Herman Cain 'Recalls' Accuser Karen Kraushaar

ABC's Jonathan Karl questions Cain on the newly outed accuser.
3:00 | 11/08/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Herman Cain 'Recalls' Accuser Karen Kraushaar
Jonathan Karl -- ABC news yes mr. king now and another woman one of the formally anonymous women has come forward. Who worked -- at the restaurant association Karen crass -- She's now spokesperson the Treasury Department has come forward publicly. What what do you -- to hurry and in our her allegations that somebody's still working in the US government. To -- her allegations not true is she lying about them. Well. To the best of my recollection since you mentioned that particular name that is the one that I recall. That filed a complaint but it was found to be baseless. -- separates them. The accusations. Were made. Of sexual harassment. They were found baseless. That was -- no legal settlement. That was an agreement between. That lady and the National Restaurant Association. And it was treated. Adds up personnel matter because. That was no basis to her accusations. -- -- -- -- When she made her act when she made her accusations. They were found to be baseless. And she could not find anyone to corroborate her story. The restaurant association handled it they went through a process to get to at a point where. It ended up being an agreement not a settlement now let me clarify that little point. I've been criticized by some members of the media. That I have changed my story. When the -- -- started a week ago Monday. I was presented with the accusation of some settlement was makes element to mean means that that -- legal implications. Later -- in that same day. -- being recalled after all those years that -- walls and agreed Mitt. That's what businesses signed with employees -- departing the company they call it an agreement. Settlement implies legal implications all of the potential legal implications ramifications accusations. Were found to be baseless.

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{"id":14909603,"title":"Herman Cain 'Recalls' Accuser Karen Kraushaar","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Jonathan Karl questions Cain on the newly outed accuser. ","url":"/Politics/video/herman-cain-recalls-accuser-karen-kraushaar-14909603","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}