Flavor Flav Gives His Thoughts on Trump's Hot Mic Tapes

ABC News' Michael Koenigs gets Flavor Flav's take on the political climate.
2:13 | 10/19/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Flavor Flav Gives His Thoughts on Trump's Hot Mic Tapes
And then before this and you didn't want to put on the Mike if you wanna have a hot night. Trump is the aid is embroiled in something a discussion about his hot night on Access Hollywood what do you think of those tapes and his words. Well for us overall you know you. You've got to be careful what you say making when you're in politics. You don't save him mainly when you're trying to win. Old you know when the volt you know from people. Gotta be careful what you say it did not only that but then also to win the vote of the people. You have to need what you say in you have to make them believe that you've been there. You gotta be talked in the right language if you're not talking right away which you will not give people. We're awaiting that time is precious and is candidate. We had a great time to share your thoughts on this election cycle. Now I know one thing tonight's debate. I'm going to be watching this thing on television it's going to be crazy. It's Lana. And not only that but hey this is bill last of the debates so you know they're going to really didn't really go at it real hard deny that. You know on CNN. Only did not because there is. In May the best Bayern win man. The US and there's a catch phrases. That's an enthusiastic catch phrases. And I don't know whether that ever comes up when you're just didn't really excited about these. They're yelling need saves don't edit the times in the watching the debates have an idea. Ridge is God's love. She had GPL. Can't just got to worry. In moments in tobacco for being bad before being back and forth they bag book that you know I'm saying so. I mean like who would you vote for you wolf wolf one person or speak in the right right. You're paying close attention pretty thrill that was activate Melissa I'll play that I thank you for six that's. Set anything off the air with flavorful. And now. It is a good stock hey India and Australia this is the best buy and only spot. So little the cover this election all night and succeeded thanks luncheon here on ABC.

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{"id":42919165,"title":"Flavor Flav Gives His Thoughts on Trump's Hot Mic Tapes","duration":"2:13","description":"ABC News' Michael Koenigs gets Flavor Flav's take on the political climate.","url":"/Politics/video/flavor-flav-thoughts-trumps-hot-mic-tapes-42919165","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}