1-on-1 with Gov. Steve Bullock

The Montana governor discusses Medicare and his plans for the country.
4:58 | 06/22/19

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Transcript for 1-on-1 with Gov. Steve Bullock
I'm -- shot in Los Angeles for ABC news live governor Steve Bullock was just in LA he's one of the candidates who will not be on at first debate stage. But he fall by for the second debate next month we Santana talk to him about that in his plans for the country. I only got into this about a month ago inside had a job to do. My legislature just gotten over and had actually work with the 60% Republican legislature to reauthorize Medicaid provide health care for a 100000 Montana trees college tuition. Yes and education. So from the perspective. Missing from that first debate stage will be someone that actually wanted to trumps state. It's bridge divides with a Republican legislature to give progressive things done. That represents an reflects a voice outside awash. That's one in rural areas which is a place that we need to win as well as her there spit if I had to choose again between getting health care per 100000 people are. The chase a 100000 donors that's the easiest decision of the government I am excited day. Instead of in Miami on should be confident voters and spend time goals New Hampshire. I've won three times they won Montana by putting people I think above sort of the politics in the political parties and I think that's what we need to do. Actually to make sure that we win next November consult Trump's wealth. So not sure that. I'm not making the cut for the debate is what got me on the second stage I think it's more than it. Got in a little bit later than some. Ignore select 230. Days away from any voter expressed a preference I think they're still had a lot of time before. We really have to worry about this but it took a little bit for folks to start seeing me period about. What I wanted to do to get rid of dark money in our system and Alec bridge some of these bugs was so please from the polling thresholds who made that second today. And we'll continue to both reach out to voters and hopefully as more and more donors seem eagle chip in evocative. Every time I've run for office. Out talking to folks and say you know what we're all equal on election. And it really is people that decide elections on party rules are not contributors and say oh I am excited to spend. You know time with voters first in Iowa we're gonna do statewide television town hall and then in New Hampshire what I hope to get out of it useful. Helping some of those early states better understand. Why I think I'm the one in this field that can not only win to govern again. That Osce give them a chance to tell me a little bit about what's on their mind. Let's finish scene because in the last two and a half years with the trump shares may have been trying to roll back every single game that you guys stripping away. Coverage for preexisting conditions lifetime caps what I'm floor is Medicare for anyone that wants it. Perspective of the public option where individuals comply in face of shoes and a loss you know we don't negotiate drug prices. And the federal government's largest Payer the largest purchaser we can figure out ways to make healthcare more accessible and more affordable. Without disrupting won't be about a 165. Million people right now that have employer sponsored health care really we should look at universal. Access access for everyone affordability forever. So step one would be a public option mean anybody could buy health insurance was effectively like Medicare from the federal government. Step to lose about 25 million people in this country they don't have any insurance. He could cover over half of them just by automatically enrolling. In Medicaid. You know I think what I hear from folks time and time again it is such as prescription drug costs the peace. Surprise medical bills and the out of network charges can be so significant apple for somebody. Dead literally 400 box which is 44% Americans don't have 400 dollars in case of emergency. So. Being able that. Cracked down on both surprise medical bills now out of network charges which are believed that we can do you know even in Montana we not only expand Medicaid. We drop insurance rates by. Pre in this high risk pool we've actually taken on pharmacy benefit managers. There's a lot that you could do without disrupting what would be about 70% of the overall. Overall system those are people who have insurance. Often from the private employer and they're by and large pleased with that health care what we need to do was figure out ways to make less expensive. Melt even though Bullock has caught by Brighton alphabet second debate he could still get bumped depending on the number of donors and pulling. That's second debate is July 30 and 31 in Detroit I'm Doreen shot in Los Angeles for ABC news line.

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{"duration":"4:58","description":"The Montana governor discusses Medicare and his plans for the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63875585","title":"1-on-1 with Gov. Steve Bullock","url":"/Politics/video/governor-steve-bullock-63875585"}