Harris was 'my No. 1 pick' for Biden's VP, Trump says

President Donald Trump was asked about Kamala Harris' record and her potential effect on the race during a briefing.
3:16 | 08/11/20

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Transcript for Harris was 'my No. 1 pick' for Biden's VP, Trump says
You want about senator Perez's record and ever won an unbiased reviews here. So regarding that senator Kerry's record it has been pretty. Good responses I get that out this. Bogey and a ones who drove that she was doing. And I once asked about specific examples I want people involved was funny moments. At San Francisco DA she oversaw all great Mercury news nineteen. Hundred kilowatt missions this is fascinating interview last year she smokes marijuana issue here's Joseph. According to some people why conceded you. Dog into how well there is it can come out at the time but she said she was smoking pot was pretty mark minus that. See that's more evidence that deserve some marijuana liability. Well she lives Ritchie. Said things are untrue. She is. A person that's. Told many. Many sewers that weren't true she's very big into raising taxes. She wants to slash funds for a military at a level that nobody's you can even believe. She. Is against racking fracking is she's against. Petroleum products have been heading into that and go into Pennsylvania. Ohio or Oklahoma. The great state of Texas he's against it tracking and tracking is a big deal. She's in favour of socialized medicine. We're usually doctors you gonna lose your plan she wants to take. Your health care plans away from 180. Million Americans. 180 million Americans are very happy with their health insurance. And she wants to take that away. So she was my number one pick every inch of this site as they would say this hopefully he'll suck so it's that bush used by number one. Draft pick. And we'll see how she works out she did very very poorly in the primaries as you know he was expected to do well. And she. Too is she ended up that letter and 2%. And spend a lot of money. Get a lot of things happening and so I was a little surprised that he picture. I've been watching her for a long time and I was a little surprised she was extraordinarily nasty too. Kevin origin. Judge Kevin then that justice Gavin when she was nasty to a level that was. Just. A horrible thing the way she was the way she treated. Now just as Kevin. And I won't forget that soon. So she did very poorly in the primaries and now she's chosen soon let's see how that all works less well off season. You grabbed her because it's pretty pass. I can't tell you what she's voting for another she knows what I think Joseph knows even less than she did this but I was surprised that the pick a lot of people who say that might be the pick. I was more surprised at anything else because. She did so poorly many people did much better than her in the primaries she did very poorly in the primaries. And that's like the polls. You know that's likable.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"President Donald Trump was asked about Kamala Harris' record and her potential effect on the race during a briefing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"72314438","title":"Harris was 'my No. 1 pick' for Biden's VP, Trump says","url":"/Politics/video/harris-pick-bidens-vp-trump-72314438"}