Flat Tax: Now I Get It

Could a flat tax fix our complicated tax system?
1:17 | 01/12/12

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Transcript for Flat Tax: Now I Get It
A flat tax system which released him. Everyone pays the same rate regardless of income replaces the current progressive system we pay a percentage based on your earnings. Allows a litany of Luke Walton a true flat tax system would -- all deductions and attention even home mortgages and charitable giving. It would lower tax rates for the wealthy and make more low income people here. Now -- 7% of Americans do not pay income. Or Republican candidate for McCain touted he -- 99999. 9% corporate -- 9% personal income tax and not -- sales tax. Rick Perry countered with his -- modified flat tax plan which calls -- -- 1% flat rate. But does permit some exemption it. Flat tax plans are nothing you. Republicans Steve Forbes famously -- 17% flat tax plan during the 96 and 2000 presidential election. Opponents insist he wouldn't merely shift the tax expert for the poor and middle class and cost tax revenues. A handful of countries including Romania and Russia have adopted a flat tax has recently. We had some success.

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{"id":15347737,"title":"Flat Tax: Now I Get It","duration":"1:17","description":"Could a flat tax fix our complicated tax system?","url":"/Politics/video/flat-tax-plans-explained-now-I-get-it-replace-complicated-tax-system-politics-15347737","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}