Florida recount underway due to thin margins in Senate and gubernatorial races

Races in Florida still unfinished amid statewide recount.
6:26 | 11/12/18

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Transcript for Florida recount underway due to thin margins in Senate and gubernatorial races
For the moment we want to turn down to Florida there is a recount underway we're going to begin our coverage with Torre sin convict. In Revere beach Florida. It has been a busy day here in the Palm Beach County tabulation center as they are currently involved in the recount process but I want to draw your attention to be used. Tabulation machines there are eight of them and right now there are four races that are being recounted the race for governor and senate commissioner of agriculture. An ST house the but Palm Beach County supervisor of election season Booker says these eight tabulation machines. Can not count all one race stays out once so she's concerned about their ability to meet the deadline for those recount results. By Thursday at 3 PM if she can not meet that deadline she will have to turn in the results from their first count. That they finished just this past Saturday at any of the reasons come this tween. Point 25%. Margin. The Florida secretary of state will order a hand recounts reporting in Palm Beach County I'm Torre simply that back to you. All right Tory thanks you can see all the ballots if you have all these flashbacks to 2000 in the presidential race but we want to turn to ABC's Stephanie wash now. In the capital of Florida Tallahassee. The stuff how's this going to go. And I'm here in Tallahassee where it's been relatively quiet and standing in for the Department of State where the secretary of state as we all know ordered that machine recount on Saturday. And we are really looking at dueling lawsuits between both sides in. Eat two main Reese's we DC inches. With Nelson was governor Scott with injured get on. In you have on one side governor Scott saying that he wants to see in palm beach county and also in Broward county and he's happy leaders these ballots and he's voting machines actually inhabited while they're not being used. Jerry machine recount to make sure that there is no fraud or. Anything going on its improper or so those losses are going on today actually in other parts of the state of Florida they'll have to see what happens with that. But we're really just sitting here waiting for those unofficial results to come back. On Thursday from all of the counties in Florida. Pond where we stand with the machine recount indicate if any of those three races the candidates stand within eight point two Phrack. Point 25% margin. Then we will then go to a manual recount. And those results will be due later in the week and then on Tuesday November 20 we would actually see the official results from the state of what ever that those results may be. You mention governor Rick Scott there who is declared himself the winner of the senate race over the incumbent Bill Nelson there are those calling on on Rick Scott to. Take himself out of this process from overseeing. Beavers the recount of an election that here and it. Certainly it's something that we also sought in Georgia what people are saying with the Stacy Abrams raise. People want to see that this election and that this machine recount that's being handled. It's done in a proper and legal way and there are some critics saying. You know how can you be impartial to what's going on if you are running for that seat and also overseeing what's happening. So there are critics saying that but as of right now governor Scott is not going anywhere. He's pushing forward with this legal battle to make sure that. He sees what she believes would be legal in fair machine recount. I've staff sit tight for 12 ABC's Stephanie watch their in Tallahassee a wanna go back to the White House so. And bring you back ABC's Jordan Phelps because president trump Jordan has been weighing in on everything going down down in Florida. Yeah and the president has been cleaning for days that Democrats are trying to steal the election. From the Republican candidates for governor and senate's there and he still added this morning he fired off and you tweak any says. That large numbers of new ballot showed up out of nowhere. Me ballots are missing or force an honest vote is no longer possible. Ballots massively in fact it. Now the reality here of course Aron is that there are no valid claims of voter fraud being investigated. On the ground in sport it's hard to emphasize the point and that just how remarkable it is. That the nation's top elected official is drawing into question the integrity. The voting system in Florida. When that's not being dying on the ground they are by and by those top officials. I'm. And I also point out that today's veterans day. And a lot of those votes that are now showing up our mailing ballots from soldiers serving overseas. Had they just had to postmarked there mail in ballot by Election Day they're still accepted through Friday snow. And that is among you know the nation's. Past soldiers are among those votes that are just showing up right now. In votes you'd think that president would want counted certainly in Florida all right ABC's Jordan Phelps there at the White House. Back to the state of Florida and Tallahassee when ABC's Stephanie watched. We've talked about the senate race a little bit involving a governor Scott and senator Nelson. That the governor's races also hanging in the balance here we've Ron Desantis the Republican. And Andrew given the Democrat and for awhile guilin conceded and he's since took that back. Now on Saturday we were at his headquarters. Where he said that he was taking back his words of concession. He did note that on election night he was operating with the best information that he had available to hand. And once he began to learn all of these potential votes that might still be out there to be counted which is dirty just noted. With the military and nonmilitary overseas ballots that. Will continue to com any can be counted up until November 16. Provisional ballots. He begins to realize that there might actually be a chance for a recount here. And that the margin might continue to become slimmer and slimmer so he did take back that concession. He also said that what was happening here with act could actually proved to be reverberations for democracy and that every voter whether they voted for him aboard experts at home in. That took the time out to vote that they deserved to have their vote counted he's really been pushing for the. Right ABC's Stephanie watched with us from Tallahassee Florida where the results are still pending in the races for senate. And governor.

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{"duration":"6:26","description":"Races in Florida still unfinished amid statewide recount.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59143624","title":"Florida recount underway due to thin margins in Senate and gubernatorial races","url":"/Politics/video/florida-recount-underway-due-thin-margins-senate-gubernatorial-59143624"}