GOP Hopeful Ron Paul Sounds Off

The outspoken presidential candidate talks 2012 with ABC News' Jonathan Karl
3:35 | 12/07/11

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Transcript for GOP Hopeful Ron Paul Sounds Off
-- Paul thank you for joining us so you've taken off island you now. Tied for second -- second place a little bit ahead of -- Mitt Romney what's going out there. Now the -- lot of us are coming anyway and we've been working hard on and a lot of money spent a lot of time there. In the country is a different place than three years ago because it's easy to compare what I'm doing now to four years ago. But economically the conditions are different. -- people have changed their minds about all that war activity overseas. They're Green -- -- and because of wars are long because it's Constance a lot of money it's related to. Problems -- here moment economically. You've watched about everybody else camps it. How are you about to them. -- next hour. Well I went steady solid growth -- -- mean sometimes you can drop off rather quickly that what we've had three or four that have -- up and and they dropped off. And I don't think that's likely to happen. In my case I think we can keep going. Because we're accelerating you know -- his steady growth. And in this last month we've gone from load double digits to high voltage so I think. Our campaigns coming together quite well right now I don't suspect all of a sudden. We're gonna surged twenty points and drop off -- out of it doesn't -- cases. Leave no Newt Gingrich what -- -- served in congress. Come back to 1980s. So what what what what's your sense of -- the kind of person. From August and it could present. He he -- qualities where he can be advice and strategies. But sometimes when and strategies yet come to fruition. He falls short on what -- that's well that's what happened you know I don't on the enemy in the night giving him some credit what happened in 1994. -- hadn't had a strategy and now. Republicans finally took over the house after -- here but then things for him went down hill. When he and leave some -- -- the best of circumstances. What's your sense of meaning you've -- really critical of him as a as a flip -- as saying he's got aspect. That's he's not using the candidate that most people think when you bring up the issue of -- -- when it was about. We've been on a lot of different sides on all the issues. Actually that little land that we -- -- was video -- for the Internet. It was mainly using other people. You know assessment of what -- what he's done you know either working with the museum. Global warming norm. His position on medical care of these different things that he's had definitely different positions on many hospitals. -- -- It means that you might be the opposite way I'd be completely convert their years. Of my positions haven't -- I guess nobody -- really -- -- -- 4 o'clock this morning. So far ahead -- has been consistent. Civilized. A case of the ultimate questioner who is a bigger flip -- Romney and it. You know I get questions like that old time -- doesn't answer. And now they ask me about the different leaving about can -- have the modeling category it's pretty -- flip flopping. And -- together. So you think there's not much difference between Romney and philosophically. Thanks I mean we're with the difference -- foreign policy. Very very aggressive on they do universities. You really change monetary policy. Man you know like maybe even one and yet you are educating. What's wanted to spend more consistent. And its web asking you hear your oven and they're both very consistently inconsistent. -- -- -- -- consistently inconsistent. So you know the rap on wrongful and the rapids you've got positions that are outside me. And and it wouldn't dispute to an ancient egyptians party whether it be on foreign policy and. On on on on some other issues I mean how do you how do you get beyond -- you've managed -- -- which is up 15%. You know or so how can get beyond what we're doing you know. Six months ago or five months ago we -- problem. Only -- -- where we are today and our eighteen night. And I think -- -- the same thing -- being out of mainstream you know that's a trick question because. I think. Hundreds out of the industry I think the Republican Party is out of the mainstream Republican tradition. Because they claim -- for an individual liberty and limited government balanced budgets with that record. Where the balance budgets what -- they I mean we -- a president and house and senate for six years plus two partially. The government kept growing at rapid rates. I would say that. You know being for balanced budget take an oath of office -- -- having a strong defense. In the sun to out of the mainstream sport cancer sounds like. What Republicans are supposed this thing. Has it fights to Gingrich said he is. More its troops were. It wrong. Guess you could say whatever he wants. -- a hard time in that case. Well. -- he made me. You make -- case that -- only as happens. So obviously what did you -- Is that these truly it's we could go back and imperil its policies and policy as well as -- And -- every step in his career. For big government to -- there's no -- you know early on in his career he was in an actual MoneyGram on they. Republican government. -- -- -- His policies have been. Paul thank you very anti.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"The outspoken presidential candidate talks 2012 with ABC News' Jonathan Karl ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"15108597","title":"GOP Hopeful Ron Paul Sounds Off","url":"/Politics/video/gop-hopeful-ron-paul-sounds-off-15108597"}