Graham Says Hagel 'Sends Chills Up My Spine'

South Carolina Republican criticizes former colleague's positions on Iran, Israel.
4:07 | 01/31/13

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Transcript for Graham Says Hagel 'Sends Chills Up My Spine'
Let me just ask you this. Do you believe that they sum total of all your votes. Refusing to sign a letter. To the EU asking Hezbollah -- to be designated terrorist organization. Being one of 22 to vote to designate the Iranian revolutionary guard a terrorist organization. Being -- at two on two occasions. To vote against sanctions that this body was trying to impose on Iran. The statement she made about. Palestinians. And about the Jewish lobby all that together. That the image you've created is one -- sending the worst possible signal to our enemies and friends at one of the most critical times. And world history. No I would not agree -- that because I have taken. Actions and made statements very clear. As to what I believe is Hezbollah and Hamas -- -- terrorist organizations in fact if there -- If there was a vote on the floor the senate this afternoon. To debt to label their -- and revolutionary guard the people -- kill our soldiers in Iraq. Don't want some of the most vicious people. To the people of Iran themselves. There -- a vote tomorrow are this afternoon are after lunch would you still vote now. Well I want to know from the president. And what they were doing but it. Again coming -- you read the paper you watch TV guy any doubt what they're doing their. There they're expanding terrorism. They're trying to two. Intimidate their own people there the instrument of the theocracy -- oppressed our own people. And they're the biggest supporter of the regime to keeping them and powers and they get a nuclear weapon if you had a chance to -- today. After lines to vote to say that the Iranian revolutionary guard was a terrorist organization would you still vote -- -- the reason I voted no to start with well I don't know why and tell me -- my address -- would you reconsider. And would you vote yes this tap our I'll still -- know times change I recognize that and if yes I would reconsider but. The hopeful. Well thank -- very encouraging -- time is up but we'll have an -- Senator. And a half said that you were wide enough for senators who refused to sign a letter -- -- October. And at first paragraph says we write use right TJ express -- solidarity with the State of Israel at this moment of crisis. And our profound disappointment and frustration with PLO chairman Arafat and the Palestinian Authority. Were dismayed that they would allow violence by Palestinians to be carried out without restrain -- comment this social Indian in -- was was being raging. And senator and half. Led by Daschle and lot wanted a letter from every member this body. -- clearly put -- -- record. That we believe Arab five Indian five and a is undercutting the agreements they had reached and did resorted to ballots to intimidate the Israeli government and people. In a way that was just absolutely unacceptable. If you had a chance to do it over. Would you sign this letter now and am I give it to you during whatever break we have and -- -- consider. How would ask you senator hagel to tell the country. The world at large particularly the stated his role you made a mistake by not signing that letter who's the letter to. -- -- -- -- -- -- As president well -- look at it I don't recall letter and I look at -- news -- all I can say it was a very big deal. At a very important time. And the lack of signature by -- runs chills up my spine because back in -- match. Not signing a letter like that at a time when it really matter and will continue this conversation thank.

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{"id":18367902,"title":"Graham Says Hagel 'Sends Chills Up My Spine'","duration":"4:07","description":"South Carolina Republican criticizes former colleague's positions on Iran, Israel.","url":"/Politics/video/graham-hagel-sends-chills-spine-18367902","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}