Gay Veteran Confronts Mitt Romney

Vietnam vet asks the GOP contender whether he supports gay marriage.
3:48 | 12/13/11

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Transcript for Gay Veteran Confronts Mitt Romney
Veteran Vietnam veteran. I have a question. Register. In the and music. And it's -- to his success and I was Zia would. College. Was just getting out of -- -- graduate from high school -- sixty. I would -- for years mr. Blanchard -- appears from its image. This image. Appreciate your service -- certain. Right now yeah. He has. An -- Support repealing I support the repeal of the New Hampshire I believe marriage is between. -- Yeah that's music -- in the White House a few months brewers -- Any form of legislation that would change. Would be title. And it's like a pregnant woman. Two men get married. Veterans spouses. We're gonna be entitled to Gary you'll love animals and other than it is anything -- -- -- -- devoted his time and -- -- country. You don't reward quality. -- I believe that marriage is a relationship between a man and it will mean and the -- -- and the defense of marriage act that exists in Washington. Today declines. Benefits. -- -- for veterans are not differences between. Married spouses and meet its end and we disagree I don't know how you feel that it ought to believe that. Everyone is entitled around. Right now actually and -- I think you know what time period I -- the time the constitution was written was pretty clear. That marriages between a man element and I don't with the Supreme Court has changed generally don't you know I'm eyewitness all the -- from hot dog. Maybe the have a good news center is that the -- -- -- -- -- you know while analysts and end here with India. -- -- But you know like governor. -- -- that you appreciate the good it is if they are right about that. Student ages nice guys in did you do it. -- Wow and yeah I think and I'm not getting my vote. On average received. That I'm the constitutional rights I think man and woman and a man and measured accurately what the hell's the difference. Well I was undecided on Kirby did convinced that I that is not going to be my president at least in my book. At least Obama. -- lead in the idea this -- -- No way is well taken no way Jose back -- -- -- -- All right and I love -- him just like you probably love your life. All right and I think that he or she or whatever and the same rights tonight. Eyewitness -- the country. I did my thing. I think -- should be entitled to an entitlement that I was married to a woman what that -- but -- -- -- absolutely islands. Definitely equipment and a new album adored hypocrisy is just not room and ideas and yet -- Dalai you know I don't --

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"Vietnam vet asks the GOP contender whether he supports gay marriage. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"15141841","title":"Gay Veteran Confronts Mitt Romney","url":"/Politics/video/gay-vietnam-veteran-confronts-mitt-romney-gop-contender-supports-gay-marriage-politics-15141841"}