Gun Vote, Newtown Families, Follow Senators Home

Opposition to background checks has caused frustration for some senators.
1:42 | 05/02/13

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Transcript for Gun Vote, Newtown Families, Follow Senators Home
I just broad picture of night to order shields Russo came to New Hampshire today to ask a question. A question on behalf of his daughter a first grade teacher killed at sandy hook elementary school. He took his seat in the front row of a town meeting for senator Kelly a -- A Republican who voted against expanding background checks he wanted to know why. Why she voted against the bill I mean what is your reasoning. The inconvenience -- store owners the inconvenience of gun owners more than 300 people on both sides packed a meeting room here and -- William. Some said only New Hampshire residents should speak I think they've gotten much attention. AI the only senator from the northeast to oppose the background check legislation said she believed it wouldn't prevents another sandy -- She said the bill would be a burden for gun owners she declined an interview but paused for a moment when ABC news caught up with her as she left the room. The -- against expanding background checks is still reverberating here in New Hampshire for senator -- -- and for many of her colleagues across the country. The -- -- families and -- shooting victims are pushing hard for the senate to reopen the gun debate. Some voters including one gun owner -- -- will reconsider. I would like to believe she become more reasonable and look at the facts Russo had hoped to at least get a hearing. -- Natalie just wanted to give -- -- Teddy bear has said -- remembrance marks the end up. But two security guard -- who took -- shoulders and just held me back. After the meeting he drove back to Connecticut he said he will go to Washington if the senate reconsiders the gun legislation. -- Sony ABC news Fitz William New Hampshire.

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{"id":19096046,"title":"Gun Vote, Newtown Families, Follow Senators Home","duration":"1:42","description":"Opposition to background checks has caused frustration for some senators.","url":"/Politics/video/gun-vote-newtown-families-follow-senators-home-19096046","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}