Grover Norquist: Herman Cain's 9-9-9 Plan Is 'Very Dangerous'

"Godfather" of taxes likens Cain's plan to prescribing tapeworms to lose weight.
3:00 | 10/17/11

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Transcript for Grover Norquist: Herman Cain's 9-9-9 Plan Is 'Very Dangerous'
We're pleased to be joined by Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform -- recently as the godfather of tax policy here in Washington. And what right -- wanna start with a simple question everyone knows your pledge does this -- policy does not 99 violate the Norquist pledge. That. Don't think so it's not clearly written down it hasn't been scored by CB out but it. It's deliberately set up to be revenue neutral or lower taxes -- even if somehow it was scored differently I'm sure that the McCain campaign would bring it into adjustment -- has taken the pledge. He understands what that's about so the question is about the structure of the tax rather than the total burden. So your concern. Is that the nine -- of the 999%. Won't stay at nine is that is that the issue that you worried about that over time. Congress will actually may be increased that number. 999. And says -- three taxes common one is the personal income tax taking that down -- 9% that's progress. One is creating a value added tax Japanese style value added tax to replace the corporate income tax and one is a retail sales tax. All three of those taxes down the road could end up growing. They could become 101010 or 101012. Every guy you added tax in Europe started small and grow. And when that value added tax was added it did not make the income tax go down the income taxes -- also. I'm very concerned about three different taxes every one of them can grow. To put it out tape worms in your Tommy to try and maintain your weight -- they have their own idea about about -- growth patterns and what they wanna do. Creating new taxes is a very dangerous project. But -- This seems true -- the current tax say tropical system and sorrow -- why would you be more concerned about 999 growing and about the current income tax rate from. Because if you take the present structure and and chipped that down like an ice sculpture that operates 35% let's take the 25. That doesn't change anything in terms of making it more likely to be increased. Doesn't create new possibilities for growth -- I applaud. Herman Cain statement the present system is too high to reach redistribution it. It -- money from one side to another let's take rates radically down let's end this double and triple taxation. Savings but. The way He does it creates these new taxes like of that and -- retail sales tax. That -- dangerous history of growing. Can we talk then about it you native a point here about tax reform we have a lot of people in congress especially those sitting on the secret committee right now -- say. We need to have real tax reform we need to it may be. Even blow up the system and start from scratch. If the super committee comes out with a program that does violate the Grover pledge. But Democrats also put a pound of flesh and -- of their around whether it's on entitlement reform are cutting spending. Would you be willing to give folks in congress a one time -- -- -- get out of jail free card mind that the the pledge on taxes. And while I appreciate the attention the pledge that majority of the members of the house and 41 senators to sign was not to -- The pledges to their constituents that they wouldn't raise taxes. They very wisely understood if you did -- noted tax increases. You have an opportunity to cut spending and you have an opportunity to have tax reform. The only reason why real tax reform happen in 1986. Was that Reagan told the country I'll veto anything that's a tax increase. The pledges to guarantee that whatever tax reform might come out of the issue for committee would be revenue neutral and that's our best protection both to require real spending restraint and -- a phony spending cuts. And real tax reform. You know congressman Frank Wolf congress and the top over -- very critical role in our course they say He has too much power. If you had the opportunity -- to get back -- -- question here. One time yes say this is seeking the future of the republic right here I can bend the pledge a little bit of help for people -- and they're not violating it because of the greater good here. You want to go to. -- again. I've tried to explain this to senator Coburn and two others who asked the pledge was not to me the pledge was to their constituents. I can't say it's -- to raise taxes they promised their constituents they wouldn't do it the people who run against them in primaries and generals in the future. Will hold them but their voters will hold them to there. Commitment and again. -- original -- and I have long conversations with them what we can't get spending cuts and -- we give the Democrats. Higher taxes we got about two and a half trillion in spending cuts no tax increases that was the agreement that we had with. Between the Republicans and Obama so -- concern. That you had to raise taxes to get -- spending cut turned out to be incorrect. In 82 and nine. They might do again they put tax increases on the table all spending restraint evaporated. 82 and ninety were tax increases without a single dollar of spending restraint. Actually take place so putting a tax increase on the table is not part ideal. It's what you do instead of cutting spending -- the hypothetical. We've been through this three times. Tax increases on the table spending cuts never happened tax increases off the table spending cuts happen we now know how to go forward. Program last minute or so here I just -- -- ask -- 999 you're not a fan out what is out there are among the ideas from the candidates is ready units to that strikes your fancy. Among the candidates are talking about right now -- say this is the kind of platform for serious reform that we should be talking. Any president is gonna have a Republican House and thanks to the numbers that senate in 2000. And twelve and beyond. And what you're looking at there is a house and senate Republican pockets that are committed. Two moving in the direction of Paul Ryan which is taking the marginal tax rates down towards 25%. Going to full expensing for the business community and territory territory elevate. For worldwide taxation. So you will take a back -- Paul Ryan and the -- and on the hill. I think most of the guys running for president are in that general -- take the top rate to 25 is a good first up even Herman Cain said that's his first -- All right Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform the godfather himself thanks for being there got politics on the -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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