and about. The outside groups that have been going sort of -- nations getting the best -- I. Just crash. -- No because you know lawyers don't want to -- As I did attend a beauty and ask. Movie today it was it was Newt Gingrich's -- -- Ronald Reagan. The Reagan as president of course Ronald Reagan. -- -- -- Isn't Citizens United busy. Which if you have not industry -- -- air conditioning. You can list were there in person. And it was incredibly -- -- You felt you felt you left feeling as Reagan he as he possibly -- I was using Reagan out of my pores yes so. When you look at you know we have a lot of funny hats here -- have people that are dressed up. It's almost too easy for you guys and it's -- your little more subtle so. -- else about -- convention delegate. That you can find something funny not necessarily have to be. About them but right just about the idea of being -- Accidentally hit it well the process itself as we've seen today with all of that to me about the RNC -- the policy -- there's something inherently ridiculous about the way we do this in America strike and you gotta start from the local state conventions that have their own color their own flavor that comes here -- amplify it by the thousands. I didn't get really put on display some of the inherent silliness of how we actually choose our president Sharon that states and -- -- --

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{"id":17100391,"title":"Finding Humor at the Republican National Convention","duration":"3:00","description":"Comedy Central's Mary Phillips-Sandy dishes on protesters' creative signs and Ron Paul supporters.","url":"/Politics/video/finding-humor-republican-national-convention-17100391","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}