Gingrich Is 'a Chameleon' Says Rep. McDermott

Democratic congressman says that Gingrich has "no real core."
7:19 | 11/17/11

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Transcript for Gingrich Is 'a Chameleon' Says Rep. McDermott
All right we're gonna be in today's program up on Capitol Hill we are pleased to be joined by. Congressman Jim McDermott Democrat of Washington State and congressman I want to get to the big budget battle this going on on on Capitol Hill as we speak for first. I need to ask you about Newt Gingrich you've got a long and and colorful history. With the former house speaker what do you make of his recent rise in the polls you think he potentially has any staying power here. I know -- very well and he's a chameleon. He'll do whatever is necessary and say whatever is necessary there is no real core to -- And I I think that's why he's rising up because some of these other people as they get examined by the media. They disappear having -- and and Perry were up there for a while they're down and now we got ripped we got -- up there and -- won't take long for the media to Begin to pull him apart. You -- remember the very first thing he did when he was speaker. Was to cooked. -- up a deal with the guy named Rupert Murdoch of recent fame for five point four billion dollars he was hardly out of the election. And he's already -- money off of it. And that's that's new style of what's -- on with the Fannie Mae is just another variation on the theme. But congress I want -- -- get get us back to what you -- -- doing congress is doing right now. The super committee and what we see developing from that if you want to give us your perspective here it looks as if there's a growing rift on the Republican side over taxes -- -- the Democrats when it comes to entitlements and what are they willing to put on the table. Well first of all I think to committee faces a major problem and that is that the world is watching. And they're watching whether or not the congress can solve a problem. So whether you're Republican or Democrat you're facing this sort of damocles is hanging over your head about coming up with something. The Republicans. I can't tell where they are you to -- sounds like -- shell game at. County fair worry puts something forward then takes it back and Jeb encircling goes out there and talks to the cameras and comes back and then goes on talks again. The Democrats have said they would take some of what apparently is on the table the biggest problem here is. Nobody has seen anything written down. Now I've been doing this for forty years I did -- seventeen years this state legislature. And I've done 23 years up here. And I was always on the Ways and Means Committee and you -- -- deal with well I'll do this -- do that what do you think what do you think. Write your offer down and let's start discussing some hard details. That's the real problem for meat and -- and the American public is that nothing. In there is being written down -- is. None of us are privy to it. The sounds like you pretty skeptical on the prospects of something happening and what is that back up plan do you think the that this sequestration the cuts that would be enacted be -- they're actually and end up happening or is there a chance that that. That the congress tries to step in less and less -- what would what the impact would be. I think -- will be something come out of this committee. I don't know exactly what it's going to be -- I've heard everything you know from money -- the Republicans are gonna go for money in some that they won't go for money. If they don't go for any revenue increases honest to god. Revenue increases then there probably isn't going to be anything. Now to be strategists say that if you raise the -- A and Medicare. That's a revenue. Enhancer but it's not a tax well you can call -- what you want. It's a tax on all people but. I I think they're gonna come -- with something because to go walk out and on Tuesday and say we couldn't do it. We didn't do it we what we couldn't find. Any compromise is going to be an awful. PR disaster. For the congress as they do that. Congressman is there -- PR upside here any sense that if something does get done that maybe the public is going to say. View congress -- little bit differently maybe you can move those approval ratings from nine to say I don't know 15%. -- well I. I'm certain bidder would be an upside the upside would be that we would then have something on the table. That during the month of December we could discuss. And the congress could decide and shortly before Christmas. What kind of president we're gonna make to the American people in terms of a tax package and budget cuts I mean it but. If they come out with something there's a real upside because. Then I have to get involved in looking at it. And giving you a serious answer as to whether I would support it and every member will be in that same position. So there is a tremendous upside for them to come on put something on the table. I just don't know whether they could too -- to that problem was. You had twelve people in -- -- most of whom didn't know each other and didn't trust each other. And to expect them in eight weeks to come up with something as huge as one point two trillion dollars. Was a huge task I eight I was sort of doubtful it could be done but. I think they can come up with something. All right congressman Jim McDermott a Democrat from Washington State and has an interest in history you have with Newt Gingrich and of course the -- you bring to all of this thank you so much for your time really appreciate it --

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{"duration":"7:19","description":"Democratic congressman says that Gingrich has \"no real core.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"14974322","title":"Gingrich Is 'a Chameleon' Says Rep. McDermott","url":"/Politics/video/gingrich-chameleon-rep-mcdermott-14974322"}