George Stephanopoulos' 'View' on Political Conventions

The co-hosts and "Good Morning America" anchor discuss the 2012 presidential race.
3:00 | 09/11/12

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Transcript for George Stephanopoulos' 'View' on Political Conventions
Followed George Stephanopoulos -- Both Republican and the Democratic Convention and survived. To tell mom -- -- day and tell us who we. You know who he thinks came out on top. And what kind of Virginia having very little -- -- -- -- yeah. Probably not so we can just -- -- talking about. I didn't miss the will now. And -- endowed -- reality show had -- -- is that Bill Clinton right. They are not yeah. She made and yeah. She shot him I would talk all the time here about how much are people really want to hear about conventions and talented. Billy Williams did they were -- -- little bit from four years ago about 2030% depending on the night I think the people who watch the convention those who are basically trying to rules for their team. You know basically Republicans watch Republican Convention Democrats watched the Democratic Convention I know fox had a big week for the Republican Convention kind of fell off. When that when the Democrats came on but did serve a purpose I think you get to see what the parties want to put forward what therefore who their big personalities are and then people learn something. Then we're supposed to play after the reports -- that after the Democratic Convention. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're showing right now that he's up about fifty to 44 among registered voters. But as you know it's a lot closer among the people are saying right now the most likely to -- is facing -- one point race but it still haven't diligently to but bid but -- I think the Democratic Convention helped present Obama more than the Republican and convention. -- -- -- around the -- gonna make the difference huge win October 3 this in a race that is this close has been this close. Basically the whole way nothing much moves if it's the last big event where millions and millions of people are all -- -- the same time and a lot of. He thought well I'll watch out said people don't -- watch the palace of conventions. Debates last time around the first debate could -- a huge huge viewership. And you know -- -- presidential debate is coming -- really didn't try. -- -- I think they're gonna matter -- had -- how much. I don't I don't watch -- DNC and Bill Clinton gave me get a great -- how how much did that help President Obama. Listen he came into the when he came into the convention about one -- two points down he left about 45 maybe six points -- so I think that made difference and I think. In a Bill Clinton got much better reviews for his speech the President Obama. I got for hits -- -- cut interest rates is that a good thing. I mean and mean surely under our current president's have much -- -- that I -- -- you know governor Romney is sort of said yesterday he thought of her. President Obama just a little bit but I think he does the -- -- -- -- pretty good at. One very important thing we all know the economy's in tough shape -- and that is that basically with the whole election is about when he went up there and said no president. Not even made it could have fixed this that was real that was pretty powerful because it's kind of generous and most politicians won't -- won't say so. Also another post going back and we said to that there would be you know I have after three years beginning get this done -- Obama's -- sinister. You try he had to be honest about that chewing up front against pretty aggressive in his first and I don't said that Romney camp is not giving specifics a lot of -- should be getting more specific information about what's it going to dump a lot of coal -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. And I -- it was -- Poll shows actually that got -- to 160 to thirty. Voters want more and tales from governor Romney. They're trying to hold the line on especially on their tax plans not to put too much more out we even starting to see conservatives like George will on my present on Sunday saying. -- he's got to come out. -- more. Yes we -- talking the album as a means he will be about the fact that -- you know -- -- RNC to consider whether to repeal obamacare that a repeal it. And then now Mitt Romney saying there's certain parts of obamacare that you know -- -- they're trying to they're starting to walk that back now. He did so -- why these eight I don't know during the RNC pilot has so much good RNC look at that -- was taken aback and now will walk away. That there are some some parts of obamacare that are quite popular diet yeah he did himself and Massachusetts are intent. Himself from that is a lot of talk about it doesn't it and doesn't have as as of order as her Republican -- Barak -- Advanced product. Gonna make you check -- when you see in the gab began the entire campaign -- this is just -- bad act changed I'd. I know I did -- but it smelled that is now that it's another demand. Isn't well what did a couple of things -- except to be scared to be fair to governor Romney he has always said that he would try to reinstate some of them. On his own terms that he would appeal. All of obamacare and then put forward that's and you look like just under Republican platform so he's distancing himself from the plot -- -- -- -- job that it is not an -- -- was sound terribly worried about al-Qaeda and terrorism is still a consent not a candidate neither one of them really talked about it. Although even governor Romney said on Sunday that he thought America was a bit safer under President -- -- was a concession Israel today. For voters right now it is not even close to top reminded the economy is issue number 1234. And five right now that's nearly -- Sarah Palin anymore and has been averaging at camp I mean on the I don't know not you know practice we'll do some interviews done RNC during fox they canceled -- and I heard a minute they're plays out. I think -- kind of eclipsed in the political debate right now. I -- -- question about a book that's coming out Bob Woodward's book. It did not challenge now. Is this. Is this something that happens every four years with every president. It's like yeah comes out just as you know an election is happening doesn't matter if it's Republican a Democrat -- So what President Bush he's got it wasn't alarmed at 200000. And they can't himself from public -- sort of close to the Election Day tail end and the period leading up to but let's not yeah. As an impact as well it. -- I think -- Indonesia booked a region that may have more of an impact got a big -- bottom do we punish them. What about us security while arguing here we do we just want to say something about how wonderful friend and Robin Roberts who begins I think to. She started her treatment that we stay -- on. -- -- If anybody is listening to -- talking to Robin just -- always thinking about -- -- all the time every single day she is so strong and has been so inspiring. Told us -- spend some -- -- on Sunday night before she went on Saturday. I want you want to tell you to check had George on Good Morning America weekday mornings and also on Sunday this man like seven isn't. -- --

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{"id":17209962,"title":"George Stephanopoulos' 'View' on Political Conventions","duration":"3:00","description":"The co-hosts and \"Good Morning America\" anchor discuss the 2012 presidential race.","url":"/Politics/video/george-stephanopoulos-view-political-conventions-17209962","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}