Cain's Wife Speaks Out, Obama Says 'No Magic Beans'

ABC's Rick Klein & Jonathan Karl sum up the morning's political must-knows.
3:00 | 11/14/11

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Transcript for Cain's Wife Speaks Out, Obama Says 'No Magic Beans'
I know. That's not the person he is he totally respects what that I'm thinking he would have campus. Split personality. To -- the things that she's saying it. The other woman speaks this time it's the wife of Herman -- going public for the first time defending her husband and for the record no split personalities here top -- begins right now. Hello and welcome to ABC -- top line I'm Rick Klein and I'm Jonathan Karl every David -- right here with the latest in politics we split our guests in the segments are right but never personalities slash reclining -- accomplice John Karl Jon. -- -- well the other. Gloria you order we heard for the first time from Gloria came this is not only the first time she has spoken about -- sexual harassment allegations. But this is the first time we have -- her voice. In this campaign. A big step forward it is a big step forward and it's probably the biggest bullet could possibly fire from the perspective of McCain campaign -- out there. -- McCain said she's behind the 200%. This is something you can do once the -- -- the interview be on Greta Van Susteren tonight with even more. On that front except today it's bullets trees and magic beans those are some of the metaphors in play. For President Obama as he stares on the prospect of these super committee ten days away from its deadline it is not looking good -- take a look at what he said overnight in a news. Conference. There's no. Magic formula there are no magic -- -- you can toss in the ground and suddenly. A -- Money grows on trees. Countries don't don't work it won't -- and I can tell you. I've been paying very close attention these deliberations I'm very good sources on this. And I can tell you definitively they are not talking about magic beans and money -- off the tables well but -- serious note this thing is on the brink of failure. And it is really an indictment of this congress both parties of the White House if they actually -- pulled us off now. So -- not acting out next ups go -- -- -- obamacare. The Supreme Court is going to be taking up the constitutionality. Of the individual mandate the very centerpiece. Of the president's health care law the big question for me Rick. Is will the Supreme Court repudiate Mitt Romney Newt Gingrich on the individual mandate as you know bolts at various points in their lives were. That's exactly right of course now this is a big one this is a big. We're gonna get a blast next summer from the Supreme Court on obamacare I can't figure out though whether that the Obama team would rather than the stands or else just a political standpoint. You want to leave it out -- let the Republicans criticize or just declared open I think you saw what happened in Ohio when I mean it went down. So we'll -- -- -- one -- my house the usually that's better and finally today Harry speaks yes. He can and he can do it without flooding it take a look at the last may -- what he hopes is the last turn through the humor train from Saturday night's debate on CBS. Governor Perry you -- the elimination of the Department of Energy if you eliminate the Department of Energy -- you remembered it. I've had some time to think about -- -- -- -- Rick -- hoping that's the last laugh well you know what to -- -- those first impressions. Look -- well not today and how many people watched them of an impact but if he had been debating like that from -- starting -- -- still be the front runner.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Rick Klein & Jonathan Karl sum up the morning's political must-knows.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"14949274","title":"Cain's Wife Speaks Out, Obama Says 'No Magic Beans'","url":"/Politics/video/herman-gloria-cain-obama-magic-beans-14949274"}