GOP Strategist Weighs In on Herman Cain

Keith Appell says it is "too early to tell" whether Cain has weathered scandal.
3:00 | 11/04/11

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Transcript for GOP Strategist Weighs In on Herman Cain
First we're atop 2012 with Republican strategist Keith Appel and -- we see these numbers out today that does this suggest you that Herman Cain is actually weathered the storm. What do you think we may Begin Stevie did the results in the next round that it was too early to tell whether he's handled this and it's all blown over. I think it's too early -- two quick points the first about -- the second about the field. Number one. Names faces and especially contradictions. Are what drive these types of stories. If someone comes forward and contradicts you after you've made a statement or worse if you -- if you contradict yourself. What you contradict your campaign or vice Versa. That is the problem -- Herman Cain has right now how it affects the field is this way. -- support is there but it's not solid it's fluid for the past six months. Support has migrated from Donald Trump. To Michelle Bachmann to Rick Perry -- not to Herman Cain they can just as easily go back to one of those of the candidates or go to someone else like Newt Gingrich as your poll is beginning to suggest. Those -- the two things I think that -- most important about what's happening now. But keeping us understand this because it didn't take very long it was even a scandal. That brought pairings numbers down he had a bad debate performance -- you know he collapses Michelle Bachmann was on top for what seemed like. Ten minutes before she collapsed. McCain's been going through. Eight -- attacks on the 999 -- now we have attacks here on his own integrity. And he still remains on council what is it about him that has allowed him to hold on longer than the other guys. And I think he has gotten more slack Amy because. He's not as much of a politician to some of the others he has run frost before. But really his brand as as a CEO a successful businessman someone who's been successful for many many years and employing people. And accumulating wealth and and -- creating wealth and jobs for other people so I think. The Republican grassroots in the Tea Party people are getting him more slack. The problem for him is how he continues to deal with it and it and the question surrounding him -- Doesn't have the campaign infrastructure. Doesn't have -- campaign Saturday to weather this storm already there are his own campaign chairman and Iowa is complaining publicly. That the campaign is not handling this this story well it remains to be seen whether he will have staying power but so far you're right he's been able to -- Tonight to tough it out but I do think that's still -- very open question as things start to heat up. And maybe time for new Iowa campaign chairman as well -- it is analysis that this is still Mitt Romney -- eight. Mitt -- to lose essentially this is Mitt Romney the front runner despite what all the polls say he is the guy that is best position to win this nomination. Well I don't know if he's in the best position he's benefited from from the mistakes of others if you go back and look at all the polls Rick over the last 56 months. The support -- Tea Party -- conservative candidates far transcends the support for establishment candidates like Romney. So it's in the interest of Rick Perry. Voters but that support coalesce around one person then you have an excellent shot to win the nomination -- benefits from that -- being divided so. Rick Perry and Herman Cain are both gonna make a strong -- I think Newt Gingrich will do to try to make this a two man race. And it not. If -- -- that -- split three ways then it's Romney's for -- Not that bodes well hope that bodes well for Romney I will make a prediction that somebody wins Iowa and wins it well and then. Even if they lose. -- to Romney in New Hampshire come in second place by single digits. That will be seen as as a as -- moral victory and that will position that candidate well heading south. It's in -- interest for the for the -- for the other side to be decided. To be divided excuse me as they go to New Hampshire because he's heavily favored -- now but he has been leading by twenty plus points across the board in those polls. If it's someone else wins Iowa and and that person if they lose to him in New Hampshire but only by a single digits that's gonna bode bode well for that for that candidate and will not bode well Romney. In our last thirty seconds is O'Keefe Newt Gingrich is he for real -- we seen something here in our poll he's up to 12% -- first time in double digits in the in the whole length of this campaign. I think Newt has benefit from outstanding performances. In the debates it's clear that a lot of people are watching these debates. The problem for Newt as as he continues to rise the media focus on him becomes hotter. And that's where all of the baggage from from the past may hurt it. All right keep -- -- Republican strategists on the line in this race thanks so much for being here really appreciate your insights -- spotlight. Anytime.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Keith Appell says it is \"too early to tell\" whether Cain has weathered scandal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"14882022","title":"GOP Strategist Weighs In on Herman Cain","url":"/Politics/video/gop-strategist-weighs-herman-cain-14882022"}