Foreign leader Trump called is revealed

President Donald Trump's promise to the Ukrainian president troubles Congress and whistleblower; New images emerge from Saudi
2:54 | 09/20/19

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Transcript for Foreign leader Trump called is revealed
And guys who moved to Washington where we're learning more about that whistle blower that we told you about yesterday and who lodged a complaint about presidents from. And his phone call with a foreign leader so ABC news has now learned. That call was to the president of Ukraine and president trump to spoke about it earlier take a listen. It's a partisan whistle blows. They shouldn't even have information. I've had conversations with many leaders that always appropriate. Thanks cut into always appropriate at the highest level always appropriate. And anything I do like fight for this country I fight so strongly for this country. It's just another. Political hack job that's old news and I don't want to talk about any conversations other than to say other than it is today. Great conversation. Totally appropriate conversation. Could have been better and keep asking questions and build it up his biggest possible so you can have a bigger downfall. I wanna go to Karen Travers who that the White House president is taking questions in the Oval Office sitting with the Australian prime minister and he called this story from ridiculous he said it's a partisan whistle blower action and that his conversations with world leaders are always appropriate at the highest level he's been defending this all day as a beautiful conversation. The president was also asked though if he knows the identity of the whistle blower given that he's making the accusation at this with highly partisan and he said he did not but he heard. They were partisan because he says as was an appropriate conversation. All right so definitely will wanna get updates as that develops and I also want askew a balance. Saudi Arabia obviously in the news we're seeing new images out from the country. Where does the White House stands on this attack. Yeah our Ron is looming large here today the White House even as the president has these series of events at the Australian prime minister in. And moment a few few seconds ago in the Oval Office the president said that there are new sanctions on Iran's. Name of national bank you dig is up to the highest levels there we don't MD tells yet of that the president earlier this week. Had said they would be announcing new sanctions but today were told that. The National Security Council is going to be meeting here at the White House to lay out options about what potential next stats the United States could take in response to that attack on the oil facilities in Saudi Arabia which the administration says. We're done by Iran. Options include H targeted and limited proportional air strike or potentially no military action at all horrible beefing up troops and forces there in the region to defend against her defend Saudi Arabia. The president though of course can be considering nonmilitary options which she just mentioned the sanctions. And we'll see exactly what that entails and how high up they do ago. All right Karen Travers right there at the white house on the thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"President Donald Trump's promise to the Ukrainian president troubles Congress and whistleblower; New images emerge from Saudi ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65752300","title":"Foreign leader Trump called is revealed","url":"/Politics/video/foreign-leader-trump-called-revealed-65752300"}