Furloughed workers in rural areas struggle to make ends meet in shutdown

Soy bean farmer affected by shutdown weighs in on border security crisis.
5:51 | 01/18/19

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Transcript for Furloughed workers in rural areas struggle to make ends meet in shutdown
Well most of the people impacted by the shut down on the middle of the country impact 800000 workers not being paid. Large majority of those federal workers work elsewhere. That's right and you have people and all these congressional district all of these states. We're lawmakers have now left town to return do you have people scatter from all these agencies across these places. And and and it's civic and convention to ripple effect it's these people and their immediate family and then it sort of echoes out from there. And one of those people joins us now from not know the country from Iowa. Climbing Iowa and fact front runner is of corn and soybean farmer it's great to see you sir thanks for being here population for 72. Climbing Iowa we should say. Great to have your Rea a Europe and perspective here Brent and give us give us a sense of let's just start with the news of the past point four hours. What's your reaction to this tit for tat between president trump and Nancy Pelosi how was that plane or you must look at this. And wonder what the heck is going on here Washington. You know I think a maturity of us me answer. Sick of politics as usual. I would argue that that's probably why trump got elected. Bomb. In well he. Definitely doesn't conduct themselves like Nora all visions com. You know and his opponents if that's what should call or Europe so certainly it is the first time with Russia now. Immediate longest long. It's unfortunate that the Thomas. All of us are unable to do business as usual in its mother's that are. Missing paychecks long. RR being directly affected by such it in our opinion childish. Gamesmanship. I think the people that you previously interviewed him once fifteen minutes or so endlessly. Explained during Walker's. Crisis or order it may not be the deep crisis. Trump then. Referring zoo but a crisis nonetheless. That could be dealt with at some level maybe not seeing local. And isn't. There. Humbly I think it's high time that the two sides together. Set aside their differences end knowing that known. He no one party worker or 100%. They want. But recent common ground and move forward in India in the bickering. For Arab world where do you fall on the position of the wall do you think we need one right now is the crisis they are sufficiently urgent enough that it would merit shutting down the government until that check is cut by congress or do you think this is something in that. Can be can continually discussed and worked through. And it's more important open the government. Our third axis some of the people you just yet and interviewing. Again that there's a crisis is somewhat open in May not be the same price is that her trust in referring to. Wouldn't we have many of the C Democrats that are existing supreme 08 ball get what you want but it. Our best all they want to put it. Com and we have several Democrats on record. Technology centers has driven prices sugar and more than a decade now. Com we'll steal that maybe that doesn't mean building a wall over every square inch of the southern border. Maybe that means. A long heart and maybe that means that I seeking the remaining balance of whatever funding needs that they choose who applied towards southern. On border. Security measure towards the reports in error. One years. The previous guests referred to that we do we have some drugs and in two. I think there's there's plenty of problems to be fixed the ago when we decide not to acknowledge each other's. Science and nothing gets done in this ordeal month. And brick before we let you go in addition to the tariffs that I know put a squeeze on many soybean farmers in the middle of the country. How is the shutdown affected your business is this something that you've already felt or expected fuel in the coming weeks. So. In my regards to kids speak for every farmer but some currency. And news and get him mom mom of the farmers in my neighbor. Had not been so directly affected by the government shut down as of yet. We are used to an office being open that we can do business ended when when that businesses is considering it. Others tons of different programs for the USDA. A lot of which we don't use that some which we do in the dickens' time you know speed and each farmer currently. Or is it the biggest. If uncertainty or. A situation the government shut down its cost horror and many of my colleagues is the lack of reporting arm every month we BR. Com expecting a report that comes from the USDA. In regards to export numbers for our exports and imports into. It's. An excellent tool for those that so works shocking portrait for crisis everything she can't have an idea. What direction our markets are heading in. And we use those figures to make some critical decisions in the next month or so in regards to what crops that we in bracing for this year 2019. I'm percentage crowd Korn vs soybeans and whatnot so. That's I think the biggest thing that we feel right now in regards the shut down obviously every day we get closer and make those decisions as we approach strength. It becomes more and more typical more more insurgents to make those decisions. Take part Renner thank you so much for joining us and reform and thanks for sharing your view really appreciated. Hope you take care Britain Renner of on the Iowa corn and soybean farmer. Talking that the impact of the shut down.

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{"duration":"5:51","description":"Soy bean farmer affected by shutdown weighs in on border security crisis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"60480511","title":"Furloughed workers in rural areas struggle to make ends meet in shutdown","url":"/Politics/video/furloughed-workers-rural-areas-struggle-make-ends-meet-60480511"}