Former governor of Pennsylvania predicts Biden win in state

Ed Rendell said he expects Biden to win the state by 80,000 to 130,000 votes.
3:30 | 11/04/20

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Transcript for Former governor of Pennsylvania predicts Biden win in state
Right now their innocence of kind of Ned does seem to Pennsylvania 80% of the expected voted. And we're joined now by the former governor democratic governor of Pennsylvania Ed Rendell governor Rendell I think we spoke around midnight less than I'm not sure of the exact. Time you were fairly confident from of Joseph Biden's chances at that point what do you thinking now what more do you learn about where things stand. But I learned don't trumpeted a tremendous turnout and ready there is no rule out there is we should make as they are closer. But I still believe but all over again has done. That's three ammo to Janet is done milk that's the Jim hood who anybody. 200 that is goats. That's a fairly significant win of course it's bigger than Donald Trump one back in 2016. What is that based on what votes are you looking at. And how much is out there. Blue totally out loads. Joba has yet and certainly she percent of the memos. Have been chatting is that holes with the drugs that are out there over a million. He should win rush hour room green bird bird. It's. Is that we should percentages hold I think it will because almost all of malice that are out of urge him. Democratic years. Joseph by news from Scranton. It looks things at least got a chance if you're right could turn to squeak out a win in Pennsylvania squeak out a win in Michigan to squeak out a win. In Wisconsin but as we're just talking to Matt a few moments ago it does seem. Like those states are turning they're becoming a little bit more red perhaps a little bit more purple maybe just a little more Tron as well even if he doesn't win. All of them tonight what's that about. The exit I don't jobs. England urban the American people. The American people who got very divided. Yes judicial system based on real policy people say it's us. If you take the average you go our way Melba under democratic policies are much better her hand as she did Republicans are. But this device this is that she and her. Being batted but I do governed for so long. But it is making an angry and the anger management system. You who have been there dubbed John Q and is do you disgrace you have been motivated news Google India com Lou. Close. And that you think it's not going to be enough in the state offense going you think when all is said and done Joseph Biden win the state of Pennsylvania. If that is true and he does become the next president of the United States what's your number one piece of the device. For him on how to handle what appears to be if he gets in a divided government facing the Republican senate. Diminished democratic majorities in the house. Belie its engine blows my years as governor Martin satisfy I want to do it and important seeping initiative. Regular what is in book tour that just when I asked them for their ideas that I could incorporate similar is or will it. And they get goes Lewis. Sanjaya glued together not. Warehouse style us against. Juba Zuckerberg I tried that Jewish. He's a good man and this time really requires good news America or more. Who operation. These are gonna spend. Can have that chance but governor Rendell thank you for sharing your thoughts with us again. Today may we'll have you back and a few more hours as we continue to count Pennsylvania.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"Ed Rendell said he expects Biden to win the state by 80,000 to 130,000 votes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74023128","title":"Former governor of Pennsylvania predicts Biden win in state","url":"/Politics/video/governor-pennsylvania-predicts-biden-win-state-74023128"}