Pelosi Calls GOP House Moves on Shutdown 'Sabotage'

House minority leader blasts GOP for reckless, radical behavior as Senate nears shutdown deal.
20:41 | 10/15/13

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Transcript for Pelosi Calls GOP House Moves on Shutdown 'Sabotage'
It is a special group. Hello everyone I'm -- company -- witness ABC news -- special report two days before the government is set to hit the debt ceiling and now House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Is briefing the press in the latest negotiations the capital let's. The senate -- we'll. What we have very. The -- That's fine version. Her. Sounds pretty hot tip for satellite along. -- of the day feeling that none of this week. That aggressive again. Competence you. His seventy. And pick. This is day thirteen of the show them. -- back again. Now. In the house. -- And that we'll get our economy and our global standing as well but when -- tell us anything if we had people in their -- It means I can cast mates on student loans car -- -- his business. These small business person. -- put it that you will want OK and why. And -- What he saw here earlier. You couldn't work because here was staying there did not happen. This proposal. If any hope here is that they don't so why are they doing sitting here. Sent -- it would take my eyes met Cunningham sent. -- in the conference -- in this case. Time it's been there is often. Flat economy even intentionally didn't didn't get him. Constant. And fifteen. Will be billions of dollars. -- -- Savage and an effort to -- those three feet. I can and the agency by the time they did not have the there are those fresh. Right you don't let it get you have the moderates who say that they want to do so. Wait. With clean and food that will pass and the president -- -- -- -- -- -- Well but. They've been very capable partner. Parents -- supposed to reach an agreement. Open for government. -- It and it. You closes indicated they were well use -- -- Kate. Retirees would. -- What they've done once again we understand. -- Confrontation. -- -- -- -- That is what slow and yours. Makes it public so sick lately -- -- government. They want reasonable solution. They and their families -- have some confidence that the room appropriately but more importantly so -- -- disruptive. Boys are. When -- veteran makes an application there's somebody there to take the application. So security is always somebody. Somebody -- around the -- all of these things. We are undermining. The confidence of the American people and stuff -- that. That. Great pedigree. That we're opening -- -- Make sure that America faces. Republican -- this morning. -- -- and said no it's not good enough for us. Consistently. And as -- and do what we are spears and it is. Is a tremendous -- Paul. Republicans. In the house. To once again on the -- The -- of the American people. There was rendered. -- it is let's listen. Or borders and his. Issues. The forward. Something -- settled law and I thought we had written. I do believe weird experience and the Bruins who. If -- -- see you and I low. Consumer confidence. -- people what really. Here. -- except -- -- it and move on the message. So I would hope. Sometime. The next few. Speaker of the house. We'll take -- assessment. Not just of this conference but also -- -- system. But the American people and allow -- easy to come to the floor. Give us. Originally this if give us. Yeah. Continuing resolution. Four -- and resources for the budget. -- Put Americans back to work as we are through these issues -- the views about this -- While some news. Fifteen days after -- true. 800000 Americans -- that told not to come to work. We're now -- this eleventh hour on the verge watching Republicans. Shut down -- -- his. And simply because there's a -- -- you going on. Republican senate Republicans have chosen to try to sit down with -- they're they're democratic -- -- -- Try to -- -- a solution. We can disagree. But -- we've come up with a common -- solution. That will solve all -- but this last ditch effort on the part of our house Republican colleagues. To disrupt. Irresponsibly disrupt. Those conversations. These all of -- address. Nowhere -- should have paid the price. For the reckless behavior of politicians we're trying to get their way. Any budget deal hate filled -- air pass this. At a time when so much -- this three and A half years after we saw the deficit. Economic. Seven -- million Americans that. We can't not watch our -- sabotage. Those good -- And disrupt an opportunity to school so we urge our. -- Here in the house we -- Not in this. To put -- that there. Heard. To make up with their own Republican. And confident agreement. -- -- premier. -- -- -- -- So that it continues trees lost on Republicans. First it was about the funding -- -- -- affordable care. That is about the budget and notebooks of bills. Something else. With the intention to sabotage. The -- Ahmanson's. The Republican colleagues and democratic colleagues in the center -- -- to work out well didn't still haven't changed and that is why. -- Republicans continue to ensure that the government shuts down. By this behavior or the cost of see that national debt is not pity that the leader mentioned the real practical. Police. How actually affect the average American. -- -- -- -- -- I don't -- Partners. Thank you so we don't. -- -- -- Negotiations between the Republican leader of the Senate Democratic Leader accident. And once again house Republicans decision. What harm our economy -- hurt middle class families to reject a common sense solution in order to advance their political agenda. That's very disappointed. House Republicans our car. The car speeding to a cliff. The car -- brakes. Steering -- only terms of the far right somebody in the House Republican Caucus has to grab the wheel and hit the brakes. And stop -- house Republicans. Bronze beating our economy off this cliff. And -- middle class families off this -- There are. 172030. House Republicans who have said that they're willing to -- that we don't hit the race now is it time to do. -- -- getting to the point of no return -- -- return as -- in the heart goes over the cliff and takes middle class families and the American economy with -- That -- -- be. Thank you member -- the committee. Didn't even sports and bounds approach to deficit reduction in the right priorities -- spin -- Agency. Right now is we're gathered here great damage is already -- that be done here. Fifteen days into the government shut them you're already you beginning to see slowing economic growth this. -- the threat. Of the -- which is just days away is also. Having a very negative impact -- securities in the impact in terms of short term interest rates and -- our leader indicated. When -- that filtered through the economy that means interest rates go everybody. And everybody yes her. Despite that fact in the last couple days we -- a lot of our Republican colleagues say it would be good. Yet the United States defaulted on that some of them have said it's no problem is we can pay bondholders. Holders of US treasuries at the expense. Folks other Social Security. Folks -- rely on Medicare. And our troops in the field. That apparently is their prescription. And when those members of the house Tea Party caucus saw that a bipartisan agreement. Was averaging in the -- They decided to work this out and -- the question right now is we all the speaker. And -- some of those. Self proclaimed moderates of the -- -- prevention will they stand up. And say they support a sensible. Bipartisan solution that this and will not -- to continue. Sabotage. On which is hurting every -- right now -- only get worse. So we gleeful Constance. Will prevail. And yeah. Policy. Andy Townsend says you are positive about -- -- -- -- profile that's the whole. What if you are -- I'm certain that you were getting so close -- find him. Yeah you know. They did important today. I think that they've -- life happens adjudicated time. And that. The -- I think we should be extending the debt limit for at least one year and I don't -- Back to be getting. The constitution. In this case that the full faith and I didn't state police beating on him but -- -- -- -- congress has been able to go forward to go to his budget table. But you know December. -- the government for the middle of January. Which we hope you have to wait. A solution. To keeping it open and want to go to that is where it was just -- so I don't think that we've been here. You may get her when enough -- didn't. This is a relatively. Didn't just -- -- I definitely -- -- than -- the -- in that this is day fifteen. Shut down eight. 3000 people have left many people affected it's active nonprofits that this is very -- But to default. -- Should be out of the question. So why would they -- that happy birthday. This is that it can be debated at the budget. -- can be -- Ordered health care legislation. That some common ground. But not. But not to hold. It hostage. If someone who can work. This up -- I don't Wear it where they don't have to. Seeing that those who are acting in this they just -- -- -- dealing. Maybe into this thing they -- those on the public -- who don't want you know what candidates. The -- conversation happens to -- -- yesterday. -- it wanted to that the senate bill Phelan is why you should take immediate. You'd take it up tomorrow sent it to them. Under the seat if they can take that much more rapid than they originated the bill. That's the conversations between top of that what you bipartisan. I don't -- police stopped him. -- features that are going to be pulled back -- plan. Think -- send from here that would obviously -- -- -- -- you're familiar with the internal pressure. He faces. -- but that said wasn't responsible thing you can draw back from this president will then -- on the war and we -- which includes four in the marketing athletic department. And I think it's house Democrats say. Compelling hoping to break because he couldn't. -- But. Was beaten -- is get the job. He can't let them vote any way they want. Let they have available -- English. But bring it to the floor led by partisan. Come together do that and that. Popped up again. The Dead -- and continues to the budget table to discuss any verbal abuse issues at all times and didn't. Ten PX 218. Or maybe members and confidence. And responsibility to the public to bring this into the school or -- -- what they what you heard. We all heard of note is that didn't happen that the -- With its plan. Beautiful beautiful -- Find it that is their intention. To make no mistake about. Him. It's. Legal -- doesn't innovative look at anything you need. -- Just think too that people think -- had an acute to normal now. And to open government is for us to -- the house and -- features that much. And he indicated that that they. They might have other half you know and it wasn't -- it that your response but nonetheless that don't need that obviously he in dead human. Taking the easy route which it and is now it's not I think he Denton is too short witness. It nonetheless willing to accept. And again I would say we would hope. House Democrats -- -- -- it just didn't let -- camp. It's -- -- that but the penis. There must be. 38 Republicans and my little progress but that's -- I think -- and Hannity. Oklahoma's that was it different. But -- And a -- young people. But appearances. -- depends on. An -- is reported. Okay. He and his wife got her where part of this plan and -- they can't. That this is. They have the United States that. Is watching to see what happens here vehicles and in -- An effort to -- touching which means to lay off but I -- to undermine. In the senate and that. That it would weird and that it -- -- if it. Reckless irresponsible. And had a -- network that that to describe half. We can't give you -- can be extended hand of friendship willing to set some returns. -- bipartisan Bill Bennett and -- to get into the standing. -- -- It was more of -- were to continue monitoring that that'll be live -- -- as that -- congress continue with house democratic leadership -- but that is on response to house speaker John -- -- -- the press this morning. -- in fact that he is working on a possible compromise. To end the government shut down and raise the debt ceiling that would also include requirements. On for the Affordable Care Act likely to include that members of congress and the president would be required to also in -- Affordable Care Act although the details. Of the Republican proposal in the house have not been revealed just yet in fact house speaker saying we have not decided what to do as -- just yet. You can clearly see though from the House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Very strong criticism. For the activity is happening GOP side and support where the activity that's happening in the senate the bulls from Republicans and Democrats in the attempt to reach compromise to and shut down and now two days. Before -- that debt ceiling deadline you can see. Steny Hoyer -- at the podium there. House democratic whip and at the -- your screener set it mr. senator Richard Blumenthal Connecticut also on the senate floor we have complete report on ABC news dot -- now -- Dan Butler in New York with this -- -- -- special report.

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{"id":20577154,"title":"Pelosi Calls GOP House Moves on Shutdown 'Sabotage'","duration":"20:41","description":"House minority leader blasts GOP for reckless, radical behavior as Senate nears shutdown deal.","url":"/Politics/video/government-shutdown-day-15-pelosi-calls-gop-house-20577154","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}