Gingrich: 'Everything Obama Knows Is Wrong'

Ex-speaker believes he can go toe-to-toe in debates with President Obama.
2:09 | 03/13/12

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Transcript for Gingrich: 'Everything Obama Knows Is Wrong'
-- thank all of you for your very very hard work and and all the work you did I particularly want to thank. Travel Wagner who has just been -- -- crisscrossed the state. And I am delighted. Here -- with us tonight and we congratulate them. When their 54 anniversary and it's just wonderful to have them here. With us also -- Michael -- -- from the very beginning -- -- -- the other campaign here in Alabama. It's quite an evening obviously we'd like to come and first I want to start by saying that. I congratulate. Rick Santorum -- great campaign. He has won a victory in both states and he's worked very hard to achieve it I know how much -- -- in this campaign he and his entire family. Over the last year and I congratulate him a positive -- -- the -- all I'd also point out because this is proportional representation. We're going to leave Alabama Mississippi with a substantial number of delegates. Increasing our our total going towards Tampa. And we are very grateful to you because you made that outcome possible. And with your help we're going to take -- much bigger delegation. -- we had yesterday so thank you very much. I emphasize going to Tampa because one of the things tonight proved. Is that the elite media's effort to convince the nation. That Mitt Romney is inevitable. Just collapsed. Fact there. Kids in both states the conservative candidates got nearly 70% of the vote. And -- -- the front runner. If you're the front runner and you keep coming in third. In not much of a front runner. Frankly I do not believe. That a messages -- moderate who created old Romney care as the forerunner of obamacare. Is going to be in a position. To win any debates this fall and that's part of the reason I've insisted on staying in this race. We need someone who can go toe to toe -- Barack Obama and debate him and win the debates decisively. And. I'll always remember. That's exactly right anywhere anytime -- I'll always remember campaigning in Mississippi and Alabama because it was here in the last week. That the issue of gasoline and energy was crystallized. And -- -- we we haven't always gotten a message across in terms of getting as many votes -- -- like we've clearly we're changing the national dialogue all week. You'll notice the president has now made three speeches and -- press conference on energy the white house Press Secretary has attacked me twice on energy. And this -- -- and we are told that the secretary of anti energy. Doctor. Doctor true. Announced this afternoon. That he actually wasn't for European level prices of gasoline. That he had changed his mind. Now. I would say in the middle of a campaign of these two states. We are already impacting the national debate. On a scale that all of Romney's had money hasn't -- We're doing it because ideas matter. Okay. Reagan tradition a visionary conservatism is based on proverbs. And the very deep belief. -- without vision the people perish. And I believe we need a visionary leader. Who is prepared to talk about -- dramatically better future would dramatically more jobs dramatically more energy and -- much safer and stronger America. I think that's the key to winning this fall. Not all this -- Bologna but the really big choices. And as -- -- around both states talking about two dollar fifty's and gasoline. And it all sorts of folks daily news though that's not possible. And finally. On Saturday and Wall Street Journal -- Jennings -- -- is entitled Newt Gingrich is right about gasoline. And -- walked through step by step why it was possible. And and the fact is it is very fox. Yesterday Stephen Moore reported in the Wall Street Journal these numbers are so amazing. And I think the fact that I want to talk about substance is what makes this campaign different from other campaigns and is the reason we're gonna go all the way to Tampa to compete for the nomination. We need at a time of great problems great solutions in great solutions require substance and substance requires actually knowing something. It's a very. Partially virtually everything President Obama knows is wrong. Ronald Reagan used to say it isn't what they don't know the so frightening as what they know that's wrong. And he's right and here's again here's a case that. We were told by the US Geological Survey in 1990s. -- it was about a 150. Million barrels of recoverable oil. In North Dakota. And this is the period of the liberals told us we're about to run out we have peak oil -- now Hannity today we have no future. Well new drilling technology came along. And we are now told. That in fact as of this last week. They believe there are 24. Billion. Barrels. Of recoverable oil in North Dakota -- Now. That made me feel like I had to change my speech because up until last week. I've been saying there was 25 times. As much oil as they thought now turns out the current estimate is there are a 160. Times 161000%. More oil in North Dakota than they thought there was -- 1990s. And some experts believe that number is off by huge margins. The future technology. While all of Libby testified about 500. Billion barrels of oil now I'm not trying to fill you up numbers that can make a point about a general direction. An American president who believed in energy and an American president who believes in science and technology would drive the price of gasoline below 250. Would eliminate our dependence on the Middle East. And we would never ever again -- with Saudi king. Okay. You have my promise. At a time when I hope this evening we have ended any news media talk of the inevitability. Of their hand -- candidate. At a time we can forget about trying to nominate a Massachusetts moderate. And start talking about when the primaries are over and it's clear no one person is one who would do -- best job of representing America governing. And winning the election against Barack Obama. And the latest -- this close this observation is something that Jabrel Wagner's and Wagner's. It's really hope all of you. Take to heart and and I am very grateful. Both in Mississippi and an -- -- I've had this wonderful. Relationships and friendships and and my daughters Kathy and Jackie and -- husband -- we've all had a terrific time here. Jim he's already gotten out of race not a commitment to go bass fishing and I think that. Ray ray has indicated he thought that he could give -- -- fairly good afternoon events. From from Jimmy standpoint this is already great successfully. What we've all we've all been out campaigning we've all had a wonderful response were all very very grateful. On its highest second -- overcoming challenges will now have three or four days of the news media and the policy wise which with these same people by the way who said last June that was. Recycle this every six weeks. And the biggest challenge will be raising money because we came in second which is as much as you wanted to and we will have gotten delegates will -- Between Santorum and myself we will get over two thirds of the delegates and the so called front runner -- get less than 13 of the delegates but -- -- all -- talk. The person who gives me hope. And makes please stay in this race and makes me committed to -- ideas all the way to ten. Is. Samuel Sanford. Samuel Sanford as unemployed persons. Who. Decided after hearing my speech. Either on C span -- on on. An Internet. That he really liked what I was trying to do -- gasoline we talked about the fact -- news or. And you can do one -- of -- yes -- two dollars and fifty. And says -- heard the speech today and he went on line gave two dollars and fifty cents. And he became number 175. -- Now Romney has all these Wall Street millionaires many of whom frankly -- others using the money you sent them as a taxpayer to buy ads to attack people. But the he's got the money we're not can be from. We don't have people of 175000. Donors over 90% of them 95% given lessons of two dollars. So since she was number 175000. I called. Samuelson and Sanford and it was actually a very humbling -- I got him in the afternoon after come home from his cancer treatment. He's currently on -- He took out of his saves to lift. Because he once -- park opens a rumor. And that to me. Was such a humbling conversation. The dedication he had to America his commitment to a people's campaign. His unwillingness to give up and -- the millionaires -- -- just an immense amount to close to me so I want all of you know. The with -- your help. If you'll talk to your friends and neighbors go back on FaceBook if you -- Twitter if you are using. We will continue to run a people's campaign I believe. After the two primaries are over -- the obvious. That the so called front runner in fact didn't get there and from that point on will be in a whole new conversation. Thank you good luck to god bless --

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{"id":15915409,"title":"Gingrich: 'Everything Obama Knows Is Wrong'","duration":"2:09","description":"Ex-speaker believes he can go toe-to-toe in debates with President Obama. ","url":"/Politics/video/gingrich-obama-wrong-15915409","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}