GOP Insists On 'Conversation' With Obama to End Shutdown

House speaker John Boehner says he isn't "drawing lines in the sand" in budget battle.
13:51 | 10/08/13

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Transcript for GOP Insists On 'Conversation' With Obama to End Shutdown
This is a special room. I'm -- company are witness ABC news digital special report we are now officially in -- second we can the government shut down day eight. And right now house speaker John -- the podium talking about the latest developments. From Washington restless and putting. Our country are pretty dangerous path. Listeners never -- and president are history that did not negotiate over the debt limit never not once. Our -- -- Obama. And it negotiated with me over the debt limit and 111. He also negotiated with the blue dog Democrats. To raise the debt ceiling -- when he can. -- way to resolve this is a sit down and have a conversation. To resolve our differences. -- -- -- in our last effort to fully fund the government we ask for an end to special treatment for congress simple. And we said if you're having a hard time using obamacare is broken web site. You shouldn't be penalized for not signing up this year very simple that's all we're asking for a one year delay that tax. Is more than fair given how poorly the roll out of a bomber carries -- And President Obama gave the same -- that we're asking -- big business. But the president and senator Reid wanted to protect that tax. So we asked to sit down and talk and they said no. In a divided government the American people expect us to work together. Weather is on the government's funding or the debt limit people expect. To have negotiations when -- to differing sides. In 1995. -- sides sat down together under so under the same type of circumstances and they ended up balancing the budget. In 2011 as the speaker just said we all sat down. Together and now -- two consecutive years -- spending as a result. Never -- negotiating. A position of not negotiating. Is not a sustainable option and we asked as president and Harry Reid to sit down. And let's iron out our differences. You're gonna -- similar tone from every bit. Everybody that's up here because it's very simple. Get into -- room and solve our problems. The president made a decision not to go to Asia. We stayed in Washington. -- perfect opportunity. To communicate with one another. Another week and missed another opportunity missed. I don't want America to miss any more opportunities. It's very simple Harry Reid come to the room where there. Mr. President give a call rate -- So -- one weekend did this shut down. And I think most Americans are looking at us wondering why can't we -- negotiate why can't they just sit down. And have a conversation have a dialogue. About the way forward that's what most people doing their own -- Each one of us have been in those situations and you have to sit down -- open up the lines of communication. And that is what we are asking for the senate the senate Democrats and the president to do we have. We have been working in the house we sent over four bills that completely funded the government. And as people know the senate rejected every single one of those proposals. Now we've sent over eight bills they keep critical portions of the federal government open. Nearly half of the federal government now. We have passed the bills in the house to open up the federal government and yet the senate refuses to act. That is not leadership. Leadership is not in leadership is -- EU when you say you're not -- negotiate that's not leadership. Are you say that they're just holding the United States hostage that's not leadership. And leadership is certainly not. When your when you're not willing to address the big issues the major issues that face a country -- -- elected to govern -- elected to make the tough decisions. And yet the president and the senate Democrats want to take the easy way out that's not acceptable to us and that's not acceptable to the American people. I've been reminded and the last few weeks about Albert Einstein's definition and -- -- Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. The only thing more irresponsible. Or insane. Then that president letting -- default on our -- Would be the president's demand that we increase the federal debt ceiling -- -- addressing. Our nation's spending problem. This nation's spending in addition and diction has finally caught up with us. Today each and each one -- bass and those over 53000. Dollars in federal -- this is not sustainable. And we need to start addressing -- now if we don't start now when will we ever address our debt when it hits eighteen trillion. Nineteen trillion. -- -- away and tell our tough economy totally collapses. The American people expect more from their leaders and it's time both parties. Sat down. And had a conversation. Work out our difference and find a responsible way for -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The last time the president -- -- -- it was actually 2.4 trillion dollars worth of reductions over ten years. I don't I want I wanna have conversations. -- drawn -- lines in the sand it's time to rest of the Savannah resolve our differences. I'm back and I get a handle whole Lotta speculation. Well what is it the central argument is this -- -- gonna sit down have a conversation for currently. -- But are we not hearing anything else. Yeah. She. A -- -- -- -- All we're asking for -- to sit down and have this conversation there's no -- -- -- make it more difficult to bring people to the table. -- -- -- -- -- -- There's no boundaries here there's nothing on the table or drop him off the table. I'm tenderly I can to bring people together and they have a conversation just -- -- resigned after reports starts the -- -- -- right it's that's a decision for the president to make. Three -- and vote -- When it helped me. And those house speaker John Boehner along with mature service and -- his house majority leader -- off there as well. Day eight of the government shut down. And you can see that there is a call now from house Republicans. To bring the president says senator Harry Reid -- negotiating table I want to bring in our political director Rick Klein -- talk about this. Rick I have to say this it is starting to feel like Groundhog Day is it not I have. Had a lapse of Kevin McCarthy the house majority whip said -- you know you're gonna hear a lot of the same things from the speakers up here today because we all agree. Actually it's because it's been going on for weeks and nothing has changed there's not a single thing about any of the talking points or anything about the negotiating positions that's changed now one. I just because -- and a lack of other things to -- knew about this one potentially. Important development that we just heard there was speaker Boehner saying. That I'm not drawing any lines in the sand that's just the tired old Ohio old metaphor we know that however. The White House has been saying that Boehner has been drawn lines in the sand that he is insisting on meter -- budget changes changes to obamacare is part of this. He is increasingly looking like he just needs the president to come to the negotiating table whatever it takes. However to do it but yes that news conference did not advance the situation that we're now -- -- -- what -- -- the president said yesterday discussing the kind of negotiations that he will and will not house. The other thing -- heard over the weekend was this notion that. Congress doesn't have the capacity. To -- -- shut down. The truth the matter is there are enough Republican. And democratic votes in the House of Representatives right now to and the -- Immediately. All right Rick where -- we said the vote count. The president is right in the speaker is -- however that is a moving target right now we have 217. House members confirming to ABC news that they would vote to reopen the government fully on the government without any conditions that is exactly the number you need to pass something. However I should say that that number was larger just yesterday we were 221. At one point. But for Republicans just in the last 24 hours who previously said they were four. 888 clean bill to reopen the government are now against it and that is because the speaker Boehner almost certainly his fingerprints aren't on it exactly knowable admit to it. But clearly since Sunday when. When John Boehner went on this treatment -- Stephanopoulos and said the votes weren't there he's in putting the screws to members to let them know that this is not a position that they should be on he wants is -- conference to be unified as possible. So -- actually seen. A little more unity not less on the Republican side which makes this whole. Conflict a little less likely to come to an immediate resolution. Rick let me ask you this and to try to dive -- some of those Republicans brains but what is the speaker of insane and privately or some of those caucuses. As you pointed out is the message has been pretty much lock -- step over the past eight days now so what is he having these -- private conversations that is sports -- -- GOP faithful. To switch over to his side. Trust me. That is what he is -- in so many words to the folks who -- wavering about whether to support him and the broader point is that Republicans only have sway when they are unified. The point that many of them have made it they like to say this over and over again. Is that -- divided majority empowers a minority. And it when you come out against leadership on something like this. All you're doing is strengthening Nancy Pelosi and her position in this in -- wanna meat Democrats is irrelevant it's possible Republicans have gotten so far into this. They need to have something to show. For this conflict and if they start showing all kinds of splits right now. It makes it less likely that they're able to get some major concession to Democrats so what kind of a proposal and we expect -- from the house speaker. I think they'll likely this thing now -- the game who knows how how long it takes a work -- is a kind of a short term deal to reopen the government but certainly taking care of the debt ceiling which kicks in next week -- his of course as we've discussed many times is -- more serious problem. That at least they can do that any sort of -- -- clean matter just it to meet the president's insistence that they not. Do anything with all sorts of conditions attached that would buy them enough time to get to the negotiating table to discuss some of the larger structural reforms on the budget process. On obamacare. But short of that right now I don't see a path out because we know that the Republicans won't just wave the white flag there on Capitol Hill and say you beat us -- everything you want. And you know the Democrats aren't just gonna get that be able to move on so there has to be something that can at least advance this for a time -- -- have the budget negotiations that right now have not even begun. So basically the bottom line is some kind of a short term solution. That's the practice and the practical reasons border are pretty obvious is that congress can. Delay decisions basically as long as it wants and it's easier to meet these little tiny. Tiny deals in -- in pursuit of the elusive big deal but here's what's different now is that we have these two to these two big crises and we're seeing so much emotion. Play out into it right now it could be that this is the episode that breaks the fever -- at least that's something bigger. That's -- it's hard to see that something bigger coming together in the space of nine days or so which is that time period were up against with the debt ceiling about that took the fall on us so the -- -- in session in the senate is in session as well today. That's right they're not doing very much -- in fact they're not doing very much that that's relevant for the other chamber the senate is gonna begin to move. On the debt ceiling which is again just the political posturing point to try to put pressure on the house today to do the same even -- we know the votes RO are not there right now by our own -- -- to to -- the debt ceiling and -- -- -- in the senate either right now so many. Republicans -- filibuster it. And over in this senate as well we're gonna see some movement soon on the bill that would ensure back pay for those furloughed workers the 800000 workers or home right now. They will ultimately be paid for not working there's bipartisan agreement that it's not their fault but this is -- the action on this -- not been on the house or senate floor for days now it has been in the airwaves and in the public messaging battle. Both sides still now jockeying for position and not changing their talking points. Everyone's got an Diane DC ABC's Rick Klein Rick thank you for that and that way and I think that -- -- appreciate the vote count are the count rather now day eight of the government shut down. A complete report and Renowned in New York with this be -- -- special report.

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