Gretta Monahan Talks Dressing to Impress at the Inauguration

Style expert and CEO of Gretta Style on fashion choices for the inaugural celebration.
7:44 | 01/21/13

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Transcript for Gretta Monahan Talks Dressing to Impress at the Inauguration
Who is now on the -- -- Monahan. Who is a style expert and founder and CEO Greta style. Thank you so much for -- we really appreciate it thank you glad to be here we've been talking about. Michelle Obama all day -- -- -- what I wonder what your opinion is why are people so fixated on her fashion. Because she even makes a successful statement each and every time she's out there just like she talks about -- and her. Her efforts and the work she does as having a strategy she doesn't sing with her style and she makes them lasting impression and wouldn't think would -- the strategy. I think the strategy is that for her powers in the -- -- I mean pretty much the buzz that she creates in the fashion industry along with the rest of the world just looking to her. To make -- style statement is this really intense and she. Takes details such as having the scene made ahead time having everything fit -- the teeny. Having the rest of the family coordinate in a very clever way. This is not something you just do 5 minutes in the morning this is something that takes. -- and takes care so the fact that she does that for herself but also. Through every single member of her family is really impressive. -- -- gut reaction to a series of things one the banks love. To her outfit today less three the president census that does he have any. Well the president is -- great fantastically good looking man but I'd say the woman behind him -- -- -- more impressively dressed. Would it be seen as strange for a president to step up with something of an avatar of a certain style org or do you need to be strictly off the -- if you president had -- not you know. I think we all want to know that everything the president is dealing with this far more important than the clothes but frankly the reality is is that he looks perfect -- he's put together it's not. It's not about his style today and he's allowing his wife and his children to take. To take that moment but he is he never looks not prepared for the job and that's why style matters the -- but he's not rock and -- -- -- -- I didn't think I mean really now we don't need to CNN leather pants but that. He said its priests he said he'd. His wardrobe. Either blue suit corporation everyday and the reason he says it's just wouldn't citizen I got enough on -- mind. That that one thing I don't have to think about is you know Michael for the Versace was you know -- the -- Perhaps it's just that the blue suit or braces -- her second expenses -- -- -- -- Atlanta thank you -- The fact that you know and building -- -- -- but -- he's got instead stands yesterday from the -- like I'm on your side and some Greta Lansky who -- -- into -- any sense. What directions -- to go into night and again. I think everybody's wondering that I think that she will have to do it big in bold considering her first. Dress. Warren designer Jason Wu put him on the map as a designer and she really came out. Not at all shy to show her feminine side and to really say I want to make a splash so I think tonight who ever wins that lucky moment to be worn by Michelle Obama as far as -- -- it's going to be a total change -- -- company overnight. I wouldn't get back to the president stoppers if you desire remember we talked and talked about it the president stoutly only when he messes it up right. This is remember the mom jeans. -- can write -- and that was look at flutter of a conversation for a few days of these. -- -- -- -- wearing I mean. Why why -- that I can't think of a president who's -- mattered all that much I remember Bill Clinton getting mark for the short shorts jogging. I think the president's -- only get to step when they're doing it wrong I mean. -- that. Well I think that's that's really you know the thing we don't really look to them. And think that they're actually having an expectation that they have stepped up. Ultra stylish or -- -- growing trend that's really not only look to them for so. But when it is something that we certification if you look and say wow they're just like that's. Which I think the Obama's more than any other Stanley -- the most accessible. That we've ever had at the White House so you can see you see them in so many more situations than you would he took. We'll look back into history. Not just jogging but everywhere sometimes you know she's in the garden on TV with Rachael Ray or -- -- She's really they've opened up their home and made us part of it so we get to see a lot more that and that's why on occasion I think. Present on the gets a little not her little -- -- -- speak. -- -- and Joseph Biden has been getting his car radio in on this yeah. This girl had been buzzing around like a -- he would name -- guy really important already having. Yeah Agassi is running red that this may be a little -- 2016. Shuffle here you know it is. It is -- that -- Could you could make -- you know offices this is really why should we have this kind of attention -- truth is if if -- First Lady. Didn't pay attention to us. If she dressed you know -- even you know. My grandmother of polish mountain if you walked around you know when and how obstructionism this it would be an outrage of the national. Never ending story is particularly in the age of social media to she has no choice and if you know she either pays attention as she gets she gets ripped apart. By -- -- day in and day out on Twitter feeds and on every place else and on you know cable news so. She's forced into this world sometimes whether she cares about this or not she passed indisputably true which he. -- picked the safer route she ended up going pretty fashion forward yes I think that's of I think that the Wii news since she knew she was in this war. -- -- get a huge I think I think like everything else is Senator Clinton machine vision a high achieving person. -- I think there's a very distinct difference though and based on both teams he said of someone who plays it safe and doesn't make an impression. We have never talked as much about another person decide Jackie now. Now Michelle Obama. Ever in a memorable sentence because she steps out and makes a style statement it's more than dressing in an appropriate suit. There's been funny at first ladies have done that if I asked you. What they wore or asks you where it was that this happened that they -- certain Dresser certain. Suit you wouldn't remember because its generic looking so I think it does it absolutely. Does connect to a sense of having her own sense of power and her own sense -- statement. Heavy machinery that make -- misstep. I have not what I am saying though is that to me she is really showing what you -- now with the hair being -- this leak. The dress being very streamlined and tailored her jump from all accessible American brands mountain -- designer premium brands and mixing up. That you're full season style statement being made this is not her first term style this is her second term style her hair her look. Everything really says much more polished wants more sleek. And sophistication. She's not new anymore. Number Hillary Clinton thing here yet have -- -- on every time every time she got a different here. She and we it was like she was running from pillar to post no that's no good you look -- looked like a college you know. -- HLC one of the top time she had certain choices dresses or skirts to -- take a look at Michelle's girls this is not by accident. Their mom is making sure that she's teaching her girls that this matters.

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{"id":18277783,"title":"Gretta Monahan Talks Dressing to Impress at the Inauguration","duration":"7:44","description":"Style expert and CEO of Gretta Style on fashion choices for the inaugural celebration.","url":"/Politics/video/gretta-monahan-talks-dressing-impress-inauguration-18277783","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}