Cain: 'I Have Never Sexually Harassed Anyone'

Herman Cain says he's unaware of any settlement regarding allegations.
2:43 | 10/31/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cain: 'I Have Never Sexually Harassed Anyone'
Number one. And all about global forty years of business experience. Running businesses and corporations. -- I have never. Sexually harassed. Any -- Number two. While at the restaurant association. -- walls accused. Of sexual. Harassment. Falsely accused my -- I was falsely -- -- sexual harassment. And when the charges were brought. As the leader of the organization I've recused myself. And -- allow my General Counsel. And my human resource officer. To deal with the situation. -- it it was concluded Al a thorough investigation. That it had no basis. As far as a -- -- RM on aware. Of Minnesota settlement I hope we won -- -- the -- I didn't do anything. But the fact of -- -- is I'm not aware of a settlement that came out of that accusation. Per the article. To anonymous sources. Claim of sexual harassment. We're not gonna -- chase anonymous sources. -- there's no basis for the accusation. I would draw your attention to that three people mentioned -- -- ended article that were at the restaurant association is past chairman chairman. And incoming chairman of the board. Who would have known about this if it -- -- in fact to be. A charts with some validity. But it was not. And so ever result. I have never -- arrested -- and those accusations. Are totally false. So could it be fair to say that -- asking the restaurant association to help you further shoot this down to the extent that they might have. Further records if indeed there was or there weren't obviously they can look at their records might have affected their insurance they might have had -- book. You know such a payment will you be getting back to us in the coming days to verify or shoot -- down entirely. I'm mark note there's nothing -- shoot down and secondly the policies of the restaurant association is not. To the -- that information and so they unless they have changed the policies from the -- chairman of the board so this fall as we're concerned. You know -- is enough -- about the issue that's nothing else -- to dig up.

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{"id":14851674,"title":"Cain: 'I Have Never Sexually Harassed Anyone'","duration":"2:43","description":"Herman Cain says he's unaware of any settlement regarding allegations.","url":"/Politics/video/herman-cain-denies-he-sexually-harassed-anyone-14851674","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}