Food Blogger: Obama Family Causing 'Paradigm Shift'

Says First Family has raised consciousness of food and healthy living.
3:00 | 11/23/11

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Transcript for Food Blogger: Obama Family Causing 'Paradigm Shift'
Are pleased rejoinder from the White House lawn by Eddie -- even call it -- had. Who is blogging on everything food and Obama you may know her as Obama photo Rama. Hello hello -- appreciate kayak with us. Thanks so much so first of all what did you make of those turkeys out at the White House the president dozens annual pardon did they look tasty. They look tasty but more importantly they -- incredibly well they came -- they -- The very comments very gorgeous as you can see it's. Very windy here at the White House it was pouring rain. It it didn't -- the -- whatsoever. Isn't that is not because they get asleep at The W. Hotel I mean -- -- got a massage -- -- before they got here. Yes the general manager at the W told me that the -- is -- -- specially prepared food for them from the shaft but the W. Patents. The -- they stayed at the W with -- future farmers of America. Tina handlers and their staffer hands of the W was very generous to Turkey's apparently I visited the cherokees yesterday. They -- having a great time. Is this is great to -- well. Talk to us a little about your blog because it's fascinating a YouTube chronicle a little bit of politics but a whole lot of food everything that -- the obamas do. Regarding their meals are their excursions. The initiatives what's the idea behind it in and what he what are you hoping -- To get out of it other than some some -- -- -- What -- -- the the president and the First Lady are causing a paradigm shift in America's approach to food and there also the the biggest and most public -- an American so. I I thought that it really needed daily chronicling -- My my readers agree it it is its food its recipes its menus. Its policy it's a lot of policy especially with the first lady's. Huge let's move initiative. And so it's it's everything from policy that high side. About in this game -- and isn't something that the Obama administration. Was. Eager to have. The relationship with you battered him to sell them on us. That that's a really good question they were I started blogging about the president and food during the 2008 campaign because I was fascinated by the outpouring of food items people we're making in his honor. And then I came I I was from California came to Washington. During -- inauguration and I basically never laughed so. Initially it was a little bit of a tough sell that the administration but then by. By the first Easter egg roll I was part of the past -- I've been covering it avarice and then it's it's really didn't. Amazing. Fascinating don't want to tell our careers. And I get. Tell us what what what is. Is the best mile the most interest being the only UCB Obama's serve -- -- served in this in his two plus years that you can probably. Well there's there's so many interesting meals but -- very interesting -- just happened that they gave packed luncheon at the First Lady hosted in Hawaii which was cooked by Honolulu shaft that was for those leaders. The First Lady and the president have a very big dislike for -- and they both said it publicly. And there were -- on this lovely menu for the spouses of APEC leaders and I just. I was shocked because these menus are very carefully vetted by the social secretary in the State Department. And so I called the staff and -- who is from town mascot in Honolulu and I said. Did you not have did you not get the memo that the First Lady -- And he said -- and he said that she ate the -- and it's so it's beats are now often -- from the White House and us that this isn't pretty major thing people we're very interested. When the president announced that he didn't like -- it's and then the First Lady reinforced. So right so the the beef industry now have to be happy. To see eye on the -- industry is finding this out right now because I might have been the only person to notice it it's -- run -- again. But it's truly a big -- and it's where it's we're never ground in the kitchen garden either until. The most recent spring planting and when the First Lady found out at the planting that it's they're being installed -- -- like we don't like -- And Sam Katz said to her. But we're planting them but as a -- fast and the First Lady said while -- equal opportunity Darden. It beats beats are liberated at last that you mentioned a paradigm yes the UC. You see a paradigm shift in the way that Obama is our -- the obamas are approaching -- what you mean by that is that is it around healthy eating yours is on the block. -- -- -- That that the president and the First Lady and really gets it across across administration initiative has really. Raised the consciousness in a profound way with the let's move campaign for healthier eating for the relationship between. Food and health and fitness and exercise. Two years ago. Part of my blog is tracking media response and two years -- they're just. Was not an awareness of the importance of healthy eating -- the importance of home cooking last. The importance of really knowing where your food comes drop the importance of diet anyway. That's no it's a very interesting and -- that. It's a fascinating topic and whether someone's doing it full time we will help cover a lot of the similar things and here's something unique. Maybe even call him thank you so much -- Obama -- -- check out online will link to the website of course that our compliments as well.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Says First Family has raised consciousness of food and healthy living.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"15017254","title":"Food Blogger: Obama Family Causing 'Paradigm Shift'","url":"/Politics/video/food-bloggerobama-family-causing-paradigm-shift-15017254"}