GOP Delegates Ready for Condoleezza Rice

Former secretary of state remains a popular figure among Republican delegates, voters.
3:00 | 08/29/12

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Transcript for GOP Delegates Ready for Condoleezza Rice
Now it -- for a -- in news and. I did a very easy actually -- -- -- and actually it's. This. Well -- exactly faces. Actually we've we've put it over your -- and we'll we'll start asking tough questions. You -- plant in the life life as so it's obviously a mask -- of Paul Ryan I didn't look at the eyes -- that the Secret Service might take offense that's but it's an improvement on. That. There's gentlemen walking around the floor with a phone book thick stack of these handing them out there rather going pretty fast. I've been stopped I was stopped maybe a dozen times coming up here with this by people who ask me -- you get Paul Ryan. It's from a custom shop that's based in his native Wisconsin and I it brought it here. -- -- -- First. It is the biggest yet the campaign of which brings up your radio studio mogul -- -- -- How might answer that's -- So. We're gonna your friend respect -- Condoleezza Rice right. You obviously covered that administration -- and -- It she's she's she's gonna make -- cents certainly not. She's not kids. Accident sent steam in terms of how she feels about the Obama administration and they -- -- -- That's -- you know experience of secrecy Condoleezza Rice left Washington happily. Four years ago and and you know. Made a -- but the fact that she wasn't sad to leave -- behind. Com and in recent months she's really stepped up her profile in national politics not elect not really electoral politics she's not running for office. But she's been raising money she's been making speeches to Republican groups all over the country. And tonight's -- the culmination of that she is going to take the stage. And she's gonna hit the balance is on two main -- when its policy there's principal. Policy she's gonna go go after after President Obama on things like like Syria is handling of the Syrian crisis and then on principle. She's going to take up the mantle of an argument we've heard a lot from Mitt Romney which is this idea that. President Obama does not believe in American -- And I would expect her also to to make ample use of the of their Condoleezza Rice biography as well telling some of -- her own stories on stage what does -- say. -- -- -- -- Is the senior most Bush Administration official who's gonna be under monotonous the president we're not gonna see his former vice president either it is Condi Rice is still has the popularity. That's right it it appears at least from from the scheduling here -- here that the problems in Iraq and and other foreign policy issues haven't stuck to her quite as much as -- -- -- -- George W. Bush or figures like Don Rumsfeld. And so she's still very very popular with with core Republicans. And she's gonna make the most of -- -- -- And it's really. Spotlight spotlight party and knew that the Republican Party she's the only. -- -- -- -- -- -- On stage I knew that grant -- didn't like her I knew that some of the disease and it doesn't -- to person negative reaction. -- it's -- At risk. Mitt Romney looked -- he linked closely to what -- Bush Doctrine. Lives right. Well in the excerpts that have seen at least. She's not mounting such a great big defense of the bush -- diplomacy national security foreign policy except in the idea of of a an international prominence. Two to -- states. But she's not going -- -- to -- President Bush was right about Iraq President Bush was right about this because it was she's not making an argument. Now granted if -- the Obama campaign I'm I'm getting a press release ready right now to say you know she was national security advisor. She was the secretary of state and she was. That the public against its overseas at a time when our foreign policy was that truck was rocky at best right all right -- and White House correspondent.

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{"id":17110821,"title":"GOP Delegates Ready for Condoleezza Rice","duration":"3:00","description":"Former secretary of state remains a popular figure among Republican delegates, voters.","url":"/Politics/video/gop-delegates-ready-condoleezza-rice-17110821","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}