George Will on Bill Clinton's DNC Speech: 'Very Good,' 'Fun'

Conservative columnist analyses former president's effect on President Obama's campaign.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for George Will on Bill Clinton's DNC Speech: 'Very Good,' 'Fun'
Joined now by ABC political analyst Washington Post columnist George will George reviewed we heard some Republicans the connect Alex -- -- -- a quietly circulated comment talking about last night -- that night where they'll say the President Obama clinched his re election the reelection began what was your take on Bill Clinton. Not that powerful very good. The beautiful thing was it was -- Politics is supposed to fly and I remember when. Very cold -- first -- and the politics running for the Phoenix city councilman deporting non. He wrote whose brother into the paint for life and who might be flown at supposed to be fun of Bill Clinton's. This. His few -- in Phoenix there's a little. Who sought their help in the audience getting quite -- -- Gabby Giffords that was the that -- -- electric moment of magical moment. It wouldn't overwhelms him completely bipartisan moment -- OK so. We've seen a couple of the couple conventions in your time here how do you as a one term president. Looking at an electorate that is disappointed with the pace of recovery 67%. Were up on the run track. How do you talk to them about why they should send you back for another. It's difficult because you can't say. Gosh what's become a second term just like the first. But he can't on the other hand say it hasn't worked because his long themes that it has worked. Several times last -- Bill Clinton used the phrase the long road Erica. He's counting on the American people will be something that they famously on -- which -- patient. But they have shown remarkable patience. With regard -- -- tenacity of this recession. -- lead to recovery. At some point. They're going to say in fact that this is unnecessarily so. Four years. After Roosevelt became president in 1936 the economy was growing as he sought the election. 14%. It was a huge recovery there was in 1937 the biggest collapse in American history ultimately American. Which the short of that kind of recovery it's not gonna happen for for President Obama he's been making the case now that things are not as bad as that would have been able largely though. That things were great under President Clinton think about that Clinton the company urges the bush -- But complicated message to -- -- -- he is looking backward in order to look at his word forward. Yes Bill Clinton famously when he ran his last campaign sixty years ago. And I'm a bridge to the -- for century. Here -- a bridge back in the 1990s. Allen 1990s -- -- and if you're going to be the first president since the end of the Cold War which he loves. And if you're gonna be president when -- commercializing the Internet and nasdaq's gonna go from 84505. Year. Ideal conditions. Not even Bill Clinton -- -- take credit for. It's time to rest well I have to ask is that a brisket with wrist watch and millions and the hasn't Presley boulevard for the camera that's a great orange and black I love it horrific we've been highlighting. Yes that happened before interest university throughout the throughout this week is that you know it's incidentally incidentally this holiday you know that we happen to choose the highlight graduates of -- thank you graduate student. -- well thank you very much to Jim thank you.

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{"id":17178065,"title":"George Will on Bill Clinton's DNC Speech: 'Very Good,' 'Fun'","duration":"3:00","description":"Conservative columnist analyses former president's effect on President Obama's campaign.","url":"/Politics/video/george-bill-clintons-dnc-speech-good-fun-17178065","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}