White House to Boehner on Raising Debt Ceiling: 'Why Not Vote?'

White House press secretary discusses reports that enough votes exist in the House to pass bill.
3:00 | 10/07/13

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Transcript for White House to Boehner on Raising Debt Ceiling: 'Why Not Vote?'
Do what the speaker says that he and they are not going to. Didn't you give specifics that man back to be knocked them out. Clean. Increase if the speaker of the house sticks to that position are we going to default. I you have to ask the speaker of the house. He speaks he -- Well if there's very little -- Are we going to -- -- if you're saying if this speaker attaches to the debt ceiling increase a recognition of you know. -- the importance of motherhood we might you know. Except that but what you're saying. I'm trying to be funny -- -- laughs apologize. It's been a long shut down are -- but be. Here's the here's that -- we will not. We're not -- negotiate over the con Congress's responsibility. To raise -- that's so if he's what he had what he and others in his leadership have said is that they want. Concessions. From the president. Presumably because they couldn't get them through the other legislative or electoral means concessions from the president in return for raising the debt -- That dynamic. Amounts to -- you know an attempt to extort from. The executive branch and from the Democrats in congress. Concessions in order to. Prevent default and and that's off the table. We're not -- what we're not doing that because the damage to our economy. In the long term -- to the ability of this president and future I mean this president's successors and future congresses to ensure that we you do not. Become a laughing stock internationally because we. Either come to the verge of brink of default every quarter -- every year what we do default every quarter every year. You know we cannot have that so the president is making clear that. He's not asking for anything in return from congress. For you know for congress to do his job when it comes opening the government at levels of spending Republicans and he's not asking. For anything in return from congress. For congress do its job and paying our bills so we -- go to the ball well again. The president's position is clear the Republican position has changed. With you know. Every new day on the calendar so I don't know. I can't predict with speaker will be what I can say is the president's position has been consistent from the beginning. Two quick ones. What what was the speaker of the house not telling the truth when -- there aren't the votes to pass a clean. What we -- -- done any what counts here among especially among Republicans I am simply noting. That it -- have been published accounts. I think more than twenty now house Republicans said they would. Okay AB CS when he -- So house Republicans that. Have said on the record in public that they would vote for a clean CR the one that. Pass the senate -- If you add that to that Democrats who would vote for a clean CR. You have the majority you -- and I I would note. -- other Republican. Members of the house. As well as other Republican commentators and political folks who know a lot about. The Republicans in the house have said that at least that many would vote for a clean CR if house speaker would allow it come to the floor and so we. You know as -- as I think we responded over the weekend or yesterday. When the speaker said that. I think he should if if he doesn't believe you know he's sure that he's right that the majority doesn't exist then he should put it. To the to a vote why not vote them just vote right what's the that we could resolve this both the dispute over whether you know who's right who's wrong if there's a majority which is. Smaller dispute. And we could resolve the -- if he would simply allow it to come to a vote. Estimated. On how many people have attempted to access. The website for health care. CIA. -- You. Facts and figures have as of now I still have in the first 72 hours. Health care dot -- had over eight point six million unique. Visitors as you know there were seven times more users on the marketplace website that first morning than have ever been on the Medicare -- Site at one time -- people sign up. We I'm glad you asked that question because. -- clear about it. When it comes to enrollment data. You don't want to clear this up. We will release data on regular regular monthly intervals just like was done in Massachusetts and just like what. Was done is done when it comes -- Medicare part. What I can confirm right now is that people are signing up through federal exchanges. But we're not going to be -- network this -- an aggregation process in Iraq in a release. Data on an hourly or daily a week weekly basis will follow models that it existed in previous programs including. A similar program in Massachusetts including Medicare part. On regularly monthly intervals and numbers of traffic when you go to Wesley. People. Again it is these are these are this is large volume there's no question that there's large volume and -- -- these -- rough estimates about the volume. One of the reasons why we've been able to -- why we've. Provided information about the behind is because that is the principal reason why we've had slowdowns and and other issues that we've had to try to resolve. To make the consumer experienced.

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{"id":20497603,"title":"White House to Boehner on Raising Debt Ceiling: 'Why Not Vote?'","duration":"3:00","description":"White House press secretary discusses reports that enough votes exist in the House to pass bill.","url":"/Politics/video/government-shutdown-update-carney-boehner-raising-debt-ceiling-20497603","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}