Gingrich Criticizes the Media

Newt Gingrich blames the press for not reporting how the economy works.
1:23 | 11/09/11

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Transcript for Gingrich Criticizes the Media
It is amazing to me. Is the inability. Much of our academic world much joint news media and most of people -- Occupy Wall Street to have a clue about history. Before it started as an -- elect faces supervisor who went home at night. And build its first car in the -- Now was -- in the 99% of the 1%. Bill Gates drops out of college to found Microsoft is -- in the 1% of the 99%. Historically. This has the richest country in the history of the world because corporation succeed in creating both profits and jobs and it's sad that the news media doesn't report accurately how the economy works. -- What is the media reporting inaccurately about the economy. Lot what is immediately. This is a question that's terrific. I have -- -- reporter ask a single Occupy Wall Street person and single rational question about the economy. That would lead them to say for example. Who's gonna pay for the park near occupying if they're no business is making a profit.

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{"id":14920184,"title":"Gingrich Criticizes the Media","duration":"1:23","description":"Newt Gingrich blames the press for not reporting how the economy works.","url":"/Politics/video/gingrich-criticizes-media-14920184","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}