Geraldo Rivera Considers Senate Run in NJ

Fox News host says he's "truly contemplating" a run for U.S. Senate in New Jersey.
0:55 | 02/01/13

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Transcript for Geraldo Rivera Considers Senate Run in NJ
However -- though Rivera and we all know who who -- although as he apparently is contemplating a run for the senate to vote. Seat in New Jersey yeah -- fourteenth. He is a republic -- he is a self professed -- -- -- every sort of a law and order guy. Annie says you know what I'm really going to to take -- -- and I've got to tell you some people are saying. Hey listen if he does this he could have the endorsement of Governor Christie and imagine both of them stopping it could be pretty incredible -- of course would have to run. Against either Frank Lautenberg or perhaps Cory Booker who is beloved in New Jersey politics out he plays uphill battle but. Perhaps senator bring America. The heat but he's -- -- -- the media personality have to wonder how bad his background would play into the race things done instead because obviously the media there's a lot of people things we say you running -- -- -- -- How did you existing home and -- throws a chair -- on the campaign.

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{"id":18375392,"title":"Geraldo Rivera Considers Senate Run in NJ","duration":"0:55","description":"Fox News host says he's \"truly contemplating\" a run for U.S. Senate in New Jersey.","url":"/Politics/video/geraldo-rivera-considers-new-jersey-senate-run-18375392","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}