Gas prices spike after attack on Saudi oil facility

Gas prices jumped 10% worldwide Monday following Iran's missile and drone attack on a Saudi oil facility.
30:37 | 09/16/19

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Transcript for Gas prices spike after attack on Saudi oil facility
Everybody welcome to the brink Jeremiah Devin Dwyer Washington great to have you with us on this Monday we start with the biggest disruption to the world's oil supply ever in recorded history. Saudi Arabia over the weekend cut 50% of its output after that audacious aerial attack. Which struck Saturday night's and facilities there in that country oil prices this morning spiking 10%. I'm world markets are expected to drive up I gasoline prices as well bad news for American drivers there are now US and Saudi officials. Are weighing their options and how to respond will there be a counterstrike will be US military get involved. Could we be headed for a deeper conflict with Iran and joined by our senior pentagon reporter Louis Martinez. And former State Department official Brookings Institution deputy foreign policy program director. I Suzanne Maloney an expert on Iran also think you both for being here. But Suzanne I want to start with you here this is obviously a pretty big disruption. In the oil markets I wanna get your take on how serious this is what is whose impact do you think American consumers will feel because of this. Let's quit serious because it's taken off a large proportion of the spare capacity in world oil from the market which means that if there are disruptions elsewhere in the world. As a result of geo political events or. Other types the logistical issues that there will be a real supply crunch which have and in fact been the case in energy markets for quite a number of years. I think for the moment the price spikes are manageable and not likely to see a dramatic jump in gasoline prices. That were paying at the pump. But I do think that this is a real concern because this facility was such an obvious target it has been targeted by extremists in the past. And there are going to be real questions about why the air defense and other sort of protective systems failed to prevent this attack. Yet. It really sit has surprised a lot of foreign policy experts. How bold the strike was inside. I Saudi Arabia let's go to Lou we Martinez at the Pentagon really the US is obviously zeroing in on Iran here. On the and in fact as you know the saudis for the first time today admitted that Iran and weapons were the ones the cruise missiles and drones that causes attack. I'm I'm struck by the fact of the saudis have stopped short of actually blame Mitterrand they've stopped short of calling for retaliation. They are exactly right and it is a fine line right that's pointing that these are Iranian weapons and they Woodson we're seeing that they were not fired from Yemen. So indirectly saying that in fact they are coming from Iran but we are we're talking US officials or much blunter than that. They are saying that there is no doubt that these weapons came from inside Iran flu whatever this since it was so presumably over the Persian gulf. Towards these two facilities and the Saudi Arabian. Peninsula on and so therefore they are saying that it was a mix drones including cruise missiles. On their loose and so and unconfirmed social media images out there. On his seemed to indicate that there are some wreckage of a cruise missile and maybe did not make it 21 and it's and that she targets. Comedy and officials being much more blunt insane and yes this was in Iran that was behind these attacks. And not only that but they actually launch them from inside their territory. On the there's no way at the that he couldn't on this because of the way beyond their capabilities yes they look he's a launch long range drones and missiles. But not to the level of such a complex attack which is what. Seen in this case. Now we know this Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has just put out a tweet. Is seen that at this point in time they are now calling on international experts from the United Nations to come into that country. To gather facts to participate you'll participate in the investigations. Also struck by the back half of this tweet the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia says we strongly stress that it. How were able to defend our own territory in our people respond strongly Suzanne it's sort of sounds like. The saudis are calling on president trump to doubt on the right rhetoric put put on the breaks. After his tweet he's locked and loaded eager to get in and get involved in this conflict rid Iran. I think that's quite correct they interpretation of this between the statements are leasing from the kingdom today. Are very much in line with the traditional Saudi position which is a lot of tough rhetoric on Iran. But ultimately some aversion to mixing it up directly in terms of either their own bilateral. Military conflict. Or seeing the United States engage in a way that might spiral quickly into a broader military conflicts in the region. There been past incidents. You know quite of quite quite a few years ago. A terrorist attack that was ultimately traced by the Clinton administration to the Iranians. This took place in Saudi Arabia in nineteen American service people were killed in that attack. The saudis alternately. We're very careful and in restrained in their cooperation with the Clinton administration. Precisely because they didn't want to instigate a war between the United States and Iran. And we should say just moments ago president from himself weighing in on this seems maybe he read at the saudis tweet he said in the Oval Office toward Jonathan Karl. Our we'd certainly like to avoid a conflict with Iran he said the US is prepared for war with Iran that would like to avoid it. I dialing back Lou we back to you because we do know. The president's comments notwithstanding that he convened a meeting today with principal members of the National Security Council has he wanted the options he wanted to know what he could do militarily. What can you tell us about about that me. Well we're being told him and is at that meeting wrapped up earlier this morning. Bombing that no decision for me you know wanted things that's important though is that it's not just military options must not forget that the Treasury Department also was requested to present its options. As well as the State Department that's typical for situations like this because this is a whole of government response. Also when you do something like that yes military options are presented and and the president could decide it somewhat but this was a principals meeting so not necessarily him being involved there today though. Now we do see a tweet from. Secretary asked for here at the Pentagon saying that when he was there he briefed the president as well. I'm but it from work were gathering ominous sky and seems that any. Moon went forward from that meeting is going to be like let's see where the saudis go from here because that's we have been hearing from officials before this meeting. On that the United States wanted to get it clear sense of where Saudi Arabia was headed with this and then the United States would kind of take its cues from there based on their response. And just in the last few minutes here does seem like both sides perhaps taking a step back from the brink maybe some good news for conflict of border conflict in the region. But we will be keeping a close tie with a Martinez at the Pentagon thank you so much Suzanne Maloney. Over at the Brookings Institution here in Washington and Iran expert thank you Suzanne for for joining us as well. As we he done the biggest disruption and the world's oil supply in recorded history. I next to Detroit in the largest auto workers strike in that city in more than a decade 50000. United Auto Workers Union members today walked off the job. Sending a number of plants in the midwest and the south for General Motors facilities. Offline affecting net lots of auto makers and our workers in those cities Alex Perez. Is in Detroit force you just filed this report on what's at stake in this negotiation and why the company. Is standing firm. It epidemic gather hasn't been a strike like this one nationwide since 2007 I want to take a look behind me here you can see. Workers on the picket line here outside the GM plant in Detroit these workers have been. Here on the picket lines since 1159 last night the union gave GM a midnight deadline. For them to reach a deal they could not reach that deal and that's when the strike. Started it now that union says they're fighting for better wages and better benefits. And they say fair share of the prophet. Now according to gee I'm they say they've made good faith. Substantial. Offer they revealed the details of some of that offered includes. Seven billion dollars in investment the next few years and includes 5400 new jobs and also saving of two plants that worse waited to get shut down but union officials say. Right now that simply is not. A good enough offer they have all been Barack app that table negotiating. At this point they're still is no offer that they have made a public. These people here. Today say they support the union and their gonna continue to stay here at the picket lines here and across the country until there is some sort of decision this is a nation. Why strike. Five plants. Here those horns as the cars driving by supporting that the people out here. We're on strike it's a nationwide protests that we're talking about 55 plants across the country some 50000. People this is a big deal in packs a lot of people and everyone here now waiting to see if a decision. A deal will be reached sometime soon DeVon. Our thanks Alex press out there Detroit of the GM workers strike back you're in Washington Republicans. Are rallying around Supreme Court justice Brett Cavanaugh. After the New York Times over the weekend reported. Previously undisclosed allegation of misconduct by Kavanagh when he was a student. In college at Yale the allegations come of course just about several weeks here now before the start of the new term also the one year anniversary. Of Kavanagh as confirmation on the court some Democrats and light of the new allegation are now calling for impeachment inquiry is to be open against Kavanagh. And moments ago senate majority leader Mitch McConnell the Republican leader is addressing this issue on the floor it. Coupled is leading Democrats have tried to grab on to yet another polish torch. Stanley reported. Unsubstantiated. Allegation. Against justice Brcko. At all yeah. Mr. program there Anatolia. And our senior investigative reporter Johnson to choose here as well which Ross joined by our senior hill reporter. Actress term where's the political side of this John or certainly viewed it. I Britain for people what. The times uncovered here what's new so you know nearly a year ago we were going through the capital confirmation you'll remember that women start coming forward making accusations. Against Brett Cavanaugh. Both from his time in college and time in high school Christine laws he Ford of course testifying to ever Mir as another woman came forward what happened that time is that. Under pressure president trump allow the FBI under a limited scope to start investigating. Those allegations but because the nature of that scope. Other cases the mayor mean out of come forward were not invest here at that time. One of those cases allegedly is the one in this new times reports these two authors. Tied to the one year anniversary of brick capitals confirmation or publishing a book comes out tomorrow and the ED TL another. A vent that apparently happened wall Cavanaugh was a EL. That there were some interaction with the woman now where ABC news is not identifying the woman at this time. How ever the deeds speak DeVon to a witness at the party who. Laid out this accusation apparently it was brought to several members the United States senate but nothing happened at the time. They also talked to several friends of the woman who said that the woman didn't remember. The incident happening they approached the woman herself she didn't want to go public comment or. So sort of things sort of stopped there but we did said one of our own reporters Alley packer and up to Boston. A to try to got catch up with this woman named in the New York Times story in the book an Alley joins us now from Boston. Alli some great reporting from you you did meet this woman who ABC news is not naming as an alleged victim. And someone who doesn't want to go public but he got a chance to interact with her tell us about what happened when you are caught up with her what she had to say. Yeah I did I spoke to that's an increase lean times he seemed pretty hesitant to want to speak to reporters. And asked are you and used it in sharing her story he responded basically saying I danced it is again. I am now and Jon noted that summons or it was not public during have not contends its nominees and year action. And hers sponsored Nikki but it seems possible you might have been interacting with journalists or investigators. And somewhere that I did not steeper and speaking of ordinary. And clearly a little more air. Men Alley when you spoke to her you would ask her if there is anybody. We should contact. As we try to report out this story what did she tell you. Yeah and I acted friends or family where incomes in. Thinking Warren EC a out patent this story and she responded all I can say in her. And handle her advice for general it's to go to the justice. I. Interest in a way and thank you so much Kelly Packard force up and Boston catching up with the woman at the heart of this new controversy. Involved member cabinet we should see we did reach out to justice Kavanagh he declined comment to ABC news but the court did point just. To his testimony before the senate in which he categorically denied. Any of the behavior of our forward in. In his confidence and thus are very testimony he gave me he was adamant that none of these things happen and where is spurring the to the republic at the time we have not heard from anything new on this about a specific accusation meanwhile. I Trish turner up on Capitol Hill has been talking to lawmakers starting to come back from their weekend Trish there's. Certainly some chatter among Democrats all that almost all the democratic presidential candidates calling for impeachment proceedings against Brent Cavanaugh. Give us the bottom line on this what have you been hearing is there any chance they would they would pursue this on the hill. Hey guys I think the bottom line here and let's nothing changes. You know it is then it's there is no old we're not gonna see ending any impeachment proceedings brought by Democrats at this point. In fact rather surprisingly. In our caught up with senator Chuck Schumer as he was coming in the democratic leader in the senate. He really doesn't have anything to say about these latest allegations I mean let's face it it's. And they're quoting two people intermediaries. There's that name and a woman like you sad. She doesn't want to be quoted she doesn't want to be interviewed. Max tire who brought the allegation to the FBI. He doesn't want to go public so there's not a whole lot that people here can do will and in fact as you were talking about debt and on majority leader was the Republican leader was on the senate floor and just moments ago. He called the 20/20. Democrats calling for indeed the Al sturdy impeachment of Kavanagh he called them quote hysterical. So you can that Republicans are seizing on this New York Times. Correction in fact the majority leader just called it a massive correction that they had to include from the book that this one and the alleged victim. The Max sire was talking about as being a victim of Brecht Kavanagh that she has a Fuzzy memory she doesn't relent recollect what happened she's told friends that. And so Republicans are seizing on those comments so at this point it doesn't feel like this really has anywhere to go. And in fact just one more thing chairman and Adler the Judiciary Committee chairman he really add the air in an interview today had a moment to say that he would. Start impeachment proceedings he did not go there he said really and he just wants to look at what the FBI did here and I think that's what we're hearing more and more. Did the FBI why didn't they go to Max dire why didn't win you know senator Chris cunanan's identified Max Dyer and said. I want you to go and interview him why didn't the FBI do that we're gonna hear more. Calls like that but at this point. You know other than maybe running FBI director Chris array through the wringer when he's up your next month I don't think we're gonna hear much more about us. You have to give the Hillis not get investigated John did and the woman is not gonna come forward publicly certainly seems like there's no other avenue to further investigate yeah well on the. Third front gone onto both of that is that the White House is not concerned about this at all I've spoken to multiple advisors close to the president over the weekend they do not believe they have a brick Kavanagh problem here they believe that he will remain safely on the bench. For years to come in fact a number of senate Republicans came out today and explicitly said as much they would not move any sooner impeachment hearing Trish turner up on the hill thanks so much we should say. I just about this all up it is political season here so much of this in a fight over Brett Cavanaugh likely to be in the spotlight in the 20/20 campaign. And we will expect much more by the where protests and controversy over this issue. As we approach that October 6. Anniversary to us Richie are her senior investigative reporter thank you so much John. Attorney now to the race for 20/20 in the next chapter in the democratic presidential primary after last week's ABC news debate. I downing Houston I want to bring in an annual breakage from 538. Which is out with a new analysis today on who the winners and losers were in last week's. I debate and opinion it's great to see we talked on Friday about some of the data that you pulled together a naive and have a clearer picture. Who came out on top but I give us your your update on where reroute that. Yes we partner with innocence you call the same people both before and after the presidential debate and we finished that whole regions of the results are in now our final previously to terms that was that weren't had asked why she increased understanding minerals among people whose and they were considering voting areas. And on the other hand who now. He worst night probably does not fear of alienating which is the number. Hugh likes him minus the number route just like him. Decreased by and most or others can increase there is decreased by 10%. Is not enter. And let's tell viewers. What we're looking now we've had a couple of slides up on the screen pull from your reporting non Nathaniel. Which he details. The percentage of people that you poles with that sews. On whether or not they would consider voting for each candidate they were allowed to say they're considering multiple candidates we should note. But what you're looking at here on the screen is the before and after this is sort of did did from. The smarts of the 530 A project here if you will this was before the debate. After the debate same group of people. And as you can see they're just at the top business venue Hussein Joseph Biden before the debate 56 point 6% said they would consider voting form after that went down a little bit. Whereas with Elizabeth Warren it went up on this particular slide you see Warren Buddha judge at the only two. That emerged as net positives but it I was struck on Nathaniel as we go to the next slide that everybody else in sort of that lower tier with the exception of Castro also got a bit of a bump. Art of the debate strong showings for work poker game Klobuchar. And I hate anybody who saw the eight knows it was little bit of a Wahoo and the Plainfield a lot of IA EI and Sanders. Actually had you know DT Kris can Warren kind of caught up costs. Where news within ten percentage points by interns and our people are considering Bermuda and it looks like she's holds while Sanders reportedly are tied and now she's. And last thing before you go in the thing I want to just ask you about McConnell Harris. Who we've talked a lot about. Over the past few weeks she came out of the gate of course of the great debate performance down a Miami. And then never end to some trouble in Detroit and we saw as you've reported her numbers sort of slide after that. I'm sure we take away from from this early snapshot from the third debate that perhaps she stopped the bleeding and in could potentially hang in there a little while longer. I don't think that the numbers show that for her unfortunately her campaign she actually experienced that it is decrease the number of Democrats said they are considering the Denver even bigger than buttons and Sanders. Are additionally she didn't have the strongest. Aunt and you know as you mentioned birthday she has her strong secondary. Spikes in Bangkok as nannies or some meaty long lost son and groceries in the Danish but of course there's a sound that it's congress I went right or. Now she's back in anytime soon instruments and they war chest she sitting on top of this well Nathaniel rickets and factories thanks so much Daniel great to see you as always. A speaking of Elizabeth Warren perhaps the big winner from BBC news debate she's a New York City today preparing to hold. What her campaign says what could be one of her largest it event so far this campaign. She's holding it in Washington Square Park just why next to New York a university there that's where shy and Haslett who covers other weren't campaign joins me now. And shy and the campaign says this is a reset moment for warm what's in store this afternoon out there. There. As. You will not ours Frontline and here warrants. Expected to arrive but we're watching as this park slowly transforms from one of the city's most famous public parks as mentioned to you this I'd a major political rally and this speech today is a few blocks on the triangle shirt waist factory fire that happening in early nineteen hundreds of she's expected to use that to really hit hard and her message of corruption but he'd seen her state time after time on the trail that. That is what she believes is the root cause of all of these problems me think voters so. Eagle coming in from all over I'm of the few people and the tristate area and one and you got up in spots from New Jersey Hawkins thirty block. Here so we'll let you hear from them now. Mean. My do you think Elizabeth worries the parts that can be Donald Trump. But while we need is still contains and we need weenie like real grassroots movement. Many people want real change they just don't want there's. You know that's OK we've got to with a give it to Donald Trump and nothing's gonna change. OK Elizabeth Warren goes in there wouldn't have still to tabled in the past 801 we gotta get dark money out of Washington. I'm not sure if there was a specific moment where it was like yep that says I'm. Guar and I think it was you know that at one thing after another. Watching her give interviews listening to her gone podcasts and at some point like now you know she's the one. Is charismatic. And eat it she has not like really folksy charisma that I think. Please very well and she's just super Smart do you think she's the Democrat act could be president found time. Oh oh absolutely and I think a lot of them could it. But I think she's definitely is among the ones that I was left on the debate stage with him I think not intimidated by him. And he's going to be variance and her. He had done and so we eat we heard her give those voters here today. We'll see how come they at a crowded gathers here today and whether Erickson hit album a pivotal bombings injured can't name. She's been surging giant has you know six points from July she's riding high after this debate strong performance Ryan pretty bird crowd. Out there folksy charisma and super Smart is where her supporters caller we know your arguments readout from that event giant has what thank you so much. Meanwhile the front runner in this race at least right now Joseph Biden. I stations in new questions about how he's handling issues of race this is following what some African American come enters. I have said was a pretty rocky response to this question about the legacy of slavery. In our debate take less. That he stand here tonight what responsibility do you think that Americans need to take to repair the legacy of slavery in our country. All they have to deal with the in the book fairs institutional segregation in this country. And through time I got involved I started. Dealing with that. Red lined banks making sure that we are in a position where but talk about education. I propose that we take is those very poor schools the title one schools. Triple the amount of money we spent from fifteen to 45 billion a year. Give every single teacher race vehicle racing gave out that you can to 60000 now we bring social workers in the homes of parents. To help them deal with how to raise their children. It's not that they'll want to help they don't want they don't know quite what to do. Play the radio make sure the television they should be make sure you have the record player on the night. That is of the fought. Make sure the kids hear words for the kid comer from a very poor school are have a very poor background we'll hear form their words fewer spoken by the time I get there. If not well okay racist words Travis. It takes just. But progress this nation has. Much TV. That we should strive. Yeah expect. Sammy walk. Yeah. We can yeah. Today. Our truck. Where. Here almost. Six case there's. I want to bring in my friend and Sirius XM radio hosts Mike news talk a little bit more about Biden. And some of these questions he is facing about his handling of racial issues hey Mike it's great to see you. They all knew DeVon. I want to start by asking you about the before we get to the Birmingham semi widgets are what I do want to ask you about Biden's performance in the debate. The back half of the debate he was asked about what he would do to fix. The legacy of of slavery in this country he gives sort of a rambling answer that has been panned on social medium night. Some commentators pundits your response. On that debate and also what do you make of his durability of support. Among African American voters have fought through it requests and. DeVon Biden has had difficulty Alaska debates and really framing his position it comes to race. Actually find that to be kind of surprising because I think as every can pass or realize. Race is a secondary candidate in the 20/20 election and we are now live in a country where were extremely polarized. Racist them as an all time high hate crimes are on time high. White nationalist is an all time high but the rhetoric and what we see happening I'm playing on social media and in real life for the gun to the masters the shootings unfortunately. So this seems like he should be with a prepared because that then. He has won the longest records. In the senate and then congresses and has lots of sound myself pulled from as I'm surprised that his campaign at this point. Hasn't prepared him enough to handle these have a question and I feel like he gets caught off guard every single time. But what I didn't recognize though is that how he at least attempted. To frantic conversation when dealing with the racism in America it is an easy solution it is no one's life that song but you have to bring the whole notion of economics and where are we as a nation and economics. Atlanta viability it was economic plan. To do of the racism in America he had to do with education are as there's a school system and an equality of educational system. I thought when he was trying to connect the dots and that together but had a really town to time doing that. And the clip of DeVon that you guys just played here with the show how thoughtful he has a mistaken about it really seem is that this campaign has on a course correct. Ever they scientists and assigns exactly what he's trying to say exactly he means in. One is understanding of race but to understand is not just something on the path. Asked for were the exact positioning it to our current state where we are and where he wants to take us. He had admitted striking a even as he takes criticism from our columnists and the New York Times Charles blow who you know well who said. Today Biden's position on race is problematic. The areas in the clip we just showed standing in the historic black church in Birmingham embraced celebrated cheered. And I guess that's sort of there's something his campaign points to and also a bit of it hence pressure for. Candidates like com or harassing Cory Booker why do you think his support is so durable. In that community in spite of some of these. These missteps if you will may be from. While dancers. The segregationist talk he gave a few weeks ago watt why are our voters African American voters so loyal to him. Devin yes it's a written request is right now I think he had a pretty and they get a cup covenant and contacts one as as those on the traditional black African American voters person what we're seeing now social media so you have this almost. Division those are traditional class and those of this new progressive wing of the party of black voters the black voters that today and the progressive wing are really open to examine his record of when he's at in the past. With a fine comb and really asking the tough questions and understanding of kind things went that he meant when he said that. But then you have some of the traditional black voters who actually with. And who was alive that time period on the sixties and the seventies and eighties and have a different understand the context what was happening in a generation during that period as they're willing to get him some grace and missing might not only how he is discussing it. Baja other civil rights activists who also discuss these issues at the time and where we are kept America and so I think also to DeVon and his proximity to present Obama. There's something that is really holding that bloc of voters together they see that as President Obama as the biggest and better. How Vice President Biden and what handle race if you west to become president citing his proximity to Obama haven't been better for eight years. And they see what he's done standings I'm backside of the first black president and a willing to take a chance on that and they're willing to extend and some grace. Very very durable and support like me has always great to have you on the show Mike serious XM host Mike new straightened out legacy as soon. I thank you for joining us on this Monday here in the briefing her mom Devin Dwyer Washington download the ABC news app follow us all week long. We'll be right back here tomorrow at 3:30 PM eastern time but to see that.

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