The future of DACA

The future of these citizens, who were brought to the U.S. as child immigrants, continues to hang in the balance, as they are caught in a political fight that predates the Trump administration.
6:34 | 10/28/20

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We're gonna turn to the heated battle over immigration in America more than 600000. Dreamers living and working in the United States many. Health care workers on the front lines of this very pandemic and they also live in constant fear. A being deported they are not only caught in the middle of a stalemate in Washington their futures may depend on the outcome of this presidential election. Which will determine if they are allowed to stay in this country their home. As a paramedic outside of Houston he says contreras is job is stressful enough. But these days work isn't the only thing keeping him up at night. My head's obviously and have my immigration status the likelihood of me you know being deported or losing status. Asus was born in Mexico but he's lived in the United States ever since he and his family immigrated illegally when he was just six years old. Now 27 this is home. He graduated from high school attended junior college became an EMT helping to rescue his community from the floods of hurricane Harvey. What ensues and the 640000. Other young people just like him who had temporary legal status now live in limbo. They have no idea whether they will be allowed to stay in this country legally or face deportation. I think I've established. My life here in the United States and have been here for the majority of my life and for me to potentially. Be sent back home. To Mexico quote uncle's home. Would be devastating not only to me but see you my community. My employer my family my friends yeah. It was the Obama administration back into when he twelve but extended legal protections for these young people notice dreamers. Brought to the country illegally as children. There are Americans and their heart. In the minds. In every single way but want. On paper. The program known as Dhaka deferred action for childhood arrivals. Allow dreamers to come out of the shadows to go to school and work all without fear of deportation. And today they make up the fabric of America. 90% have jobs including 27000. In health care working on the front lines in the fight against cove it. Nearly half Hart ruled in school some barely even speak the language of the countries where they were born. English is how they communicate. Americans in both parties overwhelmingly support protecting dreamers. Get these young people are once again stuck in the middle of a political fight over how to reform the country's immigration laws. Even as an immigration hardliner president trump early on said under his watch dreamers had nothing to fear. This thievery. We let the criminals. We love everybody thank you very much. But he's protecting them from deportation as a bargaining chip. Hoping to get congress to fund his border wall in exchange. Once treating if there is no wall there is no daka. The administration repeatedly punching blaming congress for not doing more to protect dreamers who could this. White House envision a scenario in which these dreamers are deported would that be something the president is okay west at this point the president is willing. To sign something to find a permanent solution for docket and he has placed. The responsibility which the constitution has placed. And he is reminded congress that it is they're job to actually. Get that legislation passed and sent it to him again he's gonna play a big role in the process. But it's on congress to get that legislation through the two bodies and hit the president's desk. But congress has tried and failed more than a dozen times to pass protections for he's streamers. Coming up empty and every single time and and in this election year given the state of the economy and the surging corona virus. There is once again little incentive for action. Democratic challenger Joseph Biden promises executive action to protect dreamers on day one if he's elected. Georgia. Once again. Make allies all but doctors students these doctors students are more Americans and most Americans are. He also says he'll send a bill to congress to outline a path to citizenship for doctor recipients but unless his party controls both chambers on Capitol Hill. That promise is easier said than done. The former director of US citizenship and immigration services under President Obama says the dreamers are being used as pawns in a dangerous political game. The dreamers are logically part of the overall picture. Immigration. Border security insular as a result of that president has tried to. Leverage. Half of some kind of relief from the dreamers. In exchange for our conceptions that he wants for billions of phone call to order rule. The tragedy that is status that you shouldn't streamers shoot at the problem what kind of. This summer many dreamers breeze a sigh of relief. When the Supreme Court delivered a stunning blow and rejecting the White House's attempts and dock on this decision means that I will be able to play residency programs. And hopefully as she read unit becoming a surgeon or that's. How great we're. But the High Court made it clear the president does have the right to end the program as long as he does it properly. So far the White House has not filed in new cases and I hit even as president trump has repeatedly threatening to go back to court just recently at an election town hall in Miami. He was back to claiming he wants to help dreamers. We are going to take care of doctor. We're gonna take care of the dreamer. We want people to come into our country that to come in legally but we are working very hard on the dial up program and you will be I think very happy over the course of the next year. For people like Asus it's just more of the same head spinning uncertainty. At the end of the day at being. Whether it's president trump for president Biden. There is going to be changed we're at a point in time where it. They young folks that are growing and are able to vote and speak. Are seeing that doctor recipients are truly. Hardworking people. He can't vote in this election. But he's hoping those that do you make sure their vote means real lasting change in the only country he's ever really known.

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{"duration":"6:34","description":"The future of these citizens, who were brought to the U.S. as child immigrants, continues to hang in the balance, as they are caught in a political fight that predates the Trump administration. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73868432","title":"The future of DACA ","url":"/Politics/video/future-daca-73868432"}