Herman Cain Accuser: 'Come Clean'

Sharon Bialek says the GOP presidential candidate harassed her in 1997.
4:04 | 11/07/11

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Transcript for Herman Cain Accuser: 'Come Clean'
I met mr. -- while it was employed at the educational foundation the National Restaurant Association. About a month before it was terminated. I interacted with him on several occasions during the five days of the -- convention in Chicago about a month later. I was let go by the foundation. I was devastated. I loved the -- and the industry and in the short time that it in there I felt that we were really doing well in terms of fundraising. -- boyfriend suggested that I should reach out to mr. -- to see if he might be able to help me find another job. With the foundation or in some other capacity. I then took the train to Washington DC. When he checked into the room I was shocked. I had a palatial suite and about men I -- to the thumb and there's got to be some mistake. But he insisted that there was no mistake. I later found out that mr. -- had arranged for this week though at the time I thought maybe my boyfriend had. -- to surprise me. I met mr. -- in the lobby of the bar at the capitol Hilton at around 6:30 PM we had drinks at the hotel. And yes how I like my room. Which is -- -- normal and I was varies I had I was very surprised I said I can't believe that got this great sweet it's gorgeous. And mr. -- kind of smirk and then said I upgraded to -- he then took me to an Italian grass track where we had dinner. During dinner and missed mr. -- looked at me and said. Why are you here. I said actually -- my boyfriend whom you met suggested that -- meet with you. And he thought it could help because they really needed -- But we were driving back to the hotel he said that he would show me where the National Restaurant Association offices -- He parked car down the black. I thought that we are they go into the offices so that he could show me around. At that time I had -- a blacks pleaded skirt suit jacket and a blouse he had done a suit with his shirt open with this shirt open. But instead of going into the office is he suddenly reached over. And he put his hand and my leg. Under my skirt and reached for my genitals. He also grabbed my -- and brought it towards his crash I was very very surprised and very shocked. I said what are you doing. You know I have a boyfriend. This isn't what I came here for mr. -- said. You -- -- jab right. I asked insists that he did. I asked him to take me back to my hotel which he did right away. I didn't file a complaint against mr. -- as some of the other women dead because I wasn't employed by the foundation and this occurred. -- now. I'm coming forward. To give updates and a voice to those women who can -- or for whatever reason do not wish to come forward. And on behalf of all women who are sexually harassed in the workplace but do not come out of fear. Of retaliation. -- public humiliation. I really didn't want to be here today. And when I've been here if it had not been for the three other women who have alleged sexual harassment against against mr. -- I want you. Mr. -- To come clean. Just admit what she did admit you were inappropriate to -- up. America is an itch and and then move forward. Americans in a horrible turmoil as Mariano. We don't leader who can set an example which exemplifies the standards of a good person and moral character. Mr. -- I implore you. Make this right. So that you in the country can move forward and focus on the real issues. -- --

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{"id":14898646,"title":"Herman Cain Accuser: 'Come Clean'","duration":"4:04","description":"Sharon Bialek says the GOP presidential candidate harassed her in 1997.","url":"/Politics/video/herman-cain-accuser-sharon-bialek-says-he-reached-for-my-genitals-14898646","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}