Gov. Deval Patrick: I Like Being the Boss

The Massachusetts governor deflects questions of a run in 2016.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Transcript for Gov. Deval Patrick: I Like Being the Boss
Governor that was -- speech what if you like. Q it's hard to know where you're reaching anybody because you know -- lights in your face and he -- -- people's expressions they keep telling you. And I in the behind the scenes coaching talk to the TV that I went to talk to people. But I could tell you were really tough on governor Romney's record especially on the economy. But here's what I understand unemployment rate in Massachusetts under governor Romney was four point seven person usually what you -- wouldn't Barack Obama trait that -- heartbeat. Question is not what the unemployment rate isn't some abstract. Sense. It's are we moving in a positive direction and are we bucking trends that we shaping our own future. And at the time that governor Romney was in office and as I said that the -- -- -- that gentleman an -- -- he's at it again but we were trailing the national -- we weren't. Speaking our own course we were shaping our own future we were slip in along. But but you make it sound like this was you know. Almost an economic disaster under under governor Romney I was clear -- and I was factual and I was figure. Mitt Romney was a custodial governors. Have Democrats been so far too focused on what's wrong with that -- was wrong with -- -- -- I think both both. Both campaigns. Have focused a lot of time and attention with the one guy saying was -- the other guy. I understand and I understand importance of contrasting. And all that but -- my hope is that starting with this convention. And I think he's so that last night we're gonna start to turn our focus to our own weight for their own plan. For the next four years and -- this is the right leader in president Barack Obama to get us. Would you urge the president to be -- more forthcoming in terms of outlining what he would use that -- It actually been quite forthcoming but I just hammer -- and the rest talk more I think I think all of us. I think all of -- -- this is a strategy. That feels very familiar to me because and I'm talking -- -- political spending of welfare. Because the lonely pursuit successfully now it's -- that investing in education in innovation in energy and infrastructure. How do you investment sixteen dollars the same way we did we not separated in Massachusetts -- From the global economy -- challenges just like everybody else and we don't have. You know extracted industries that we can turn to for royalties and so forth we invest in our strengths education is one of -- we did that it. Highest levels in history that now while even when the bottom was falling and everything else how. How do we keep that going Recovery Act for that. We've doubled our investment in in roads and rails and bridges broad band. Expansion creates jobs right now creates a platform for -- out into the future. And we achieve the highest bond rating in our history notwithstanding that additional. Investment and we were able to sustain that from the worst of the recession because of Recovery Act that president. Has been very very good about putting on the table. Proposals to cut spending and also raise revenue to invest it was a big night for you I -- -- peoples and Deval Patrick twenties. Just -- Just -- when he -- re run I'm gonna finish my term and when he fourteen M and return to the private sector where spent most of -- most of my career and if there is a if there's a time sometime later. Come back and serve in public life -- -- unable to listen. It's not. -- about serving on street. You know -- All right -- thanks rocketry time.

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{"id":17166230,"title":"Gov. Deval Patrick: I Like Being the Boss","duration":"3:00","description":"The Massachusetts governor deflects questions of a run in 2016. ","url":"/Politics/video/gov-deval-patrick-boss-17166230","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}