Glimmers of Compromise Surface on Day 11 of Government Shutdown

President Obama agrees to continue meeting with Congressional Republicans as debt ceiling looms.
3:00 | 10/11/13

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Transcript for Glimmers of Compromise Surface on Day 11 of Government Shutdown
This is a special. When I'm Devin Dwyer -- New York with this ABC news digital special report on the budget battle in Washington that has the government now partially shut down. For an eleventh day they -- finally some signs of a possible breakthrough. As both sides are now talking and seem to be moving toward a compromise about just. A half hour ago senate Republicans arrived at the White House by the busload to talk with President Obama. About a potential resolution it's still unclear though whether they can avoid defaulting get the government back up and running. It is a glimmer of hope and much needed one at bat ABC seasons -- -- is watching it all -- in Washington. And joins us now with the latest -- Susan. Good afternoon. Mean -- and that's right almost two weeks into this shut down and finally there's some cause for at least. Mild optimism. Day eleven of the government shutdown began with no sign of the progress that many had hoped for. After President Obama and top house Republicans that reported that they had -- encouraging meeting at the White House let's talk about. Making our tax code. Fairer and more competitive there are keeping the government closed as hostage because they want to negotiate I don't even know what anymore. House Republicans went to yesterday's White House meeting with an offer to temporarily raise the debt ceiling. Postponing the threat of -- government -- ball for six weeks leaving more time for negotiations. About how to end the shut down. -- very useful meeting. It was clarify I think both sides as to where we -- our President Obama has not accepted or rejected the house Republican proposal. Senate Republicans are at the White House for more talks today. But the president and congressional Democrats have made clear that they will not negotiate until the government is reopened but our position is clear. They ought to turn on the lights and a pair of bills any movement today is likely to happen behind the scenes if at all the way I look at this is it's like two people have been in a boat with a boats -- with water. But they're doing nothing yet to bail the water in the boat that thinking in the water. Just -- senate Republicans were arriving at the White House Harry Reid the senate majority leader and a Democrat. Said the GOP proposal to extend the debt limit for just six weeks is not enough. -- All right so we're still alive we're not quite there to an agreement but all eyes closely watching that glimmer of hope as -- put it ABC -- only in Washington thanks so much. -- now we go over to the White House and ABC's Mary Bruce closely watching all this action from the north lawn there is a lot going on there at the White House today very let's start with this. House Republicans presented their plan to President Obama last night now senate Republicans. Presenting their own there -- -- White House right now as I understand it what do we know about their plan and how the president might respond. That's right the president is meeting right behind me right now with the senate Republicans and you talked about the house Republican plan but the senate Republicans are also working on their own plan this would be have reportedly is a deal that would extend. The debt limit for several months not weeks like house Republicans are proposing and it would also pass a funding bill to help reopen the government. But as part of that they do want some of those obamacare strings attached and that's something that the president has said he is unwilling to -- Yet very much I'm going to do it it it seems in many ways we might be back at square one -- some of these negotiations but. Also remarkable shift for the president right the last 44 hours he had said he wouldn't negotiate at all. Until the government was open and the debt ceiling was lifted and essentially he's negotiating. That's right they are at least finally talking finally got it. -- the president has said that he's open to the Republican operable we -- still a long way off from any kind of deal here. As you mentioned Republicans house Republicans have put forth a plan that would be a short term extension of the debt limit but it would do nothing to fund and reopen the government. They're hoping to continue to use the government shutdown as leverage to try to extract a few concessions from the president now that. We mentioned the president that he's not willing to do that it would like to see house Republicans go ahead and reopen the government. And remove that threat of default before he goes ahead. Negotiated and meanwhile the president making a bit of an about face last night signing that -- to grant death benefits. The families of fallen soldiers this after he kind of -- it. Played a little murky -- writer. That's right at a press along the that he would not sign on to any of these piecemeal funding bills that house Republicans have been putting forward but he went ahead and signed a bill. They'll go ahead and provide these death benefits to families of fallen US soldiers and this is something that they said they didn't think -- next is there at the White House. Because a private foundation stepped up and worked -- a deal with the Pentagon to go ahead and pay those benefits throughout the shot down but ultimately the president did go ahead and sign -- -- late last night. -- -- -- those death benefits for those families and four soldiers I think from Afghanistan came back yesterday to Dover air base. Getting that much needed money but let's go to 30000 feet per minute and I mean what from from your point of view there is the big sticking point. In all these negotiations is it still be obamacare issue on both sides right now. Yes and now in many ways Republicans are still absolutely trying to get some concessions. From the president before they reopen the government but the president had said. That he'd be willing to at least hear what they want hear what concessions they put forward but he has said that he will not. Negotiate on Obama -- perhaps to be willing to put out a couple of things that he would act as mentioned before is part of broader negotiations broader budget negotiations so. Possibly not obamacare but might be willing to give Republicans something that would that something would be enough for them to go ahead and -- the. The government Hartsfield stepped it up that's right baby steps and still a lot to sort out but meanwhile some very serious. Impacts from the shot down continuing their slow roll all across the country this is lingering on now we said now on the eleventh day. One story caught my eye today about who rolled hearings across the country now being impacted by some of these shutdowns in these furloughs -- know about that. Absolutely it seems that every day the list grows longer of these negative impact of the shut down and parole hearings are one of those things that are now put on hold essentially being delayed because of the government shut down. That's just another impact as we now argument ninth day -- -- It's pretty incredible. Some positive signs though one we have an -- -- here I had enough -- at Starbucks. Now stepping into the mix on all of this. What do we know but what they're doing to get in on this on the shut down business. The coffee behemoth is that it had an -- is now encouraging it. Customers to sign a petition to urge lawmakers to go ahead and reopen the government to remove the threat of default and to pass a budget. Asking we see -- they've had major -- and huge newspapers across the country today so. They're trying to step up and encourage average Americans to get involved. All right let's hope that makes a big splash over there at the White House and can lead to a break through this afternoon -- Thanks so much for joining us as always and we will be -- back with you as you continue to monitor developments there at the White House. This has been an ABC news digital special report for the latest on the shut down and the debt ceiling fight fight all the latest reporting an For now. I'm Devin Dwyer in New York.

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{"id":20544956,"title":"Glimmers of Compromise Surface on Day 11 of Government Shutdown","duration":"3:00","description":"President Obama agrees to continue meeting with Congressional Republicans as debt ceiling looms.","url":"/Politics/video/government-shutdown-day-11-glimmers-compromise-surface-gop-20544956","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}