Gotta Have Faith

How "faith" played a key role in the government shutdown and debt ceiling crisis.
2:06 | 10/17/13

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Transcript for Gotta Have Faith
Strong belief or trust in someone or some thing. And from Washington. Has been -- faithfully abundant supply of -- in striking a budget debt ceiling deal. Frets. That exists -- yeah -- staff. On our part. So this is not that this isn't good -- And -- -- and weren't good things aren't saying that we felt blind sided by news from house. Including some faithful prides by a -- faith leader -- We see. A thing going. At the end of a long dark -- With the deal in place. She looks like Wall Street's leap of faith paid off. During the first two weeks of the shut down the Dow closed up five out of nine sessions. Even with the clock ticking the likelihood of -- deal still looking Graham. The markets are charging higher they opened almost a 100 points higher this morning. What was in jeopardy was the faith that our dollar will hold its value we cannot afford for congress to gamble with the full faith and credit. And the United States that's the whole full faith and credit of the United States to pay its bills but we don't need to inflict pain. On the American people -- Risk the possibility that Americans -- favored -- damage. Of course our international friends questioned their faith in our good faith efforts to keep our financial commitment. And that's good. Bringing about so much uncertainty. So much risk of disruption. But the signing of the US economy we. Again. -- And you begin those that kept the faith and faithfully relieved and happy -- don't bet it. I'm telling the full faith and credit of the United States remains on west. Faithfully yours Dan Butler ABC news New York.

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{"id":20602832,"title":"Gotta Have Faith","duration":"2:06","description":"How \"faith\" played a key role in the government shutdown and debt ceiling crisis.","url":"/Politics/video/gotta-faith-20602832","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}